Try This DIY Hack To Hide Your Sliding Glass Doors

The average sliding door isn't very appealing and can be especially bland if it lacks any detailing. However, most of us aren't going to front thousands of dollars to purchase a brand new, modern sliding door. The price can start as low as $1,700, but can quickly skyrocket to $5,000, depending on the design you're going for, according to WCMA NET. Fortunate for us, skilled DIYers will always have a hack for us to take advantage of.

If you're not going to replace your sliding glass doors, then the next best thing to do is to hide them. Luckily, all you need is a bit of time, patience, and a few materials — most of which you probably already have at home. There are transformations that will add beautiful detailing and others that can offer you some more privacy. Take a look at some of the easy steps to take in order to transform your sliding doors and space.

Bonjour, French doors

If you've always wanted French doors, but don't have the budget for it ... Well, you're in luck! There's a DIY to transform your glass sliding doors into a more elegant version, which will ultimately elevate the appearance of your home.

For this sliding-door hack, actor Megan Batoon says she first started off by washing the glass sliding door with window cleaner to get any dust and grime off before application. She then used a measuring tape and blue tape to locate where exactly she would like the lines to go — her glass sliding door is 8 feet tall, so she had one line down the middle, and four horizontal lines evenly spread apart. 

In order to make the lines, she purchased flat PVC pipes that she then spray painted black and cut down with a saw to the proper size. In order for the PVC pipes to stick to the windows securely, she used super glue as an adhesive (make sure to take the tape off before sticking the pipes on). She then applied a joint compound where the lines connected, sanded it down, and painted the areas black with a paintbrush to complete.

Design with privacy in mind

This other DIY option for your sliding doors is affordable, coming in at just under $50, according to DIY Lily Ardor. This project will create a frosted look to hide your sliding doors, while it also gives you a bit of privacy. All you'll need is contact paper, paint, tape, something smooth to flatten the bubbles, and window spray. You'll begin by painting the frame black (or any color you'd like) with spray paint, but only after you've masked off the rest of the area. Once that's done and dry, you'll use a razor scraper to remove the residue from the tape, and window cleaner to clean the rest.

For her sliding doors, she needed about six rolls of contact paper. You'll have to cut several sheets to cover the glass horizontally, and you can also leave a gap between each sheet if you would like to add thin, black lines for more detailing. You'll start off by soaking the glass with a window cleaner before applying the contact paper. Once you're done, use a flat edge to gently glide out any bubbles. Decorative tape that is half an inch wide can then be used to fill the gaps for your new-look sliding doors.