Katie Maloney

Unites States
Chatham University
Movies, TV, Outdoor Adventure, Travel, Health & Wellness, Hiking
  • Graduated from Chatham University with a double degree in Digital Film Production and Journalism.
  • Have spent the past 10 years reporting on everything from sports and celebrity entertainment to mindfulness, music, and the outdoors.
  • Katie is the author of Cake Pops and Coffee: A New Conversation About Trauma. It's available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


With over 10 years of experience reporting, Katie has the background needed to keep up with the DIY-spirited House Digest audience. Whether she's mushroom hunting on a local trail, kayaking with friends, or simply enjoying the scene of her own backyard with a cup of coffee, Katie can always be counted on to share the best ways to appreciate your home.


Katie graduated with Bachelor Degrees in both Digital Film Production and Communications with a concentration in Journalism from Chatham University. You can find more of her previous work at Outsider, Showbiz Cheat Sheet, and Set Reel.
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