The Most Important Place To Use Vinegar That You're Probably Missing

Vinegar is a food product found in virtually every household across America. It is crucial as an ingredient in building homemade sauces and dressings for dips and salads, and it plays an essential role in creating simple pickled vegetables that are delicious and easy to make, via Ethan Chlebowski. But vinegar can play a much more significant role in household maintenance than simply as a source of food preparation or augmentation. It is a phenomenal cleaning agent that is underutilized in many homes. 

As a non-toxic and environmentally friendly alternative to harsh cleaning products, per Healthline, vinegar is the perfect addition to any cleaning routine that comes into play in your home. If you haven't used vinegar as a rust-reducing solvent, window cleaner, and degreaser, you're missing out on a fabulous opportunity to incorporate a cheap, effective, and mild cleaning product. Vinegar solutions can be used in several ways as cleaning products in the home, but no area comes close to providing the same value as these spaces. 

Windows, mirrors, and other shiny surfaces

One fantastic feature of vinegar is its ability to clear away water stains and streaks, making it a potent cleaning agent for use on any surface that you want to sparkle and shine. Vinegar is an excellent cleansing agent for mirrors, particularly when poured in a bottle, via Mira Showers. Mixing one-to-one vinegar and water will give you the perfect solution for eliminating the streaks and water spots that are too common on bathroom mirrors and beyond. Spraying the mirror's surface with the mixture and then wiping it away in small, circular motions with a paper towel or delicate washcloth will give you a consistently streak-free clean with ease.

Similarly, this vinegar mixture is outstanding for cleaning the windowpanes around the home and removing water spots on metal surfaces in the bathroom or kitchen. This also applies to other metal components of household items susceptible to water marks and other streaks. Of particular interest might be the facets on your sinks and showers, drain components, and toilet handles. These are often all constructed of steel, aluminum, or another metal alloy that will shine brilliantly when clean. Yet, keeping these surfaces spotless can be a challenge. With the simple application of this vinegar mixture, those troubles will quickly become a thing of the past.

Kitchen counters and floors

Another important use for vinegar as a cleaning agent is on hard surfaces in the kitchen. In addition to its generalized cleaning properties, vinegar is a phenomenal option for those seeking to break down tough grease that's become engrained in kitchen surfaces like the stove, countertops, sink, and floors. Bon Appetit notes that a similar one-to-one ratio of vinegar and water will provide just the right amount of acidity and volume to lift away grease, dirt, and other irritants that plague a kitchen in desperate need of deep cleaning.

Instead of buying expensive cleaning products, using vinegar provides a low-cost and easy-to-use alternative that works like a charm in any kitchen environment. Bon Appetit also suggests using a few drops of essential oil or a splash of soap in the mixture or after the initial cleaning if the smell of vinegar becomes too overwhelming. However, it should dissipate quickly, especially as a diluted product.