Where You Should Place A Bathroom In Your Home, According To Feng Shui

Building your home from the ground up requires a lot of planning, from the placement of your kitchen to the color of your front door; but if you're looking to follow the principles of feng shui during construction, there's one room you absolutely must take into account — the bathroom. According to Noken, the bathroom is "a haven, a temple to self-care and pampering your body and mind," so its placement must be carefully thought out. In feng shui, the bathroom has a reserved space in the home, and acknowledging that space while planning your layout is crucial.

Bathrooms have less amount of positive energy than the rest of the home because of the influx of water. Water is great for us but can flush good chi down the drain, SpaceWise explains. Because of this, it's important to set up your bathroom in a way that gives the energy it does have free movement. This means isolating your toilet from the rest of the bathroom, either by water closet or something as simple as a screen. While the design of the bathroom is important, we first need to discuss where to place the bathroom, according to feng shui.

West and northwest areas

When it's time to design your home layout, the bathroom shouldn't be anywhere near the kitchen, a bedroom, or the front door, Lushome states. Bathrooms are deemed the filthy part of the house and should stay away from those cleanest areas of the home. Misplacement can potentially lead to financial loss, sickness, and bad luck. Avoid putting your bathroom in the center of the home, as you run the risk of a drastic decrease in wealth. A southwestern or northeastern placement generates poor health, and a southern bathroom placement can negatively affect your family dynamic.

With all of these principles, it begs the question, where can you place your bathroom? According to Pell Plumbing Company, your best choice is the west and northwest areas of the house. If your home has two floors, make sure the bathroom isn't placed above your front door. This is your best option to promote wealth, happiness, health, and good luck within your home.   

Bathroom feng shui do's and don'ts

Now that you know where you should put your bathroom let's talk about its actual design. When choosing a paint color for your bathroom, Noken suggests yellow, which promotes sociability and communication. If you want something more cool-toned, opt for pastel shades of blue to evoke water purity. Be sure to include warmer colors as well, whether it be through bathroom furniture, towels, or decor. Purple and lilac are also excellent choices for your bathroom walls. The combination of warm red and cool blue that makes up purple produces balance throughout the space.

Shapes play a huge part in feng shui, so your bathroom should include a lot of round shapes, such as the sink basin, bathtub, and mirrors. The rounded design makes it easy for positive energy to move freely throughout the space. Additionally, the lack of edges decreases your chance of injury — another major facet of feng shui. Speaking of mirrors, never place your mirror across from the bathroom door. Doing so can reflect the negative energy that lingers in the bathroom into the rest of the house, Mirror City says.