Melissa Epifano

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Bath, United Kingdom
University Of Oregon
Home Design And Decor, Interior And Color Trends, Small Spaces
  • Melissa served as the editor-in-chief of Real Homes, a site specializing in small spaces, rentals, and homes for millennials and Gen Zers.
  • Melissa has written on home design topics for numerous outlets, including Apartment Therapy, The Spruce, Forbes, Livingetc, and MyDomaine.
  • She largely focuses on helping readers make their living spaces feel like their own in a way that is conscious of space, budget, and personal tastes.


With over six years of experience in writing and editing, Melissa has worked her way up from intern to editor-in-chief. After graduating with a degree in journalism, she cut her teeth in New York, covering fashion and beauty topics for publications such as People, InStyle, Life&Style, Byrdie, and The Zoe Report. Since then, she has pivoted to focus on home design, becoming an expert in trends, colors, design, decor shopping, and home tours. She served as the editor-in-chief of Real Homes, a home and design website for millennials and Gen Z.


Melissa has a Bachelor of Science in journalism. She learned all things grammar, style, and reporting and graduated a year early. These skills prepared her for a career of turning her thoughts into engaging copy.
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