What Is David Bromstad's Favorite Room To Design?

David Bromstad is one colorful guy. A visit to his Instagram page is enough to show you the TV host, artist, and designer loves to live and decorate with energy. His bio reads "Crazy about color and happy vibes" with a rainbow and unicorn thrown in for emphasis. He embraces wild patterns and bold hues in his clothing, textiles, and tattoos. Bromstad's win in the premier season of HGTV's competition series "Design Star" prompted the network to offer him his own show, "Color Splash," a program that focused on color as the main source and inspiration behind the transformations.

Though we've seen plenty of vividly painted and moody rooms rendered in Bromstad's makeovers, during an interview with Pretty Handy Girl he shared that the walls in his home were white. Since color is such a huge feature in his interiors, he felt a white backdrop gave him the flexibility to switch hues often.  

The designer has made the statement that he "blends styles that incorporate realism and fantasy," aiming to fashion spaces that are unique while being mindful of function. Whether in a small bungalow or lottery windfall estate, which is his favorite space to design?

Bromstad doesn't sleep on this opportunity

David Bromstad revealed to HGTV that his preferred space to makeover is a bedroom. For him, it should be a calming environment and one that is a little dreamy. He shared, " ... it's where you relax and can be transported somewhere else." In his design seen above, Bromstad was inspired by Pride Day to create a cheery room by curating his vintage glass collection into an otherworldly cityscape and unleashing washi tape rainbow stripes onto the traditional mirror frames that flank the bed. A jumble of pillows reflects the pastel palette in the hand-painted artwork.

Bromstad began his career at Disney, and he's enamored of the way the company creates incredible new worlds for patrons to experience. (In fact, a large tatooed Mickey Mouse flashes a smile from his bicep.) Shortly after, an interior designer friend enlisted his talents renovating kids' bedrooms. Bromstad loved it and never redesigned another adult bedroom until "Design Star". With children's spaces, there are no limits; whimsy and pushing the envelope are encouraged. However, the designer relayed that creating engaging rooms for adults is important too. 

In an episode of "Rock the Block," he and teammate Tiffany Brooks covered an accent wall in the primary suite in hunter green and pink floral wallpaper, hung a massive empire chandelier and floaty white sheers at the window, and blanketed the bed in velvet. Bromstad's designs offer tactility, color, and character. Some things we're never too old for.