Give Your Living Room A Vibrant Color With These Stunning Couches

When you decorate your living room, you'll want to think about big and small details. For instance, you'll need to consider what type of coffee table will suit the space and what kind of storage you might need. You'll also want to keep in mind what art might end up on the walls and whether you need a rug. Of course, you may also need to pick a new couch.

According to Forbes, you'll want to consider each aspect of a couch — one of the key pieces in a living room — before you purchase it because it can be pricey. Beyond that, it will likely be a piece of furniture you need to live with for years. That's why, along with ensuring that it will fill your needs, you'll also want to love how it looks.

As for how to choose a couch style, Kathy Norton, an interior design expert and Evine host, told Forbes that parents and pet owners might want to opt for patterns that can hide stains and hair kids or critters may leave behind. She also explained that neutral solid pieces are always better if you're single or have empty nesters. By getting a neutral-colored sofa, you can regularly change the style up with colorful throw pillows and blankets. With that in mind, check out the following stunning couches that will add a vibrant touch to your living room.

1. Fire engine red sofa

There's a reason why fire engines are a blazing shade of red. It's a color that will catch your attention and is one that's hard to ignore. That's also why fire engine red is a wonderful choice for a bold couch. Undoubtedly, it will provide a powerful pop of color to any room.

2. Bright blue couch

If you want a couch that stands out in your living room but also offers the space a bright splash of color, then you might adore this shade of blue. While it may be on the lighter side of the spectrum, it's also a vivid version of the color which makes it more than a little bold.

3. Forest green sofa

Take a cue from nature and choose a forest green couch for your living room. The shade will not only offer your space a vibrant touch of color, but it's also a serene tone at the same time. Dress it up by pairing it with luxurious décor or keep it chill with accents in natural materials.

4. Rusty red couch

Bring a striking touch to your home with a rusty red couch. A shade that works with plenty of styles would suit everything from a space with a comfy country look to a contemporary industrial residence. That's not to mention a living room that opts for chic details, antique accents, or a combination of both.

5. Sunny yellow sofa

If a sunny summer day makes you smile, a bright yellow sofa in your living room might do the same thing. A seemingly bold choice, it can be paired with just as bright pieces or surrounded by décor that is not as vibrant so that your couch is the room's major focal point.

6. Light pink sofa

Whether you'd love your home to have a dollhouse vibe or want to add a touch of soft elegance to your space, pink is a fabulous option when it comes to a living room couch. While there are various shades to consider, a light pink couch can offer a stylish touch that can be timeless.

7. Deep orange sofa

Orange isn't a color that's merely meant for Halloween. This couch proves that with its stunning deep orange shade. Slightly darker than the classic pumpkin orange hue, this is more mature and another option that would work with various styles, from a room filled with minimalist modern décor to a home with a chic boho look.

8. Soft green sofa

Choosing a couch that adds a vibrant pop of color to your living room doesn't necessarily mean that you have to pick something that's overwhelmingly bright. For instance, you could instead opt for a sofa in a softer shade like this stunning green. It's toned down just enough to be catchy enough yet subtle.

9. Violet velvet couch

If you've ever dared to dream of having a purple couch, this is surely your sign to go ahead and find a fabulous violet sofa to add to your living room. As charming as it is stylish, this violet couch shows just how lovely and lively this shade can be when used for your home's furniture.

10. Slightly smoky yellow sofa

Sunny yellow, honey yellow, and lemony yellow are all fantastic shades that would suit a sofa, as is this slightly smoky yellow. Taking full advantage of the cheerful color yet taking it down a notch or two, a smoky yellow couch will brighten your living room without outshining the rest of your décor.

11. Rosy brown couch

It's understandable if you don't consider brown a particularly vibrant color. However, this shade of rich brown not only has a lighter hint to it but also has a slightly rosy undertone that makes it truly shine. Both classic and chic, it's definitely a color that will keep your couch in style for years.

12. Royal blue couch

Add a distinctive regal feel to your living room with a couch that's made in this incredible shade of vibrant royal blue. So dynamic that it's surely worthy of any king or queen, it would definitely suit a space that leans towards timeless elegance as well as one that is instead all about trendy aesthetic accents.

13. Bubblegum pink sofa

You can't deny that this bubblegum pink sofa looks like something you might find in a Candyland-inspired dream world. Fortunately, you could have a couch just like it in your very own living room. Just look for something that's as wonderfully bright, in the same sweet shade, and has a deliciously plush design.

