How To Swap Out Common Cylindrical Door Locks

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Cylindrical locks have become extremely common in recent years. There is a high chance that there's one on your front door right now. However, despite being readily available, they're not the most secure, so you may need to take extra measures to keep your home safe. 

Cylindrical locks are easier to install than mortise locks that require you to cut out a part of the door before installation. On average, Verified Expert Trades writes that a cylindrical lock only takes between 10 and 20 minutes to install, and they are also much more affordable than mortise locks. This makes cylindrical doors ideal for many types of doors.

If you find yourself constantly losing your keys, you can also choose to purchase keyless cylindrical locks, which are available in many attractive finishes to suit your home decor (via Godrej). If you are thinking of swapping out your old cylindrical locks, you could hire a professional locksmith –– for a small fee. But, why do that when you can easily do it yourself?

How to remove the cylinder

Begin by taking out the screws that hold the door knobs or handles in place. For this, you will need either a flathead or a Phillips screwdriver, depending on the type of screws. After removing the handles from each side of the door, the cylinder should now be clearly visible and accessible. Next, locate and remove the single lock fixing screw — this is usually found on the mortice plate just below the deadbolt, explains Andivi.

To remove the existing cylinder, the cam tongue (the part that operates the deadbolt) must be aligned with the body of the cylinder. The easiest way to achieve this is to insert your key into the lock and then simply rotate it left or right while gently pulling the cylinder towards yourself, recommends Door Superstore. As the cam moves into the correct position, the lock should slide free of its housing.

Installing a new cylinder

Once you have removed the cylinder, you should measure its overall length and purchase a replacement of exactly the same size. Typically, a new cylindrical lock can be found for under $20 on Amazon, but, remember not to compromise your home security by using a cheap lock, says Keymaker Dubai. To install the new cylinder, again ensure that the cam tongue is flush with the body before inserting it into the door. Test it with the key, back and forth to see if it works properly, then replace the lock fixing screw.

Now you can then begin to screw the rest of the door lock into place. Replace the door handles on both sides and tighten the screws. Finally, using your key, test to see if the new lock works, suggests Door Superstore. If the bolt slides smoothly in and out without catching or scraping, then the new cylinder is correctly installed and ready for use.