How To Decorate Your Home Like The Grinch

Christmas is right around the corner and if there's one character that appeals to both cheerful and cynical celebrators, it's probably the Grinch. After all, he's a representation of both hating Christmas and being transformed by it. The Grinch is an oversized, green, and bitter creature who despises Christmas, yet he's still an endearing character. It's only after he meets a little girl in the neighboring village, and sabotages that village's holiday, that the Grinch begins to rethink his ways.

According to Smithsonian Magazine, the Grinch's story begin in 1955 with the illustrated poem, "The Hoobub and the Grinch," written by Dr. Seuss. The iconic author later grew the storyline with the book, "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!" published in 1957. Almost 10 years later, the very first animated version of the Grinch was released. "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" was the first time audiences could watch the Grinch's heart grow three times its size on TVs everywhere. 

However, it wasn't until decades later that the Grinch was reimagined once again. The year 2000 brought a live-action version of "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" featuring a star-studded cast and quirky special effects. However, one of the most captivating parts of the film was the prop work and how the crew brought the Grinch's cave-like home to life. If you'd like a fun twist on your decor, here are some notable features of the unique abode that you can integrate into your own home.

Lots of natural rock

The Grinch isn't really a subdivision-type guy. He's much more the type of guy who dwells in a dark, damp cave next to the city's garbage dump. But that's not to say he hasn't created a lovely home for himself. He certainly has two things going for his dwelling space. It's spacious and includes many natural elements, including stone — obviously, it's a cave. 

So, if you're decorating your home with the Grinch as your inspiration, you're going to want to incorporate lots of natural stone. Luckily, there are lots of different ways to decorate with stone, that can match any design aesthetic. According to Carmel Stone Imports, natural accents like stone draws attention to your home's details and enhances the overall vibe. If there's one thing the Grinch certainly loved, it's attention, so you're on the right track with natural stone decor.

Try creating an accent wall using a raw-looking building material. Brick can create a more industrial feel, while large slate pieces can look sleek and contemporary. Natural stone tile also makes for fantastic flooring. It's both durable and stylish, making it a great option for everything from the bathroom to entryway floors. If you're looking for more subtle ways to use natural stone, try replacing your sinks with stone. This small touch instantly transforms a bathroom or kitchen into a luxe space. Natural stone fireplace surrounds are also a great way to make a bold statement and create a focal point in your living room. 

A comfy iron frame bed

There's nothing better than swinging from a large zipline across your giant cave home, and landing face-first in your wrought iron frame bed. Well, there's nothing better if you're the Grinch. Sure, his sleeping spot may not seem very comfortable for many, but the bed is definitely unique. Luckily for us, there are lots of iron bed options that will also offer ample coziness. So, if you're designing your bedroom like the Grinch, you'll need to find the perfect iron frame bed. 

As for the Grinch, his style is all his own. However, as The Strategist points out, there are countless iron bed frames to choose from, and options to meet all kinds of different design preferences, including your own. Some of these options include art deco styles, canopy designs, and both modern and traditional styles. If you're looking for a more vintage feel, try a steel camelback curved headboard. For a more boho vibe, try a metal low-profile sleigh bed. And if you're looking for a statement piece in your bedroom, opt for a large steel canopy bed. Bonus points if you drape Grinch green curtain panels over the canopy!

Oversized clock decor

The Grinch has a busy schedule filled with staring into the abyss, wallowing in self-pity, and, of course, jazzercise class. So, he needs an alarm clock to keep him and his schedule on track. And in true Grinch fashion, he doesn't use any old alarm clock, he uses a gigantic alarm clock that would wake even the deepest of sleepers. Now that phones have alarms, alarm clocks have all but become obsolete. But in celebration of the Grinch, we're bringing back the alarm clock!

Luckily, recreating the Grinch's alarm clock isn't too hard at all. A crafty fan loved the clock featured in the animated movie so much that they decided to make their own version.  Using the tutorial by Midnight Crafts, you too can create the alarm clock using some cardboard, a small clock, a few other household items, and of course, some green paint. The best part about this working clock is that it's adorable year-round. So, you can leave it out all of the time or display it for the holiday season to enhance your Grinch-themed home.

A vintage sewing machine

There's one thing that many fans would be surprised to learn about the Grinch — he can sew. When The Grinch is invited to the annual Whoville Christmas celebration, he realizes that he has nothing to wear. So, he attempts to sew a tablecloth into a kilt. The attempt doesn't work out, and he ultimately steals an outfit from a local mountain yodeler. However, The Grinch does enjoy the hobby which makes sense. According to Obby, sewing can be a healthy way to express yourself and manage stress. For all the gruffness the Grinch outwardly expresses, maybe he just needed a creative outlet to boost his mood. 

