How To Decorate Your Home Like Cher From Clueless

Cher captivated audiences with her style from the moment she walked on screen in the 1995 movie "Clueless." It's been almost three decades since the hit film premiered, and we are still channeling our inner Cher when choosing outfits and decorating our homes, per IMDb. And people thought she was just a trend — as if! Whether she's pairing a patterned skirt suit with over-the-knee white socks or driving around town in her big Jeep, we still can't get enough of Cher Horowitz. We've got an idea for anyone who wants to extend their "Clueless" love beyond clothing choices. What if your entire home was a recreation of Cher's luxurious lifestyle?

Whether you're cooking something up in your kitchen, lounging by the pool, or working in your home office, Cher can help inspire your home's interiors. You'll instantly feel like one of your favorite stars in the '90s. Here's everything you need to decorate your home like Cher from "Clueless," complete with the walk-in closet of Cher's dreams — and everyone else's.

Why Cher is the perfect inspiration for home design

Cher's style in "Clueless" epitomizes '90s chic. There were mini skirts paired with blazers, colorful tank tops over white mini T-shirts, and high ponytails held in place with scrunchies, per 90s Fashion World. However, Cher's style was far more than just clothing choices; she was a full-on brand. Her brand served bold statements, expensive taste, and California cool style.

Cher's style has withstood the test of time because of her core brand. Luckily, her brand translates to home decor as well. The following paragraphs will feature design ideas inspired by Cher and the film. We'll offer tips on decorating your bedroom for some '90s-themed relaxation and transform your garage to make it far more stylish. We'll also share tips on how to throw the ultimate "Clueless" watch party in your new home. Here's everything you need to live like Cher from "Clueless."

Choose a color palette

It's no secret that fans of "Clueless" tune in to admire Cher's colorful fashion statements. According to BuzzFeed, Cher wears 48 different outfits in the film. So, it's only fitting that those color palettes inspire your home design. Here are a few options to help you get started.

When Cher first discovers she has a crush on her stepbrother, Josh, she's wearing the ultimate '90s look — a pale pink spaghetti strap tank over a white T-shirt. The look is casual compared to Cher's over-the-top looks, but it's still perfectly coordinated. If you're looking for a soft glam style Cher would love, opt for a color palette of light pink and white. Decorate with pretty pink velvet throw pillows, white or cream furniture, gold mirrors, candle holders, and other decor.

Cher is synonymous with colorful outfits. However, she does have her more muted moments as well. The denim-on-denim outfit she wears when trying to choose something for her date with Christian is less flashy than her usual clothing choices. Draw inspiration from this look by decorating your home with grey or blue accents. Another inspiring look is the black blouse Cher wears over a simple white tank when she first talks with Josh in the movie. If you're looking for more muted color palettes, try light grey or pale blue wall colors.

Select an accent pattern or texture

Cher frequently complimented her style with a signature pattern, per InStyle. You can do the same in your home by pulling patterns from some of Cher's classic ensembles. Arguably the most iconic outfit in the movie, Cher's yellow, black, and white plaid suit turns heads. You may think yellow bumblebee colors work better on clothes than home decor. However, a muted yellow combination with rustic black accents and all-white furniture can make for the perfect farmhouse decor.

Who can forget what Cher wore to argue her grade with her debate teacher? The yellow, red, and black plaid jacket with the bright yellow satin shirt and black stockings were the ultimate preppy look. If you're opting for a more outdoorsy or rustic look, complement natural wood furniture with some red plaid throw pillows or blankets. Alternatively, draw inspiration from the diamond patterns on Cher's white transparent shirt and a black skirt or the black mesh blouse over a white tank.

Start with the bedroom

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary. It's the one place in your house entirely dedicated to your relaxation. Take a cue from Cher and opt for luxury. Cher's bedroom in "Clueless" starred a large queen bed with an upholstered headboard almost reaching the ceiling, per IMDb. If that's not luxury, what is? Cher's bedroom served all the princess vibes with a hand-carved bed frame and gold-painted pillars. She topped the room with white drapes that looked like giant bows.

Princess-themed bedrooms may or may not be your thing. Regardless of your princess preferences, you deserve to feel like royalty every time you walk into your bedroom. Try making a ceiling-high headboard the focal point of your room (via Houzz). Then top your bed with the coziest (and cutest) throw pillows. Faux fur to match Cher's school backpack and iconic fuzzy pen will work perfectly. And don't forget the gold accents. Try metallic picture frames, jewelry holders, and mirrors.

