Where To Place A Bagua Mirror In Your Home, According To Feng Shui

If this is your first go at feng shui, it's expected you'll make a few mistakes here and there, especially when it comes to placing your bagua mirror. A bagua mirror (also known as a pa kua mirror) is used to ward off bad energy while promoting good fortune and harmony, Love to Know explains. There are several types of bagua mirrors created to accommodate your needs and desires.

The first is the convex one, which you'll need if you want to push negative energy back to where it came from. The second type of bagua mirror is concave, used to soak up and counteract bad energy, and the last type is the flat type, which neither reflects nor soaks up negative energy; it simply deflects it fully. Regardless of your style choice, it's crucial you hang your bagua mirror in its correct place in your home. If you are unable to consult a feng shui expert about where this item belongs, we have the answer.

Keep it outside

Because we use mirrors in our home, it makes sense you would think to place your bagua mirror indoors as well. If you aren't aware of its purpose and power, you may even use it as a d├ęcor piece; however, hanging this item inside your home is a major feng shui taboo. Known as the feng shui mascot of China, the bagua mirror is a sacred object that you should never hang indoors. Furthermore, by placing it inside, you're keeping all of the negative energy in your home, Home Addict states.

Instead, place your bagua mirror on the outside of your home, either above or near your front door, or on the side of your house, says Feng Shui Store. Remember, the bagua mirror's sole purpose is to protect you from negative energy, so make sure it is facing outward so it has no chance of infiltrating your exterior walls. This is the most efficient placement to ensure your home is filled with prosperity and harmony.

More bagua mirror placement tips

Bagua mirrors hold an incredible amount of power, and as an owner, you need to understand the responsibilities that come with them. You must keep several factors in mind to ensure it is being used correctly. First, according to YourChineseAstrology, have your bagua mirror blessed before hanging it outside. This helps reach the mirror's full potential, so it can work without fail for your household. Once it's been blessed, hang the item between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. (though 12:00 p.m. is preferred).

Hanging your mirror when yang is at its highest increases its chances of keeping evil spirits and negativity at bay. Additionally, as a sign of respect to your neighbors, keep your bagua mirror where it won't reflect light into their home, or you risk transferring the negative energy to them. The idea is to deflect negative energy not just for you but for everyone around you as well.