How To Decorate Your Bedroom If You're A Pisces

Pisces is the 12th astrological sign and is represented by the image of two koi fish swimming in opposite directions. This sign encompasses people who are born between February 19 and March 20. People with a Pisces sign are connected to their feelings, making them empathetic, sensitive, and generous. They are also known for being curious and creative, according to Mindbodygreen Mindfulness. These traits are important to keep in mind when it comes to styling the bedroom because Pisces need an environment that can spark creativity during the day and calm the mind when it is time for bed.

Sleeping is incredibly relevant to this sign because Pisces often have an interest in mystical experiences, including the dream realm. This characteristic can be reflected in the bedroom by strategically placing mirrors on the walls and prioritizing peaceful sleep. That being said, for any sign to feel comfortable in their bedroom, they need to style it to reflect their interests and who they are.

Calm colors

Calm colors in the bedroom will help Pisces relax their creative minds and prepare them for bed. As a water sign, the best colors to choose are shades of blue for water, sage green for nature, and white for ice, according to 21 Oak. These colors can be styled in many different ways. However, it is essential to stick with a color theme, so the room does not look too busy and chaotic. Pisces are known for being connected with the dream realm, so their bedroom needs to be peaceful for them to access this characteristic.

Painting is the most obvious option, but there is also wallpaper, which people often overlook. A patterned wallpaper will add visual interest without looking cluttered. A great way to do this is by creating an accent wall. Other places to use these colors are in the bedding, rugs, and furniture.


Pisces' connection with water can be represented in more ways than with the color blue. Mirrors are an excellent tool to subtly style this sign's bedroom because they cast a reflection like water and add to the room's brightness when light bounces off of them. However, mirrors have a dark side because they are known for being portals to the spirit realm (via Angelical Balance). Dengarden explains that this sign is known for being interested in the afterlife.

There are many different ways to style mirrors. If they have intricately detailed frames, hang them on the wall as a decor piece. Another way to add them to the space is by placing full-length standing mirrors in a corner or by installing mirrored closet doors so that they can serve an additional purpose. They can also be placed on a nightstand or under candles as decor. For Pisces to entertain their fascination with the afterlife, put two mirrors facing each other.


Windows are essential in any bedroom, especially for a Pisces sign. It is necessary to keep the bedroom bright and open so it won't feel small or depressing. Windows are perfect at adding natural lighting, and when paired with mirrors, they will amplify the space's brightness. The Scotsman explains that a bedroom filled with windows will add to Pisces' creativity by giving them new scenes to view other than the inside of their home.

Without renovations, you can't control where the windows are, their size, or how many are in your bedroom. However, you can choose how to style the ones you do have. Avoid dark window coverings that block natural light, especially black-out curtains. Instead, use sheer curtains or a decorative window film to stop people from looking in. It can be hard in smaller bedrooms, but make sure not to block the windows with furniture either.

Natural elements

Bringing natural elements into the bedroom will add a serene feeling, reflecting how Pisces connect with their emotions of empathy and sensitivity. 21 Oak explains that creating a relaxing environment inspired by nature is important in a Pisces' bedroom because it will allow the sign to stop overthinking and focus on their emotions. Characteristics from nature will also add warmth to the room, so it doesn't feel cold and lifeless.

You can choose decor pieces to add natural elements to a room. Do this by hanging linen curtains on your windows, adding a jute rug, or using wicker baskets for storage. Another obvious way to do this is by decorating with live plants with lots of greenery to add a pop of color to the room. Adding fake plants is also possible if you know you don't have a green thumb or the time to care for living plants.

Mix decor styles

A characteristic of Pisces is that they are adaptable and go with the flow like the waves in the ocean. This also causes them to be a bit of a chameleon, according to Ashlina. In a bedroom, this can mean that they can't fit their design style under one label and that it is likely to change. Their room can have a cohesive look as long as it is balanced and the chosen pieces fit the color scheme.

If you know you like to constantly change up your decor pieces, set a basic theme for the room. Then you can add and subtract decor as it fits your interests. You can change any artwork, framed photos, or mirrors while keeping the wall color. This can also be accomplished by switching out throw pillows and blankets but keeping the same duvet. Everything doesn't need to match completely for a Pisces' room to look and feel good.