The Best Paint Colors For Your Home If You're A Pisces

Whether you believe in them or not, astrological signs are a popular method for people to determine their true characteristics based on their zodiac. From Gemini's to Leos, these different characteristics can help us determine specific likes and dislikes of each sign. For example, Pisces are those born between February 18 and March 20, per PrepScholar, and they are known to be creative, empathetic, and generous, as well as moody, impressionable, and closed-off. Their sign is two fish, swimming head to tail.

Based on what we know about Pisces, we can attempt to introduce the best paint colors for their home. We'll offer a few options, as well as the best ways to introduce these paint colors into your residence. It's true we all enjoy designing our homes based on the latest trends, but it's also important to include colors and décor that will personally bring you happiness and comfort.

Bring serenity to your space

A soft and soothing color Pisces are sure to adore is seafoam green, per WindowWorld. Since this zodiac sign is known for being creative and emotional, this shade of blue-green may create a more calm and peaceful environment for them. However, we suggest not painting your whole home seafoam green, as it can end up being overwhelming. Instead, it's advised to paint your bathroom walls with this color to create the feeling of being in a relaxing spa. Another option is to only paint the kitchen or bathroom cabinets and pair them with white countertops for a light and airy feeling. Or, let the whole neighborhood know you're a Pisces by painting your front door with this soothing shade.

You don't only have to paint the inside of your home with this color, but you can also introduce it to your outdoor décor. Maybe paint the banisters of your patio, or conduct a DIY project and paint your patio furniture.

Warm and neutral

If you're a Pisces who desires a color with more warmth and neutrality, then a blushy taupe will probably be more to your liking, according to Sherwin-Williams. Pisces are expected to adore this color because of their artistic and imaginative characteristics, and Sherwin-Williams's Artistic Taupe may be what the walls of their home have been craving. Since this color has warmer undertones and can easily be paired with white, beige, or warm grays, you can paint entire rooms of your residence with this color.

This color would look great in your bedroom, bathroom, or even an office space. There is also a lighter Sherwin-Williams color called Dreamy White, which essentially looks like a much paler version of Artistic Taupe. You can use both of these colors in one space to create a calm, monochromatic design. For example, you can paint the walls of your room with Artistic Taupe and the ceiling with Dreamy White.

A home to heal in

OMYA says a major characteristic of Pisces is their need to heal and recharge, so a shade of light green may do the trick. Luckily, there are several shades of light green to choose from, but it'd probably be best to stay more on the pastel side to ensure the shade you choose isn't too vibrant. For example, sage green is a beautiful color known for creating calm spaces, per Bless'er House. This light green is soft and sometimes has undertones of blue, which is perfect for a Pisces.

There are many different shades of sage green to choose from, such as Benjamin Moore's Hollingsworth Green. Unlike seafoam green, this color is casual enough to paint your entire bedroom, dining room, or living room. This shade also has a more neutral feeling to it thanks to its undertones of gray, but it is kept bright with its blue undertones.