The Menards Items That Will Give You The Best Value

Whether you're looking to spruce up your space or are in need of new appliances, Menards is a unique one-stop-shop that assists with both home improvement and decor. From building materials such as concrete and fencing, to AC units and stoves, Menards has a wide range of expertise. This beloved brand also places a huge emphasis on quality, ensuring that you are getting your money's worth without having to break the bank in order to secure the services and items that you need. 

Knowing the value of your purchase can make a huge difference in how comfortable you feel with making a decision. On top of that, there are so many different suppliers and brands to choose from, and comparing and sorting through items can become a bit overwhelming. That said, we've put together this list of the Menards items that will give you the best value, so that you can rest easy and understand the full range of benefits when making a purchase.

Zenna Home Over-The-Toilet Storage Cabinet

Running low on storage space in your bathroom? There is nothing worse than overflowing, disorganized bathroom drawers, but in smaller homes, this is often the reality. Menards' Zenna Home White Over-The-Toilet Storage Cabinet offers ample storage and display space, yet takes up almost no square footage in your bathroom. Whether you're looking to store towels, toiletries, or bathroom essentials, this cabinet works great in both small and larger spaces. This white and simple storage unit can even house fun decor and make it easier to spruce up your bathroom with photos, mini sculptures, or succulents. 

The sleek, standing piece sits right over your toilet and is less than two feet wide, allowing those even in small bathrooms to take advantage of this stylish, compact storage solution. The 65-inch height of the cabinet fits over most toilets, and efficiently utilizes the often wasted "over-the-toilet" area. The sleek white shelving unit boasts one pull-out drawer as well as two upper-level cabinet doors and a large display shelf with ample space for decor. Stylish wood furniture of this quality can often cost hundreds of dollars, but this Zenna Home Storage Cabinet costs just under $50, making it an absolutely valuable, functional, and stylish purchase from Menards.

Purchase the Zenna Home Over-The-Toilet Storage Cabinet from Menards starting at $49.99.

Criterion Compact Refrigerator

In this summer heat, there is nothing more satisfying than a cold beverage to cool you down. The Criterion Compact Refrigerator's small design and sleek exterior allow you to keep food, drinks, or even your skincare products cold and easily accessible in any room. From wet bars to dorm rooms, bedrooms to bathrooms, the Criterion Compact Refrigerator takes up minimal space and blends in with existing decor with its simple black design. The Compact Refrigerator is 1.6 cubic feet, allowing it to fit in almost any spot in your home, yet the interior still boasts glass shelves and an ice cube chiller.

The Criterion Compact Refrigerator is priced at just $108.98 at Menards. Similar items at other retailers, such as the 1.6 cu Mini Fridge from Best Buy, are priced at $159 for the same style, design, and function, further highlighting the impressive value of the Criterion Compact Refrigerator at Menards. Though it can't replace a standard refrigerator, it is the perfect size to house all of the basic drinks and snacks that you could want in the comfort of your room. 

Purchase the Criterion Compact Refrigerator from Menards starting at $108.98.

Yorkshire Glass Beverage Dispenser

Although summer is coming to an end, hot sunny days and weekend barbecues are still in full swing, and this Yorkshire Mason Jar Beverage Dispenser is the perfect addition to any gathering. Designed to mimic the charm of a standard-size mason jar, this 1-gallon container sits atop a sturdy, yet stylish, black metal vase for easy pouring. The clear glass jar not only serves as a beautiful display for your beverage, but also provides better flavor and aroma retention than acrylic or plastic containers. The lead-free metal lid allows for easy refills, storage, and prevents any accidental spills — all while adding to the mason jar aesthetic.

Glassware can be deceptively expensive at many home goods retailers, and similar items at stores like Crate & Barrel cost almost $100. The Yorkshire 1-Gallon Beverage Dispenser, on the other hand, sells for just $9.99 at Menards. It's an incredible value considering the careful design, aesthetic appeal, and high-quality glass material.

Purchase the Yorkshire Glass Beverage Dispenser from Menards starting at $9.99.

4-Piece Stemless Wine Glasses

High-quality glassware is essential to every stylish home, but finding affordable and attractive stemware often proves to be a difficult task. However, this 4-piece set of Stemless Wine Glasses offers a smart, intentional design made with solid glass for an impressively low price. The wide, flat base of the stemless glass is spill and tip-resistant, allowing people to sip even the darkest of red wines without fear of knocking it over. The height of the glasses is perfect for storing in any cupboard, and the sturdy material is dishwasher safe, making for easier, streak-free cleaning. The bowl shape design allows the wine to aerate with ease, ensuring users enjoy their wine tasting experience at its maximum capacity. While other retailers like Bed Bath & Beyond are selling similarly shaped 4-piece sets for over $55, the 4-Piece Stemless Wine Glasses from Menards are priced at just $19.99, with high-quality materials, design, and style.

