How To Use Fashion To Style Your Interior

Do you love fashion and interior design? If so, blend two passions into one and style your house just like you would style yourself. "Most of us can wrap our head around putting an outfit together, while decorating a home can be daunting for even the bravest fashion-lover," NYC-based interior designer Daun Curry told Elle Decor. "However I've found there are clues in everyone's wardrobe that can help define their own personal decorating styles. Don't overcomplicate it. What works in your closet can work in your home." Maybe you're into the current Y2K surge, maybe you've developed a capsule wardrobe of neutral basics, or perhaps you have an impressive collection of jewelry, shoes, vintage tees, or scarves that could influence for your interior decor.

Designing your home with inspiration from your wardrobe might be a fun idea, especially if you want your interior to reflect who you are as a person. While decorating to be fashion-forward may seem like hard work, finding the right tips to help you with your set up would really help — so you're not just laying your jeans and sweaters all over the sofa. Lucky for you, you're in the right place! Approach your interior as you would your closet, and dress up your house using the design ideas below.

Accessorize with jewelry

There's a good chance that, if you sorted through your jewelry collection, you have some stunning pieces that would make an impeccable interior statement in your home. Go ahead and comb through the necklaces, bracelets, rings, and watches you have tucked into jewelry boxes, and pull them out into plain view so they can dazzle and sparkle in your interior. Whether you are reaching for these pieces to wear on a daily basis or for special occasions, displaying them is not only convenient, but it adds a touch of elegance you can enjoy at leisure in your home.

Don't just lay the jewelry on the dresser or nightstand — really let the pieces you choose capture attention with its twinkle and shine by finding unique ways to display the treasures. Create an interesting display and showcase your favorite items on tree stands, in trinket dishes, or by creating an organizer DIY style. You could try to erect your own display using tools, some eye hooks, and a wooden picture frame that you can then hang on the wall. The frame could be newly-purchased, a thrifted find, or one you already own, just as long as it's a sturdy material. (via Whether you choose to display a few statement pieces or your entire collection, decorating with jewelry will bring texture and visual interest, as there is nothing like a little sparkle to catch the eye.

Style a coat rack

As the days get cooler, out come the layers. The need for jackets, vests, hats, and scarves becomes greater. What do you do with your jacket when you walk through your front door? Does it get tossed on a chair, left on the floor, or thrown into a closet? While you can most definitely sling your clothing freely about your home or simply put it away, consider corralling your hats and jackets wantonly in style by dressing up a coat rack instead. Selecting a coat rack is about picking one that fits the desired space and can be properly used, as the rest is just a matter of personal style.

If you have the available space for a standing coat rack near the entryway, try to find one that suits you and your vibe. First, start to shop stands to match any home aesthetic — from vintage and contemporary, to rustic and mid-century — because when it's not holding any belongings, you want it to coordinate. For those with a minimalist style, try a sleek and modern rack like this one from Burke Decor. Second, adorn the coat rack with garb. Make a statement with your decor that is practical and pretty, as these coat racks give you an opportunity to put your wardrobe on display in a big way. Feature your favorite daily fall and winter items, such as a puffer jacket or a plaid shacket, combined with a few hats and a purse, for a contemporary and chic way of always being ready to head out the door.

Artfully display scarves

If looking at the same paintings, prints, and photos on the walls is getting old, switch things up and use a piece of clothing from your closet as artwork. If you have a rich scarf collection, use them as art in your interior decor. Beautiful scarves can have more than one duty, especially when not being worn. Whether your scarves are knitted, made of silk (like this one from Madewell), bursting with color, or splashed with pattern, turn them into art anywhere you want in your house.

You can tack them directly to the wall, or you can frame them for a more finished creation. Just like choosing the perfect pattern, you must select the perfect frame for the scarf — one that complements your attire and your interior. Choose a style your walls can wear any time of the year. Think anything from metal to plastic in varying colors and gold or silver finishes. The final selection of a frame should be based on the shape of the scarf and how much of the scarf's design you want visible, as some picture frames come with matting or other features. Once you've selected a frame design and scarf style, it's time to put the look together. To secure that scarf to ensure it doesn't move while inside the frame, cut out a piece of cardboard in the same shape as the scarf and wrap the edges around it, or adhere it with tape. (via Stylist). Try this one-of-a-kind creation out on the walls as a solo piece, or a part of a larger gallery style collection.

