Amira Gundel

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Winter Park, Florida
Marymount Manhattan College
Edible Gardening, Landscaping, Houseplants
  • Amira is a gardener, forager, homesteader, and land steward for her personal garden and permaculture food forest.
  • She is also a proud member of the Florida Native Plant Society and The Florida Wildflower Fund — two conservation organizations that focus on protecting and uplifting native species and ecosystems.
  • She is wildly passionate about all things plants; from ornamentals to edibles to obscure native species, Amira is a gardening connoisseur.


Amira has worked as a professional writer for almost a decade, and plants and gardening have always been a part of her journey. She began her professional writing career as a copywriter for a regenerative hemp farm in Upstate New York. In this role, she seamlessly blended her love of writing with her love of plants, sustainable agriculture, gardening, botany, and horticulture. Since then, her career has taken off as an eco-conscious copywriter working for a plethora of brands that care about the Earth, gardening, and sustainability. Not only has she worked as a writer in the garden/farming niche, but she has also worked in the horticultural and sustainable landscaping industry for five years. Amira co-founded a native landscaping company focused on sustainable gardening and creating pollinator habitats. Her unique skillset and expertise mean that she can write a killer article on any given gardening topic and wield some pruners or a shovel! Amira is eager to join the garden news writer team at House Digest, where she can put her years of writing and gardening experience to good use.


Amira graduated from Marymount Manhattan College with a bachelor's in political science. As a political science major, most of her workload was research and writing, which helped to hone her academic and professional writing skills. Already passionate about people and the planet, studying political science made her fall madly in love with how people relate to land and place, and the intersection of humans and nature.
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