5 Autumn Must-Haves From West Elm

It's September, which means most of us have already begun switching out our summer attire for our designated fall outfits, so why not do the same with home décor? The first day of fall is technically September 22, 2022, per Parade, so you only have a few weeks to find the perfect décor items to revitalize your home's autumn spirit. Luckily, plenty of retailers have already begun marketing their variety of fall décor, such as West Elm. This modern furniture and décor retailer sells a variety of home items. 

During this season, West Elm also has a designated Halloween tab on its website for shoppers who know exactly what they're looking for. We've found five items from West Elm's website we believe are necessary to capture the essence of fall this year. From candles to pillows and wreaths, we'll show you what items to purchase, as well as how to integrate them into your home artfully.

1. Candle holder

Candles are a must-have every autumn, especially pumpkin-scented wax, which can fill your body with a particular type of holiday warmth. Each lovely scented candle needs an exquisite candle holder to create a stunning table centerpiece, beautiful fireplace mantle, or any other visual you desire to complete in your home. The Farmhouse Pottery Essex Candlesticks come in various colors: blush pink, dusty blue, soft orange, and a natural, unpainted version. You can either opt for the traditional orange or create a colorful visual with all four choices. All the colors are muted, so the pink or blue won't feel overwhelming. 

This product is made of Northern white ash wood, and you can see the graining of the wood in the candlesticks, which gives it a more traditional appearance. It was handmade and is meant to hold tapered candles. Adorn the Table says placing candles at different heights creates visual interest, and the taller candles should always be placed in the middle. This product comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The price is $60 to $80 and is sold in three sets.

2. Pillows

The Cozy Weave Pillow Cover comes in a variety of neutral colors, such as off-white, black, light beige, and cool gray. These square pillow covers were handwoven using thick yarn, which created a soft texture and a chunky appearance. The neutral colors are great for fall, as you can pair them with colorful throw blankets adorned with bright oranges, dark greens, deep reds, and purple. The front of the pillow cover is a mixture of polyester and cotton, while the back is 100% cotton. However, the material is delicate and is dry clean only. The price starts at $54 and varies depending on size and quantity. 

The Lush Velvet Oversized Lumbar Pillow Cover is also an option for those who want to add a touch of fall décor to their bedding. The mustard yellow, copper, and dark blue are great to pair with bedding that is either neutral or a complementary color. We also love how the light pink and white can work with bed covers of vibrant colors in order to create neutral contrast. Each option is priced the same at about $60.

3. Wreaths

Nothing says you're ready for fall better than a festive wreath. If you were to start designing anywhere, it'd probably be your home's front entry, and picking the perfect wreath is a great way to begin the process. The Faux Harvest Flower Wreath is adorned with faux flowers that are different shades of orange, as well faux leaves, berries, and baby's breath. The mixture of orange, green, and subtle pinks is a fall look that is both feminine and neutral. It's an easy wreath to design your front entry around, as you can introduce other décor items of similar and contrasting colors to create a stunning visual. The current price of this product is $90.

If Halloween is your favorite part of fall, the Spooky Wreath may be your cup of tea. It's a wreath of faux black branches, with two stunning crows nestled within. This is an excellent option for those who love to design with bright oranges, as they are sure to pop out beside this eerie, black décor piece. Currently, this product is $70.