Purchase the 4-Piece Stemless Wine Glasses from Menards starting at $19.99.

PowerXL Air Fryer Pro XR

Air fryers have taken over the internet this year, as home cooks of all skill levels are dying to get their hands on this low-maintenance kitchen appliance. Whether it be a new way to heat up a standard frozen dinner, or a wildly complex TikTok recipe, the rapid popularization of the air fryer is here to stay. With such an influx of demand, it is no surprise that countless manufacturers have come out with their own versions at a wide range of prices. That is where the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro XR — 12 Qt comes in. Priced at only $119.99 at Menards, the Power XL Air Fryer Pro offers all the benefits of a high-functioning air fryer at a fraction of the cost of some other major brands.

Power XL is the most popular brand of air fryers in the U.S., and its products are widely recognized as high-quality, reliable appliances. This particular model offers not only easy-to-cook, easy-to-clean air frying, but also serves a dual function as a dehydrator, allowing users to make their own dried fruit, vegetables, herbs, jerky, and more. The dual function, brand recognition, and low price make the Power XL Air Fryer Pro an absolute steal.

Purchase the PowerXL Air Fryer Pro XR — 12 Qt from Menards starting at $119.99.

Lane Barrel Table

Furnishing a home is a deceptively expensive process — even the smallest of well-crafted, functional, stylish pieces can cost hundreds of dollars. That is what makes this Lane Barrel Table from Menards so special. Priced at just $89.99, the Lane Barrel Table is the perfect side table for any living room. The circular top of the table is a deep dark wood with a veneer finish, giving the appearance of a natural wood, yet allowing for easier cleaning and stain-resistance provided by the veneer.

The base of the Lane Barrel Table is what makes this piece a true show-stopper. It consists of thin, black metal strips woven intricately through three black circles, causing the base to feel light and airy, despite the sturdy design of the table. The middle circle is smaller than the base, drawing the eye to the center of the piece and giving the table a sense of delicate strength.

Purchase the Lane Barrel Table from Menards starting at $89.99.

Tuscany Matte Black Framed Pharmacy Mirror

A high-quality, glass mirror is one of the most deceptively expensive pieces of furniture one can buy, and sky-high prices for small, basic mirrors are commonplace across home goods retailers. However, Menards' Tuscany Matte Black Framed Pharmacy Mirror offers style, function, organization, and top-notch construction for only $79.99. The Tuscany Framed Mirror is 24 inches wide and 32 inches tall, making it the perfect mirror to hang over the sink in a bathroom, as part of a vanity in a bedroom, or even in the entryway of your home.

A thin, solid black metal frame surrounds the rectangular glass mirror, giving the piece a unique shape beyond just a simple wall mirror. The bottom of the frame offers a small shelf with a dainty rail, creating the perfect space for toiletries, cosmetics, and jewelry, or for you to decorate the mirror with candles and plants. This added shelf adds both style and functionality to the mirror, making it an incredible value at under $80.

Purchase the Tuscany Matte Black Framed Pharmacy Mirror from Menards starting at $79.99.

Denali Aire Window Air Conditioner

No matter how beautiful the interior of a home is, it is almost impossible to enjoy the comfort of your space in the sweltering heat. While it may not be the most exciting or stylish purchase, with temperatures that seem to only get hotter, window air conditioning units are a worthy investment. The Denali Aire 5,050 BTU 115-Volt Window Air Conditioner offers up to ten cooling settings and has the power to cool up a room up to 150 square feet. With its small design and user-friendly settings, the Denali Window Air Conditioner provides an affordable, effective solution to an otherwise uncomfortably hot room. Similarly-sized air conditioner units sold at Home Depot can cost nearly $500 to perform the same function as the Denali Aire at Menards. Priced at just $154, the Denali Air Window Air Conditioner offers the ultimate combination of functionality and affordable pricing.

Purchase the Denali Aire 5,050 BTU 115-Volt Window Air Conditioner from Menards starting at $154.

Crock Pot Smart Pot Stainless Steel Slow Cooker

Nothing screams comfort food more than a slow-cooked, homemade one-pot meal. Whether it be for an old family recipe or a healthy new take on a classic, every kitchen needs a reliable, user-friendly slow cooker. The Crock Pot Smart Pot Stainless Steel Slow Cooker at Menards comes in a 6-quart size and allows for easy all-day cooking with minimal effort. The Crock Pot Smart Pot offers a "high" setting, which runs for either four hours or six hours, as well as a "low" setting, which runs for either eight hours or ten hours. With this slow cooker, soups, stews, meats, and other classic "low and slow" dishes develop bold, bright flavors at the touch of a button. While many high-quality kitchen appliances can cost well over $100, the Crock Pot Smart Pot Stainless Steel Slow Cooker is priced at only $49.99 at Menards. Considering the total convenience of a low-maintenance appliance, the easy-to-clean design, the removable serving stoneware, this Crock Pot is an absolute steal from the Menards catalog.