14. Lime green couch

As delicious to look at as it sounds, a lime green couch can give your living room fresh and fabulous vibrancy. While you could choose a lime green piece that's on the brighter side, you could also pick out one that's slightly more toned down but would work just as well in a lively space.

15. Classic red couch

It's easy to understand why the color red is associated with fiery passion as well as love and romance. It's a hue that's both captivating and endearing at the same time. But, of course, it's also exciting and bold; a classic red shade would look incredible in your living room.

16. Dark ocean blue couch

When you think about the ocean, you might envision the dazzling dark blue of the water. A shade that is just as majestic as the ocean itself, if you choose a fabric for your couch that boasts a slight sheen, you may be able to capture the same kind of sparkle that hits the water.

17. Lilac sofa

This lilac couch is so lovely that you might not be able to resist its lingering charm. While it's a color that would suit a sofa with a sweet design and can be placed in a living room that's just as adorable, it's also a shade that you could use for something more contemporary and chic.

18. Deep teal couch

Take a bewitching blue shade and add a hint of glamorous green, and you'll end up with a delightful teal color. A shade that could easily make your couch the centerpiece of your living room, you could bring out the color further by adding additional teal décor and accents in a similar shade around the space.

19. Burnt orange sofa

You'll surely adore the color of this burnt orange couch, a dynamic shade that's been toned down with the help of a slightly dark base. A shade that is calming in a cool way and is enhanced by the sleek design of the sofa, this color will also add a hint of warmth to any living room.

20. Peachy pink couch

If you're intrigued by the idea of a couch in a scrumptious color, then you'll want to take a good look at this sofa that stands out due to the fact that it's a shade of enticing peachy pink. The color is enhanced with the help of a dark green wall, gold details, and touches of marble.

21. Deep olive green couch

As savory as you would expect from an olive green color, this shade is both deep and vivid. It's a fantastic tint for your living room couch. If you would like to surround your furniture with your favorite indoor plants, you might want to consider opting for a frilly Boston fern or striking spiral cactus.

22. Maroon couch

A color that might remind you of your favorite vintage items, this shade of maroon is as intoxicating as a fine wine. A color that you'll find in plenty of fabrics and other materials used for furniture, you might want a soft sofa in this color or a leather couch that's been enriched with a strong maroon hint.

23. Rich purple couch

A lilac couch is certainly lovely; however, this rich purple will add a particularly vivid punch of color to your living room. Wonderfully deep and yet not dark, it's another fabulous shade that you could use in a range of rooms but would look amazing in something that's styled around pop art, surrealist art, or impressionist art.

24. Smoky rose sofa

We've been left with a fabulous smoky rose sofa by adding gorgeous grey threads alongside pretty pink ones in this incredible couch fabric. A sleeky subtle way to add a vibrant touch of color to your living room, it's also a versatile shade that you can pair with gold, green, ivory, and various other stunning colors.

25. Dark turquoise couch

Turquoise is a terrific option when choosing a color to be the focus of your living room, and you certainly won't be disappointed if you pick a dark-hued couch like this one. But, as blue as a cool pool on a hot day, it would look just as lovely in an interior that gets lots of light.

26. Peachy orange couch

There's so much to love about a living room couch in a peachy pink color, and the same goes for one that's in a peachy-orange shade. As luscious as it is lively and as eye-catching as it is eye-pleasing, it's certainly a color that is as sweet as the fruit that gives it its name.

27. Dark purple sofa

Some colors lose their brightness when you look at the darker end of the spectrum. However, dark purple manages to keep its vividness. When used for a living room couch, it can be paired with walls as dark as grey or navy blue or, instead, with something much lighter like yellow, gold, or ivory.

28. Navy blue couch

A navy blue couch would be perfect for your home if you would love a living room that embraces a beachy vibe or is all about life near the sea. Both vibrant and classic, a couch in an attractive navy blue shade would also work for a contemporary space or a traditional aesthetic.

29. Pale pink couch

As pale as a flower petal that's been left in the sun, this shade takes a lovely pink and adds a seemingly creamy undertone. When used for a couch, it can almost blend into a room with walls that are a similar color or would stand out in a space that sticks with lighter or darker paint.

30. Golden yellow sofa

A golden yellow couch will add a hint of brightness and a touch of luxury to your living room. While it can be a shade that might seem dated when used with certain retro designs (which you may love), it can also be incredibly chic when used with a contemporary — or even futuristic and artistic — design.