Don't forget the walk-in closet

If there's one thing that captured the hearts of "Clueless" fans everywhere, it's Cher's dream-worthy closet. When the movie came out, the idea of a computer system that logs all of your clothing and matches pieces for outfits was unheard of (but definitely dreamed about). Today, clothing organizing apps and services easily make that a reality. Nevertheless, Cher's closet is #goals.

According to Forbes, a dream closet should feel cohesive with the rest of your bedroom and have the same atmosphere. Be sure to plan out your shelving. You'll want some shelves to display your shoes, handbags, and other accessories. Try installing some lighting across the shelves as Cher did in her closet. This tip will illuminate your items as the treasures they are. Although you probably don't need a bulky computer like Cher used in 1995, you will still want a closet island. Islands can hold clothing items while you're choosing an outfit. They can be used as a vanity while you apply makeup. They can also include drawers for storing jewelry, watches, and other smaller accessories.

Wow visitors with stunning entryway lighting

Your entryway is the first thing people see when they walk into your home and sets the tone for the rest of the house. It's no secret that Cher likes to make an entrance. You can give your home the same grand effect with the proper entryway lighting, per Pottery Barn.

There are two things visitors immediately notice when entering the Horowitz home. The first is a giant painting of Cher's mother. Cher's mom passed away when she was young, but Cher's father commissioned a wall-sized painting of her to hang in the entryway. Although the size may be a little jarring, the sentiment is sweet. The second thing guests will notice is a grand chandelier. The entrance space features black and white checkered tile and a massive double staircase. Recreate the same look in your home, and maybe you'll meet the love of your life on that staircase, just like Cher. Hopefully, it's not your stepbrother.

Cook up something fun in the kitchen

Cher doesn't spend much time in the kitchen of her home in "Clueless." We only really see her there a few times. The first is when she's attempting to convince her father to drink the freshly squeezed orange juice she made him. The second time is when she's arguing (flirting) with Josh while he makes a turkey sandwich. The last time we see Cher in her kitchen is when she attempts to bake cookies for her date with Christian.

Regardless of whether or not she actually cooks, we know that Cher won't settle for anything but the best kitchen appliances available. Stainless steel appliances are a must, and marble countertops and all the latest cabinetry trends, including backlighting and soft-touch open/closing. Of course, a "Clueless"-themed mug from Etsy completes the look. It wouldn't be a Cher Horowitz kitchen without the perfect coffee mug for all those nights she stays up late helping her dad with a case.

Lounge by your over-the-top pool

Nothing about the Horowitz house is simple. We didn't expect anything less when it came to the backyard. Not only does the home include a giant pool, but it also comes with waterfalls and rock features, per IMDb. If you want to turn your backyard into a tropical getaway, look no further than Cher's pool in "Clueless." To recreate the swimming pool from Cher's home, choose a bright blue pool liner to make the water look just like the ocean. Next, surround your pool with tropical foliage — anything with large leaves and vibrant flowers will do. Finally, finish the look with large rock fixtures that will transport you to a hidden island paradise. Once your pool is in place, choose the comfiest deck chairs to lounge in the sun with your friends.

As a bonus, you can find lots of expensive art and abstract sculptures to surround your pool. Mel Horowitz, Cher's art-collecting father, would be so proud.

Customize your garage for all your driving needs

In true Cher fashion, you'll need a fully decked-out garage that can fit your Jeep with four-wheel drive, dual-side airbags, and a monster sound system. However, let's be honest, if you're like Cher, you don't want a traditional garage. You want to use your garage as a room. Trade in what everyone expects for something far more luxurious, like a garage gym. Cher always did love her ' 90s aerobic videos. We have a feeling she'd opt for more top-of-the-line fitness equipment now.

Start by choosing a color scheme for your garage gym. Then cover the floor in color-coordinated rubber gym flooring. Next, add your fitness equipment. A stationary bike is always a fun way to break a sweat. A rowing machine is another great full-body exercise machine. If you're into heavy lifting, you can purchase a weight rack. Otherwise, some free weights and kettlebells will work perfectly. Finish the gym with a mini fridge where you can keep water and healthy post-workout snacks. According to Garage Living, you can winter-proof your garage gym by insulating the door. Install lockers throughout your garage for extra storage because you'll need lots of room to store all your Cher-inspired shopping spree finds.

