15 Ways To Add A Woodsy Theme To Your Child's Bedroom

Your child's room is the best space in the house where you can let your creativity fly. Choosing the paint color, area rugs, lighting, and other decor with your child is not only a bonding experience but also a way for you to help them express themselves. The best way to design a child's room is with a theme in mind. Obviously, you don't want to go too crazy, as your child will probably change their preferences as they get older, per HGTV. Unless you've got a child who is wholeheartedly devoted to a specific theme, keep the themed decor easily transferrable.

A woodsy theme could especially look great during the fall season. If your child is into the outdoors and loves animals, this theme could create a bedroom they're most happy with. When designing a child's room, it should be a mixture of functionality, as well as creative and sturdy decor, per Hunter Douglas. So, we'll show you the perfect decor combinations to accomplish this woodsy theme.

1. Animals

Incorporating animals into your child's bedroom will quickly create the woodsy theme. You don't just have to use stuffed animals. You can also incorporate animal-themed wall decor and adorable furniture. 

2. Trees

You can't achieve a woodsy theme without incorporating tree decor. You can do this in a variety of ways, but using wallpaper is a way to add height to the bedroom.

3. Elements

The woodsy theme is all about incorporating natural elements, such as water, earth, fire, and air. Here, they've painted water droplets onto the wall to create the visual of rainfall.

4. Color palette

A neutral color palette is necessary to achieve a woodsy theme. A mixture of green, brown, yellow, and blue is a fun and simple combination.

5. Tent

A fun outdoor activity most children love is camping. An easy way to incorporate this into their bedroom is by purchasing a small tent. You can also design it with a plethora of decor that fit your woodsy theme.

6. Wood

These wood-stump nightstands are adorable and a great way to bring a natural element into a space. Pairing this with plants and stuffed animals will create a variety of textures.

7. Style of bed

Probably the most important aspect of a child's bedroom design is their bed frame. This can be the focal point of the room and can determine how the rest of your design will look and function. A natural wood frame fits the nature theme of this room.

8. Wall decor

Part of designing a child's bedroom is having fun, which can be accomplished by incorporating the right wall decor. Here, they've put up a sun and clouds to replicate the sky, while the rest of the space is taken over by animals. 

9. Grass rug

When you're designing a woodsy theme, you have to bring the outside inside. You can do this by introducing area rugs that look like grass or any other natural element that would fit the style you're aiming for.

10. Incorporate you child's art

As you choose decor items, don't forget to utilize the art your own child creates. Encouraging them to create something to fit the woodsy theme is a way of making their bedroom something special to them.

11. Wall color

If your budget doesn't allow for too much decor, picking the perfect wall color is crucial. This deep green automatically creates a woodsy theme and only needs the help of a few stuffed animals and plants to solidify the look.

12. Lighting

Lighting is a critical design component in any room of the house. In a child's room, you can create a playful look with nature colored pendants that hang over the bed and other areas of the room.

13. Window treatment

Don't forget about picking out the perfect window treatment for your child's room. The color should be either complementary or contrasting to the space, and you can pick a fun pattern to further accentuate the woodsy theme.

14. A touch of fun

A child's bedroom should always have a fun activity that is also not destructive. A chalkboard, or chalk wall, is an easy way to incorporate a fun activity that can tie into the woodsy theme of the space. 

15. Paint a mural

To personalize a child's bedroom, take the time to paint a simple mural to really brighten up the space. As long as you stick to the theme and paint something outdoorsy, it will turn out wonderful.