The 5 Best Home Renovation Shows Worth Binge-Watching Right Now

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Can't get enough home renovation shows? Since "This Old House" premiered over 40 years ago on PBS, there's been an explosion of home improvement shows among various networks. With the popularity of HGTV's long-standing and beloved "Property Brothers" or Chip and Joanna Gaines' fresh and modern "Fixer Upper," there is something for everyone. So, why do we love binge-watching them all? According to Millennium Magazine, design and remodeling shows present a sense of hope and imagination, not only for the show's guests, but also for the spectators.

Depending on the focus of the program, watching home renovation shows provides inspiration for homeowners on multiple levels. Whether it's colors and paint prospects as from David Bromstad's "Color Splash," or competitive design projects like those featured on "Rock the Block," every episode has the potential to provide viewers with new ideas and motivation for their own personal projects. With so many shows to choose from, yet a limited amount of hours in the day, you may need to be selective when deciding what to binge-watch. Keep reading to discover some of the top-rated home renovation shows worth spending the time and popcorn on.

Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis

Known for his smart and blunt personality, radio show host and interior designer Jeff Lewis captivates viewers with his latest show, "Hollywood Houselift with Jeff Lewis." With over twenty years of remodeling experience as a top design expert, the former "Flipping Out" host takes on the drama of renovating and modernizing various celebrities' homes within the Hollywood area. Along with assistant Shane Douglas and their project management team, the Los Angeles-based home renovation show follows them through the entire process.

Premiering on June 10, 2022 via Amazon Freevee, the popular show presents the designer being his candid self while focusing on modern and classic interior design elements for his clients. Many viewers have received the show well giving it four stars, as they love seeing Lewis return to television with his specific brand of expertise and subtle humor. The fresh and upbeat show is currently streaming Season 1 and features actors like Anthony Anderson from ABC's "Blackish" and actress and TV host Melissa Rivers, among others.

Van Go

Who says you can't convert a van into a tiny home? One of the Magnolia Network's latest productions is Brett Lewis' inventive "Van Go." While establishing the van life trend along with his company Chewy Design Co., Lewis encourages his clients to reimagine the home design of their dreams squeezed into a van. Inspired from his personal life, the show's unique premise showcases the entrepreneur's bespoke design expertise while renovating vans for an optimum, on-the-road living space. With little professional design background, the artist has learned everything for himself on the fly, while helping clients revamp their van interiors, per Distractify.

Since the show premiered in 2021, viewers have raved about how genuine and warm "Van Go" is, saying Lewis' lighthearted and witty personality shines through each episode. Based in Austin, Texas, the designer discovers solutions for various vehicle outfitting challenges through each guest's story. From family adventures and weddings to charity and personal remembrance, there are many miles to burn within the two seasons currently available for viewing.

Home Town

If you love stories and old houses, you'll love "Home Town." Ben and Erin Napier have been using their southern charm and country style to enthrall audiences with their antique renovations since 2016. With six seasons under their overalls, the down-home husband and wife team continue to uplift their guests and viewers as they reinvent historic properties within their hometown of Laurel, Mississippi. In each episode, the pioneering couple makes certain to communicate the story of each guest as well as the history of the house.

Married or not, viewers may gravitate towards a couple that works well together while being prosperous at the same time, as teamwork often promotes positivity and vision, per Better Help. The Napier's values and respect for each other beams through each episode, which may be addictive for some. Viewers also seem to keep coming back to "Home Town" because of how the resourceful duo often instructs on the best ways to repurpose old items while staying on task and budget.

Farmhouse Fixer

Visit New England (and possibly revisit your childhood) with New Kid on the Block Jonathan Knight's endearing "Farmhouse Fixer." Already "Hangin' Tough" with two seasons, Knight comes across as humble and down-to-earth onscreen, while showing compassion and skill for each farmhouse project. Born in Massachusetts, the singer and television host works alongside his designer, Kristina Crestin to revive old homesteads. From music to construction, Knight has the all the right stuff to accomplish the job. For several years the singer gained experience as a real estate investor. Knight has also said that his love for construction developed prior to his singing career, when he often accompanied his dad who was a contractor (via HGTV).

Whether you're already a fan of Jonathan Knight, or soon to be, you'll love the tranquil vibe from the show's modest and inspiring episodes. Joanna Gaines may have crafted the modern farmhouse legacy, but Knight takes it even further with beautiful, humble transformations. Viewers commonly rave about the show with top stars (via Amazon).

Room to Improve

Get swept away to enchanting Ireland with each episode of Dermot Bannon's "Room to Improve." A long-time favorite, the professional architect and television host focuses on new ways to live through architectural design without going over budget. With twelve seasons (since 2007), there are plenty of episodes to binge on.

Bannon often emphasizes the benefit of creating add-ons to a home, including expansive windows, lots of natural light, and open concepts with corridors that often lead to courtyard gardens. Bannon has said that people presently crave warmth and comfort over the aesthetics of their home, or substance over style, which the designer adheres to with each renovation (via The Journal).

With his charming Irish accent, Bannon is mostly known for his role on "Room to Improve," as he covers various rural and urban areas in Dublin, Tipperary, and elsewhere. By keeping it simple, Bannon attracts viewers with his contemporary and minimal creations that are both practical and functional. Clients benefit from his architectural background and his insightful vision with a heartfelt vibe. An overall relaxing and inspirational program, many viewers can't get enough of Bannon's work ethic and design expertise, not to mention the European charm of the show.