Create a fabulous movie room

While Cher never had a movie room (that we saw) in her home in "Clueless," she loved hosting friends and potential boyfriends for a movie night. What better way to hang with friends than by watching one of your favorite movies? Add a top-of-the-line movie theater to your home for a true " Clueless"-inspired home renovation.

Cher probably wouldn't go for the traditional movie theater look. She'd prefer something far more luxurious. Start by replacing any conventional theater seating with massage chairs. According to Valencia Theatre Seating, your screen choice will depend on how large the room is. Projectors are ideal for larger rooms, while flatscreens work better in smaller spaces. Next, install a fully-stocked mini bar. Cher was certainly not old enough to drink in the movie, but we're guessing she'd have sophisticated taste in cocktails today. So, mimosa ingredients are a must. Add an area for spa treatments, including face masks. Then, invite your friends over for a "Clueless" watch party complete with a catered brunch, breakfast drinks, and all the spa vibes.

Get inspired with a home office

Whether she's negotiating a higher grade with her teachers, giving makeovers to friends, or helping her dad with his work, there's nothing Cher can't do when she sets her mind to it. She'd definitely need her own home office. Her father's vast office with ceiling-high shelves of books and a clunky wood desk won't work for an office inspired by Cher. Her office space needs to be far more fashionable.

Start with the desk. Cher was always an active girl, so she would never approve of sitting at a desk all day. Instead of a traditional desk, opt for a stylish standing desk. You can even place a collapsable mini treadmill underneath the desk to work out while you work, per Best Products. Once you've settled on the desk, you can start accessorizing your space. Framed art to keep you inspired is always essential. Fun lighting fixtures can add texture to your room, while a reading nook with colorful cushions is the perfect area to take breaks.

Clean up in a high-end laundry room

It's no secret that Cher Horowitz loves clothes, like most "Clueless" fans. Cher would never let her clothes get dirty or tattered. She'd want the highest-end cleaning essentials to keep her clothes looking fresh and well-styled. It's only appropriate that your Cher-inspired home has a laundry room fit for a fashion queen. Let's start with the basics. According to Mansion Global, investing in a high-quality laundry machine and dryer will save you lots of headaches in the long run. However, conventional laundry machines aren't the only options out there. Take your laundry room to the next level with a steam cleaning closet. This closet saves you a trip to the dry cleaners and gives you the luxury of fresh-pressed clothing right in your home.

Who says doing laundry has to be boring? Try installing speakers in your laundry room or even a TV so that you can listen to music or catch up on your favorite shows while folding the laundry.

Focus on curb appeal

It can be easy to forget the home's exterior during a redesign. However, a house's curb appeal is essential to the overall feel. The Horowitz family understood this completely. Cher's home features a classic look with columns dating back to 1972. Give your home the same style with a bit of exterior love.

According to Moving, the best ways to improve your curb appeal include freshening up your lawn, planting flowers, painting the front door, and installing chic lighting. Extending the color palette throughout your house's exterior and interior can give the home a more cohesive feel. Once you know which color you'd like to display on the exterior of your home, choose a texture. Do you want to paint the brick that currently exists in your home? Or do you want to replace the siding? Once you make these decisions, you can work on decorating the front of your home. Columns from 1972 may not be an option, but some landscaping projects will work wonders. The Horowitz family would accept nothing less than a perfectly manicured yard, so invest in a landscaping company that can customize a design for your home, if possible.

Get inspired by Cher's classic quotes

If designing your entire home around Cher from "Clueless" feels a little over-the-top, that's okay. There's still an option for movie fans with more subtle tastes. Opt for "Clueless"-themed accents for your home instead. This print of Cher in "The Birth of Venus" painting by Botticelli on Etsy will add the perfect decorative touch. Cher would love to be front and center in one of the most iconic paintings of our time. Ensure you keep this print in a frame as magnificent as the art. If you're looking for something a bit more minimalist, try these posters of Cher, Dion, and Tai from Etsy.

If there's one thing Cher loves, it's an audience. What's the point in having an extravagant "Clueless"-themed house if no one ever sees it? With this "As If?" welcome mat from Etsy, you'll be able to invite your guests into your home without compromising style.