So, if you're decorating your home with the Grinch as inspiration, you're going to need a sewing machine. If you're already a sewing fanatic, this will be an easy addition to your home. However, there are several ways to incorporate a sewing machine into your Grinch-inspired home, even if you aren't a sewing expert. Antique and vintage items are a great way to add character to your home. So, try incorporating a vintage sewing machine as a decor item on a shelf. Add a few wooden spools or old-school pincushions as accent pieces. Another option is to repurpose an old sewing table into a desk or side table for the same vibe. Shop antique furniture stores or browse flea markets for these unique furniture pieces that are stunning yet functional.

An old-school answering machine

During a scene from the live-action version of the film, The Grinch checks his answering machine to see if anyone has called him. Unfortunately, his voicemail inbox is empty and he can't figure out why. Then he plays his own greeting to see if it's working properly, finding that his angry tone likely prompted any callers to hang up. 

However, the nostalgia of checking your messages can't be overlooked. The classic answering machine was a stand-by item in the homes of the past. In fact, in 1984 answering machine sales exceeded one million, according to Mel.  If you're decorating like the Grinch, why not add an old-school answering machine to your home? This is a perfect touch of sentimental charm to add to an office or to create a classic communication-themed shelf display. Add an old rotary dial phone, Rolodex, and a telegraph for a full-blown blast from the past.  

A cozy recliner chair

There's probably only one thing that most people and the Grinch can agree on and that is the fact that a recliner chair is the epitome of coziness. The Grinch loves ziplining into his recliner chair and reviewing his weekly to-do list. So, you're going to need a comfy recliner chair in your own Grinch-inspired home. Just make sure that your chair doesn't abruptly snap back into a spine-bending position the way the Grinch's chair does. 

Coziness isn't the only thing that a recliner chair has to offer. According to Inspire Your Journey, reclining chairs also offer homeowners several health benefits. A few of these benefits include helping relieve back pain, aiding in improved breathing, reducing stress, and improving blood circulation. Luckily, recliner chairs have come a long way since the chairs we remember our grandparents kicking back in during the holidays. Today, there are all kinds of recliner chairs that can fit any home's aesthetic. For a more refined style, try a leather recliner chair in a neutral color. If you're looking for a softer look, opt for a recliner with a more relaxed form and cozy upholstery. Or, if your home's aesthetic is more luxurious, try a velvet recliner chair for a posh and comfy vibe. 

Lots of exposed Edison bulbs and funky lamps

As the Grinch does live in a cave, he doesn't have access to fancy materials. So, the majority of his lights are made of industrial materials like metal, brass, and iron. And almost all of the bulbs are exposed — so you don't have to worry about picking out a lampshade! To create a focal point in your dining room, try choosing an abstract chandelier made of brass. For a little extra light in your reading nook, as a pendant light with an Edison bulb. A sputnik style chandelier is a fantastic way to pull in the intertwining iron shapes that are frequently featured in the Grinch's home. Luckily, according to Who What Wear, funky lamps are trending right now. So, you'll be able to use your lamp year-round. 

During a scene from "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," Grinch tries on several outfits while preparing to go to the annual Whoville Christmas party. While getting ready, he uses a vanity in his dressing room. But all of the lightbulbs in the vanity are light glowing green. For an added Grinchy touch, try replacing your own light bulbs with green ones for an extra holiday vibe.

A dartboard with a photo of your enemy's face

The Grinch and Mayor Augustus Maywho have a long history of disdain. It all started when both were just little boys and Maywho made fun of Grinch for having a beard already at such a young age. Now, Grinch keeps a large photo of Maywho's face on a wall in his cave and uses it for target practice or when playing darts. If your home is truly Grinch-inspired, you'll want a dartboard of your own. Instead of using a rival's face, create a custom look that blends seamlessly into your decor.

This is a great addition to homes during the holidays for a little extra group fun. According to Group Games 101, there are actually 27 different games you can play using a dartboard. So, your guests will be entertained long after the holiday dinner is digested. To make your dartboard part of your decor, tuck it away in a stylish cabinet that blends with your room's current design. You can make a dartboard cabinet yourself with a little lumber and common tools (via A Beautiful Mess). Then, paint the exterior of your cabinet in a color that complements your wall color. Use a stencil to add a fun design or monogram it for a personal touch.

Industrial touches

There's a common misconception that homes with industrial decor can be cold or stark. However, according to Masterclass, there are lots of ways to bring cozy and warm elements into an industrial-style home. The Whos of Whoville have certainly mastered this strategy. They are all about incorporating doo-dads, tchotchke, and any other type of trinket and gadget into their homes, and the Grinch is no different. There are all sorts of wheels, and gears scattered around the Grinch's cave, so get creative when decorating your grinch-inspired home. 

You can hang large ship steering wheels on your wall for an industrial seaward look, or cover all of your wires with metal piping for an exposed industrial vibe. Create tables and countertops using salvaged wood for a warm and rustic vibe. You can also craft a picture frame or large mirror frame using various styles of vintage cabinet handles and knobs. Finding ways to combine gadget-inspired accents adds to your eclectic decor and is the perfect way to evoke a Grinchy aesthetic.