Make metallic moments happen

If you know, you know. Metallics are definitely back in style. Shiny sequin dresses, blouses, and glittery skirts were hitting the runway at New York Fashion week this year (via Vogue). If you're inspired by all the bedazzling (we sure were), then check out how to incorporate the fashion element into your stylish interior. 

Actually owning metallic garments isn't mandatory, as you can still mix metals in your interior for a polished finish at home. One of the simplest ways to replicate the fashion pieces as decor in your own living space is by decorating your home with brass, gold, bronze, or silver candlesticks, statues, wallpaper, vases, pictures frames, or light fixtures. Use a mixture of light and dark metals, combining all or some of these elements to incorporate a sense of glamorous sophistication into your space. Place the metals in a room like you would put together an outfit, by not mixing too many flashy finishes all at once. "This is a common theme when it comes to decor — three objects, three pieces of art — so continue this line of thinking with metallics," author of "Keep This Toss That," Jamie Novak told Realtor. "More than this, and the room just looks messy." When decorating with different types of metals, match similar sheens and tones to complement one another.

Stick to the classics

How would you categorize your wardrobe? Is it a collection drenched in neutrals, basic black-on-black, or popping with color? As you thumb through the hangers in your closet, you'll more than likely find that, among all the choices, there are those articles that are always "in." No matter your fashion sense, everyone has a few closet staples that are consistently trending. It could be a little black dress, white button-up shirt, a favorite cashmere sweater, or a go-to pair of pants that can go with anything.

Just as you fill your closet with clothes and shoes that will never go out of style, do the same for the interior. Curate an interior design that will outlast the trends by including classic decor accents like wainscoting. If you're someone looking to increase the interior elegance, opt for crown molding or picture frame molding in the shape of a square or rectangle. (via Julie Blanner) Applying this texture captures attention and creates the illusion of the walls being taller. Wall molding is versatile as it can be used in interior preferences of all variations — from modern farmhouse to art deco — always amplifying the personality in the place. Give your walls a makeover by adding wainscoting to the bedrooms, living areas, bathrooms, or entryways, to introduce a classic look that won't be outdated. 

Treat shoes like accessories

Shoes are an outfit necessity — no ensemble would be complete without a pair to either begin or end the entire fit. For a fun way to decorate with what you wear, turn to the shoes you put on your feet. Instead of hiding all your shoes in a closet or tucking them away in a basket, pick a few pairs to display as accent items in different rooms of the house. We will walk you through the steps of how shoes can become part of the decor in your dwelling.

You can decorate your home in style by placing shoes in places that make sense. For example, stage a pair of rain boots in the mudroom, sneakers by the entryway bench, or winter boots in front of the fireplace. Styling the correct type of shoe in the proper place is what allows the decor to make sense. For a color coordinated appearance, choose shoes that complement the existing interior palette or try to match the shades of multiple pairs in one place. If you're worried about the shoes tracking dirt inside or leaving marks on the clean floors, add a tray to capture the grime. "If you have the space for one, a boot tray is a great way to contain mucky boots or dirty, wet shoes. It's especially useful in the fall and winter months," Jessica Welling told Living Cozy. 

Use rugs to mimic patterns in your closet

If your closet stretches the norms by going beyond white t-shirts and jeans, and instead is composed of garments with vibrant, bold colors, prints, or designs, then consider your home the perfect place for patterns to continue to play. Draw inspiration from your closet and bring it into the living quarters. Within your walls, look to imitate any stripes, animal prints, floral designs, or geometric patterns you have on the hangers. Home accessories like pillows, rugs, and curtains are available in a wide assortment of prints and colors to mimic any outfit you have in mind, and complement any interior decor preference you fancy.

