Joanna Marie

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Accra, Ghana
London Metropolitan University
Hair And Beauty, Pilates, Meditation, And Yoga, Mental Health And Wellbeing
  • Joanna runs her own hair and beauty blog providing solutions to common hair and skin-related ailments.
  • Joanna is a big advocate for the health benefits of Pilates and meditation.
  • She believes that good muscle and spinal health are two vital ingredients for long-term health and youthfulness.


Joanna began her career by managing large-scale development events before moving into content marketing. A degree in international development studies gave her a coherent understanding of the various factors that affect good health in developed and developing countries. This includes the environmental, biological, and social factors that also influence human development. These wider determinants of health are often taken into consideration in her work.


Joanna graduated with honors in International Development Studies & Spanish from London Metropolitan University.
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