Purchase the Crock Pot Smart Pot Stainless Steel Slow Cooker — 6-Quart at Menards starting at $49.99.

Household Trends 7-Piece Kitchen Knife Set

Every kitchen needs a good set of knives. Whether you are a passionate home chef hosting frequent dinner parties, or a college student making simple meals, sharp, user-friendly knives are a kitchen must-have. Menards' Household Trends 7-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Sheaths offers a variety, as well as colorful sheaths for safe storage, for only $9.99. The knife set comes with an 8-inch chef's knife, a carving knife, bread knife, 7-inch and 5-inch santoku knifes, a 3-inch paring knife, and 8-inch kitchen scissors. For less than $10, this Household Trends set offers high-quality, rust-resistant stainless steel blades in a variety of sizes, fulfilling all of your basic kitchen knife needs in a single low-cost set. The knives are also dishwasher safe, allowing for easy cleaning, as well as easy storage, thanks to the sheaths.

Purchase Household Trends 7-Piece Kitchen Knife Set with Sheaths from Menards starting at $9.99.

Lane Pacific Fog Gray Sectional

Couches and sectionals are some of the most important purchases when furnishing a home. A gathering place for family and friends alike, finding a well-designed, comfortable, and stylish couch can often cost well over a thousand dollars. However, the Lane Pacific Fog Gray Sectional at Menards offers all of the spacious comforts of a high-quality sectional, but for a fraction of the price. The cool tone gray polyester fabric is sleek and perfect for any modern living room, and the two-piece sectional provides ample space for the whole family to sit down and enjoy each other's company. The supportive back pillows are attached to ensure the sectional always looks and feels properly put together. Sectionals similar in size, design, and color sell for $2,800 on competitor sites like Wayfair, while the Lane Pacific Fog Gray Sectional is priced at just $999, or $711 after a simple mail-in rebate. This price point is an incredible value that will be hard to match elsewhere.

Purchase the Lane Pacific Fog Gray Sectional from Menards starting at $999.98.

Luxor Black Adjustable Standing Desk

With more companies offering work-from-home positions, many customers are on the market for a standing desk. According to some of the world's leading doctors at Harvard Medical School, spending a few hours a day standing while working, rather than sitting at a desk, helps lower blood sugar levels, reduce shoulder and back pain, and decrease the likelihood of eventual diabetes and cardiovascular disease. With proven scientific benefits, many furniture retailers have created wildly expensive standing desks that are out of budget for the average consumer. However, Menards' Luxor Black Adjustable Standing Desk offers a transitional standing to sitting desk shelf for only $250.

This compact, yet spacious, adjustable desk sits atop any existing table, desk, or workspace. The main top shelf offers enough space to fit dual screen monitors, and the lower shelf provides ample room for any full-size keyboard and mouse. The sturdy steel frame uses a pneumatic air cylinder for easy raising and lowering, so that each user can adjust it to their perfect height.

Purchase Luxor Black Adjustable Standing Desk from Menards starting at $249.99

Patriot Lighting Globe Bulb String Lights

Good lighting can entirely change the atmosphere of any space, indoor or outdoor, day or night. For those looking to spruce up any balcony, yard, or patio space, these Patriot Lighting 24-Light Globe Bulb String Lights offer high-quality, retro-style bulb lighting at an impressively low price. Each strand of lights is just under twenty feet long, and up to two strands can be connected to one another, allowing for nearly forty feet of decorative light. The simple black chord with circular bulbs adds an element of charm, in addition to exuding warm-toned light that is not only perfect for any outdoor space, but is suitable for creative indoor lighting as well. These Patriot Lighting 24-Light Globe Bulb String Lights are sold for only $19.99, offering style and function for under $20. The ease of installation and the stylish retro design make these a must-grab from Menards.

Purchase the Patriot Lighting 24-Light Globe Bulb String Lights from Menards starting at $19.99.

12-Piece White Dinnerware Set

Looking for a sleek, simple, high-quality dinnerware set to add to your collection? The 12-Piece White Dinnerware Set offers four 10.5-inch dinner plates, four 7.5-inch salad plates, and four 5.3-inch bowls for only $17.99, or $12.45 after a mail-in rebate. The classic dinnerware set is made entirely of porcelain and offers a timeless, simple design perfect for everyday use, or for hosting family and friends. In addition to its sleek style, the dinnerware set is microwave, oven, freezer, and dishwasher safe, allowing for utmost storage and cleaning convenience for every piece of the set. The BPA-free porcelain is durable yet lightweight, and boasts an incredible quality and feel for an impressively low price. Similar dinnerware sets sold at Bed Bath & Beyond cost $45.99 for almost the exact same product, highlighting the incredible value of the $17.99 Menards' 12-Piece White Dinnerware Set.

Purchase the 12-Piece White Dinnerware Set from Menards starting at $17.99.