A fashionista knows the key to any perfect outfit is balance. The same concept applies when decorating a home with a patterned rug. "Be sure to balance bold and calm flooring," interior designer Nina Campbell told Home & Gardens. "A leopard print runner can look wonderful up a staircase, for example, but the stairs would need to lead onto a calm, neutral floor on the landing for balance." Whether you are rolling out a new accent rug or incorporating a wool geometric cushion like this one from IKEA, choose items that work well with the existing elements in the room in color and scale, without going overboard. Embrace your personal preferences and dress your home to the nines with designs that speak to one another.

Change your look with the seasons

The progression of seasons inspires many changes, including which articles of clothing you wear, as you swap lighter layers for warmer ones and vice versa. Therefore, naturally, a new season should also influence what the interior of your home is adorned with. When you change your look to fit the conditions going on outside, restyle the interior to match as well. A simple way to get your home feeling like the current season is by changing out flower arrangements or adding in a few new ones around your humble abode.

Every season has its flowers, you just have to know what goes. "Bring in florals for the spring or add some gourds and pine cones for the winter," Sharleen Pyarali, designer and co-owner of Clickable Curations told Insider. "Designate a few areas of your space where you can arrange seasonal decor." Whether it's hydrangeas, sunflowers, orchids, wildflowers, or roses, flowers fill a home with color, texture, and balance that breathes new life into a space. If you don't like the idea of fresh blooms, you can always use faux greenery or dried plants like wheatgrass and pampas instead. Common living areas are the perfect places to transition your decor to match your style, with floral arrangements taking center stage. 

Layer throws like an outfit

If you have ever draped a shawl over your shoulders, put on a jacket, sweater, or purchased one of those ponchos that are a blast from the past (via InStyle), then you'll pick up what we're putting down about layering throws in your home. As the weather turn cooler, the need for thicker layers is paramount — not just on your body, but inside your house as well. The extra coverings help to create warmth and comfort.

You want to be comfortable in your space just as much as you are in your clothing, so style a few extra plush throws on the sofa. Layering blankets on the couch seems like the right place to begin, as it's often the first item you see when you enter the living room, and it also keeps the blankets within arm's reach for whenever you or a guest may need one. A fashion-forward person such as yourself knows it's about how you wear something vs. how what it actually is, so don't just toss a throw anywhere. According to Tidbits&Twine, when it comes to styling blankets at home, it's all about the fold. Whether you are using a solid color, plaid, checkered, or striped blanket, dress your sofa to impress by neatly folding a throw (or two) in the manner of your choosing, and drape it over the arm or back.

It's a personal matter

What we choose to wear on our bodies is a personal choice, and the same applies to how we choose to decorate our home. Clothing and home decor alike really needs to work for the people wearing the items and living in the space. As wardrobes and decorations fluctuate, styles change, and trends come and go, simply aim to fill your closet and your interior with clothing and furnishings you love and that make you feel good.

"Personal decor should be a reflection of the affinities, inspiration, and interests one has," interior designer Constanza Collarte told Veranda. "It's less about what you decorate with and more about what that selection says about you." One of the best ways to get personal with your dwelling and achieve a more curated look is to vary the places you shop. Begin incorporating small trinkets and finds, as little touches can go a long way in making a home feel more like you.

Opt for tailored upholstery pieces

If you're the sort who loves a good tailored suit or dress, then you may be attracted to clean lines and smooth upholstery furnishings. Consider decorating your house with furniture that meets your fashion sense by styling the foot of the bed or living room area with a contoured set of chairs, like these wool barrel ones available on Wayfair. The fitted upholstery and sleek form of contemporary furniture mimics the tailored fashion you desire. Consider furniture made of leather, velvet, or a synthetic blend of fabrics in mid-century modern styles.

Let your closet transcend into your interior in ways you may not have imagined. Consider adapting your personal clothing inspirations to be recreated throughout your home via the furnishings, accessories, wall art, floral arrangements, and jewelry you choose to put on display. What influences an interior goes beyond just the features of the room. Open your closet doors for a whole new way to express yourself at home. Fit your house to match your fashion sense by styling your interior with both timeless looks and trendsetting accents that ebb and flow.