Which Furniture Store Has The Cheapest Couches?

As you create a design plan for your living room or other seating areas, your budget is the first thing you should devise. Your big ticket items are sure to be your table, any storage units, and your couch. The couch is the main furniture piece you should design around, as it will determine the aesthetic and the level of comfort in your space. The price range of a couch is decided by the size and quality you choose. Home of Cozy says the price can start as low as $300 for a small two to three-seat couch and go as high as $10,000 for a larger and more luxurious version. 

Obviously, we want to stay on the lower end of the price, so we'll help by revealing which furniture store sells the cheapest couches. It can be worrisome to purchase a more affordable sofa, as lower prices typically mean lower quality, but we'll reveal a retailer that won't make you sacrifice the latter for the former. 

Stylish and affordable

U.S. News and World Reports say the best place to buy a cheap couch is at Wayfair. They have many styles to choose from, and a couple who recently purchased a mid-century-style couch described their experience as exceptional. Another bonus of purchasing big ticket items at Wayfair is their shipping policy: Orders costing $49 and more get free shipping, which can save you a good chunk of money, per Moving

Wayfair has many different couch designs available, with different colors and materials. The prices also vary, but as you scroll through the couch section, you'll notice most of the inventory is in the $300 price range. But there are convertible sofas for as little as $200 with 4-star reviews and leather options for as much as $8,000. The only downside is Wayfair has a vast inventory, so it will take some time to research the proper style and material you would like to purchase for your home.