The 15 Best Colors To Paint Your Guest Bedroom

Warm, intimate, and cozy. If you want to showcase your guest bedroom with a fresh coat of paint, there are countless convivial shades to consider. From modern and coastal to chic and neutral, the colors you select may ultimately depend on your home's design and décor.

According to Jezebel, as many suburban homeowners sought after loftier properties in the mid-20th century, where additional space was automatic, guest bedrooms were a must-have. These days, a guest room may be utilized as an office or an extra room that has evolved from children moving out. Whatever function your spare room serves, enhance it with some of the finest colors that suit your style.

What are some of the top guest bedroom colors? You might create chill, tranquil vibes with shades of blue, brown, maroon, or purple, which signal a sophisticated and alluring appeal. For something more romantic and earthy, explore various pinks and greens. Additionally, a joyful yellow can also create a calm atmosphere when balanced with greens and browns (via Trendir). If the goal is to keep it simple, stick to neutrals like black, white, gray, beige, or taupe.

Mix and match hues upon walls, accents walls, boards, and trim. Whether a room is reminiscent of a home away from home or an exotic, private oasis, there are plenty of warm and cool colors to establish upon your guest bedroom walls for the perfect stay. Keep reading to explore some of the best paint colors to greet your guests.

1. French vanilla

Somewhere between cream and ivory, French white and/or vanilla transpires. This velvety color appears mostly white with tinges of orange and brown within its domain. Amidst the modest room pictured above, its vanilla ice cream essence melts over the walls, as it balances softly with white and gray within the bed frame, linens, and nightstand.

2. Classic white

With hundreds of shades of white to determine, you might use the most pure and clean type to accentuate the guest room. The pristine white walls in this private bedroom encapsulate the cozy setting with a bright, uplifting vibe that brings out the old-world romanticism within the wooden beams and pop of pink color on the throw blanket.

3. Farmhouse gray

A pale shade of gray on the walls is timeless and chic. Most colors complement gray like blue, green, yellow, orange, and red, including other neutral tones. For a modern, rustic appeal like the country guest bedroom pictured above, you can see some of these colors implemented in a subdued way, including the farmhouse style black bed frame.

4. Hospitable tan

Tan is a diverse color that's often seen on many walls within a home. Soft and sandy, a lighter shade of tan can bring feelings of privacy and security to your guests during their stay. This image features an intimate bedroom washed in a faint hue that shines with the lit lamps and balancing neutral décor.

5. Creamy neutral

Kind of tan, even yellow, apricot, or peach — this color is enticingly buttery and with its elusive capabilities to blend in as a warm and inviting shade among other neutrals in this bohemian-styled bedroom. White, tan, brown, and beige are all represented in the room's furniture and décor as they enhance the wall's vibrant charm.

6. Sunny yellow

Nothing says hello like a cheerful splash of yellow to welcome you into the room. Here pictured is a light, friendly yellow within a quaint porch-style guest bedroom that branches off onto a patio through French doors. The soft hue is welcoming against the dark brown cottage-like windows, orange drapery, glowing lights, and doors.

7. Tempting taupe

Often dark and alluring, taupe is a versatile color for the home, as it can emanate a relaxing, tranquil vibe in bedrooms. A mixture of gray and brown, a dusky shade appears on the guest bedroom in the image above. Dark chocolate brown from the lampshades complements the cool vibe along with layers of blue and white.

8. Purple gray

Classified in the color family of magenta, purple gray starts with a light shade of blue and is mixed with parts of red and green. Nearly lavender, the bedroom pictured above features an exquisite purplish gray shade upon the walls for a soothing, yet intoxicating appearance. Similar hues, along with yellows and pinks complement it nicely. 

9. Victorian blue

Reminiscent of the Victorian Age, a light, mid-tone blue creates a soothing, yet welcoming feel when applied to the walls as guests enter the room. Here pictured is a classic, endearing hue that balances well with the nearly matching blue carpeting, including the masculine essence of the rich brown window trim, black bed frame, and contrasting white elements.

10. Blue gray

Sometimes known as livid, blue gray is a cloudy, dismal blend of both shades that may help your guests relax and ponder things while they stay in your guest room. As blues and grays contrast well with white elements, the informal bedroom seen above showcases this meek and modest hue against bright white window frame and pictures.

11. Nautical navy

Another insightful blue, navy blue is deep and captivating as the ocean, as it can be showcased in a coastal home, including traditional or contemporary designs. The entrancing bedroom pictured above features rich navy walls set against picturesque brown wooden-framed windows, plenty of lively white accents, and contrasting blue elements in the pillows and painting.

12. Natural green

Whether you live near the shore or in the woods, green offers a variety of sensations from shades light to dark. Cool and minty, the petite guest bedroom pictured above appears tranquil upon entrance. You might paint shiplap in a serene green color for a coastal and/or farmhouse vibe as it mixes well with white, brown, blue, and orange.

13. Pink confection

Delicate pink walls or an accent wall can add a soft, feminine touch to your guest bedroom space. Here pictured is a delicious confection-like pink wall inside an elegant and spacious room with white French doors. Both the sunlight and white and gray tones add a natural vibrancy to the inviting space.

14. Hideaway brown

Like a cool and sophisticated den, color your guest bedroom walls with a rich cocoa brown shade. With a sense of privacy, the image above features a dark cave-like bedroom with various brown and black accents, neutral bed linens, and green plant life for an exclusive, grounding retreat.

15. Black and white oasis

Let your guests find balance and rejuvenation amidst the classic yin and yang shades of black and white. From day to night, the light and dark tones of this image showcase a decadent black wall with an outstanding white down comforter and wooden floor comparison; the plants and décor help to complete the overall boho vibe.