15 Versatile Shades Of Brown Paint That You'll Want To Put On Your Walls

What does brown make you think of? Natural elements like wood, dirt, rocks, or maybe even sand. With an earthy sophistication, the hue is a conservative yet resilient color to showcase on your walls in various home spaces. According to Verywell Mind, when brown is applied over larger areas, it can emanate a sense of solitude like a vast, vacant desert, although it's a naturally soothing, secure, and down-to-earth hue. You might also associate brown with the tints within a sunset as the dense color is a dark orange shade created when black, red, and yellow are blended.

Naturally warm, brown gets along with most color combinations. Pair shades of this hue with white for a calming, bohemian vibe, or bring the outdoors in with rich complementing green. You might also try blue, pink, purple, orange, red, or a luminous yellow. Additionally, mixing black and brown offers a definitive, modern farmhouse or industrial appeal. For a softer, traditional aura, you might choose from lighter beige-like tones while adding vibrant contrasting décor, furniture, and plants.

Finally, for added drama, apply a dark, rich shade of brown that suits a smaller contained space or accent wall in a living room, bedroom, or bathroom, says House Painting Tutorials, like the elegant one pictured. Diverse and complex, there are a few hundred conceivable shades of brown you might choose to enhance your walls. If you're uncertain where to begin, keep reading to discover some of the most exceptional shades.

1. Elegant puce

For regal elegance, brown can be mixed with various red or purple hues to create a certain shade called puce. Pictured are two accented living room walls that feature a deep brownish purple tint that vividly contrasts the built-in white cabinetry, fireplace, window trim, and baseboards while complementing the furniture.

2. Pinkish brown

With a creamy, dusty tone, pinkish brown can liven up a wall with its blend of red and orange within the shade of this color. The accent wall shown above appears earthy yet rich as it contrasts well with neutral tones like gray, brown, and white amidst the furniture and décor, including some plant greenery.

3. Mellow maroon

A blend of red, purple, and brown, maroon often appears sophisticated yet decadent. The deep, lush shade enriches this sitting area as an accent color as it juxtaposes tan and gold elements through the mid-century style furniture, cabinet, and hardwood floors.

4. Traditional taupe

Classic and clean, taupe is a versatile color established as gray with a hint of brown. Its grounded vibe balances well with other neutral colors, as seen above within the curtains, décor, and furniture, as the room stands out from the brilliant white contrasted ceiling, windows, and baseboards.

5. Tranquil tan

With a hint of orange, tan is known as a paler tone of brown that may resemble wet sand and is associated with the tanning of leather. Soothing and cozy, this tan wall covers an office space wall as similar tones are enhanced through the chair, cabinet, and planter, including their wood elements. 

6. Boho beige

The color beige might resemble aspects of dry sand or a pale brown, as pictured on the wall of this entryway. The relaxing, simple tone is mixed with similar coastal neutrals of brown, white, and orange. Notice the texture within the painted wall, which gives the scene some added character.

7. Terracotta

Reminiscent of clay, this down-to-earth terracotta shade displays a burnt orange hue mixed with brown, with some appearing on the pink or peach side. With its full, open coverage, this cool wall color has a southwest bohemian flare through its complementing green plants, small wooden table, and cozy gray chair.

8. Bronze brown

Like a shiny penny, bronze may appear like a metallic brown with slight gold luster. This boho chic sitting area features a dusky, bronze-colored wall that emanates a glow seen from the natural light. The intriguing color complements the dome light fixture amidst the lighter neutral furniture and décor.

9. Cool camel

Like beige, the color of a camel may have lighter tones or deeper orange tints depending on the shade, thus symbolizing the fire hair of the desert camel. Here pictured is a grooved style wall colored in this shade, which stands out against a white wall with colonial-style black windows, a wood-beamed ceiling, and emerging greenery.

10. Burnt sienna

Rich and evocative, burnt sienna can consist of various hues of yellow, red, orange, and brown, thus creating a dark reddish color highlighted with an overall orange appearance. As seen here, the lavish hue sits as a backdrop to a casual space with various earthy décor and furniture, including a few desert-like plants.

11. Dark chocolate

A brown that resembles such delicacies as dark chocolate and cocoa is certainly appetizing, warm, and comforting. Like a smear of hazelnut cream, this delicious brown shade covers the majority of a wall with an oak-like wood cabinet and red brick accent to offset its dark opulence.

12. Bold burgundy

Deep on the reddish-purple side, burgundy is inspired by France's wine region with the same name. The supple color blends red and brown along with an elusive purple, as seen above. The exquisite wall takes focus with minimal furniture to decorate within this space. A chevron wood floor design juxtaposes the vibrant, burgundy-colored wall.

13. Mighty mahogany

Often associated with a dark reddish-brown type of wood to make various furniture pieces, mahogany can also be a sensual color to paint your interior walls, accent, or partition. Pictured here is a bedroom that features mahogany-like wood and colors on the wall behind the bed and side, accentuating the space's plain palette.

14. Creamy latte

Choose this pale yet velvety hue that suggests the mixture of coffee and milk. Somewhere between beige and tan, the gentle shade is featured on the wall of a sitting area set to a relaxed, boho-inspired vibe by the brown leather-like chairs and poof. The sun comes in through the windows giving the wall a lightened essence.

15. Golden brown

A color of strength, golden brown, may be an enticing color for the kitchen or other space. With both yellow and brown tints, the shade appears cheerful and radiant as in this loft apartment. Although the walls are made of brick, the coloring is a gorgeous blend of yellow and brown, which also accompanies the range and hood.