Are Platform Beds Going Out Of Style?

Every now and then, it's common to want to change the furniture and decor in your bedroom without giving it a full makeover which would require more time and money. If you've outgrown the look of your space and you're looking for some new energy and lofty furniture, switch out your old, traditional bed with a brand new platform bed. A platform bed is a low, flat, and sturdy base that is designed for a mattress without needing the support of a box spring or foundation. 

It's a new bedroom design trend that has become increasingly popular for its sleek, modern look, according to Home Edit. Not to mention, in comparison to traditional beds, platform beds are edgier and more affordable. It'll bring your bedroom together stylishly and simply while simultaneously providing you with more comfort. Out with your outdated and uncomfortable box spring and in with a trendy platform bed.

It's way better than a traditional bed

As a more modern design aesthetic, this bed frame is versatile and perfect for bedrooms on the smaller side because it makes the room appear bigger, according to Home Edit. If you have limited space in your bedroom, Overstock recommends going for a platform bed that offers storage drawers under it or on the sides for clothing, shoes, and other bedroom items. Because these beds are designed to be lower than your average bed frame, you should choose the type of platform bed you want based on the space and style of your bedroom. 

A platform bed will give your space an updated look that compliments the room as well as your personality and design. They are available in a number of styles, from wood or upholstery to ones that come with attached nightstands for your comfort and convenience, according to Modern Digs Furniture. To get the most out of your purchase, Home Edit also recommends using a memory foam mattress for added comfortability and softness.

Pair it with a theme

If you're moving away from traditional home decor into trends that are more current and contemporary, you need a bedroom theme that resonates with the style of your platform bed: timeless. Having a low bed isn't as bad or unorthodox as it sounds, especially because of the endless styles and designs of platform beds. If you're a lover of all things functionally simple yet stylish, Modern Digs Furniture recommends a platform bed for a minimalist bedroom look. To perfect this design, pair it with curved furniture as well as neutral colors that compliment your bedroom theme particularly well. 

The burden of not having to buy a box spring (unless you want to!) will save you money, so you'll have more bucks to spend on accessories and decor. But keep in mind you won't need many accessories because the bed itself will transform the overall vibe of your bedroom. Not to mention, you won't have to deal with breaking in a new and uncomfortable box spring. Go platform or go home!