40 Laundry Rooms That Will Make You Want To Stack Your Washer And Dryer

Your laundry room is one of the more straightforward rooms in your home when it comes to design, but there are still a handful of variables. Besides flooring, wall color, cabinets, and decorations, there's still the matter of what kind of laundry machines to get, and how to arrange them. While side-by-side washers and dryers are more conventional, stacking machines are something to consider.

According to General Appliance Service, stacking washers and dryers not only save space in your laundry room, but they also tend to be more energy efficient, which leads to cheaper bills and an eco-friendlier home. Plus, they're easier to hide if you don't like the look of machinery in your home. Designing a laundry room with stacked washers and dryers may be a bit more difficult than regular side-by-side machinery, though. Keep reading for a stunning variety of stacking washer and dryer laundry room inspiration.

1. Classic light gray and marble

If you want your laundry room to look simple, clean, and timeless, go with a basic light gray color scheme with white machinery and black hardware. Shake it up with some marble accents where applicable.

2. Modern white

If you have enough space, your bathroom can also double as your laundry room. With all the machinery and plumbing, consider keeping it simple with all white appliances.

3. Fun pop of blue

Your laundry room can be just as bright as the rest of your home. Paint your cabinets and shelves a brilliant shade of blue to pop against simple white stacked machinery.

4. Modern gray and white

For a modern monochrome look with some dimension, consider a mix of white and gray for your bathroom color scheme.

5. Sleek black appliances

Black appliances offer a lovely sleek look for your laundry room design. Pair with matte black cabinets and gold hardware for a timeless but edgy look.

6. Marble and wood

Marble fits into any bathroom or utility room wonderfully, adding a luxurious look and feel. Warm it up with some wood cabinets to easily conceal your stacking machinery.

7. Blend in with your kitchen

The major benefit of stacking machinery is how easy it is to fit into small spaces. If you have extra space in your kitchen, consider creating a combined kitchen and laundry room, pairing the sleek white appliances with slate gray cabinets.

8. Simple cabinet

Your laundry room can be as small as a cabinet with stacked washers and dryers. Add some shelves for cleaning products and extra clothing storage for a cute, simple, and organized laundry room.

9. Cozy farmhouse

Farmhouse is a gorgeous d├ęcor style for laundry rooms, allowing necessary clutter to look lived-in and cozy. Include some natural materials like wood and wicker with some plants and other decorative items for the full effect.

10. Zen marble

Create a totally zen laundry room with marble patterned tiled walls and touches of wood, wicker, and greenery, pairing wonderfully with a simple stacked washer and dryer combination.

11. Slate blue

To incorporate some subtle but effective color in your laundry room, consider painting your cabinets and shelving a flat shade of slate gray, offering the neutrality of gray but the colorfulness of blue.

12. Minimalistic gray

Create a minimalist but nonetheless stylish laundry room by matching gray appliances with similarly, if not identically, colored gray cabinets.

13. Warm and cozy

White appliances don't have to be cool-toned. Pair your stacked washer and dryer with warm, pinkish wood tones and wicker for a cozy, warm, and inviting laundry room.

14. Laundry cabinet

If you're really short on space, consider building a cabinet to conceal your stacked washer and dryer, using a lovely green color to add decorative appeal to the room you put it in.

15. Open shelving

Install open shelves in your laundry room for extra storage on top of the space saved from your stacking washer and dryer, easily slotting hampers underneath and using the top shelves for cleaning supplies, decoration, etc.

16. French green

For a soft, airy, spring-like feel, paint your laundry room a light French green. Pair with white appliances and perhaps some marble accents for the full effect.

17. Black, gold, and wood

Create a more masculine aesthetic in your laundry room by opting for black appliances and cabinets, pairing them with dark wood accents and gold hardware.

18. Matte navy

A lovely but unassuming color for your laundry room cabinets is navy blue. Pair with white appliances to make both the paint and machinery stand out.

19. Built-in cubbies

With counter space freed up by stacking your machines, create more storage by adding built-in cubbies. Add some wicker storage baskets for detergent, dryer sheets, and other cleaning and laundry supplies.

20. Shiplap

Enhance the vertical lines created by stacking appliances with shiplap. Paint it white to match your machinery and create a bright, cohesive look.

21. Fun floor tile

Add some intrigue and texture to your laundry room with fun patterned floor tiles. Pair with a bold cabinet color for a pop.

22. Soft gray and gold

Your laundry room is one of the more sterile, clean rooms in your home. Create this airy, breezy look with soft gray cabinets and gold hardware.

23. Simple galley style

Make a small space feel both intimate and bright with dark gray cabinets in a galley-style laundry room, opting for white appliances to create some brightness and contrast.

24. Hanging hampers

Make use of vertical space in more ways than one by not only stacking your machinery but creating hanging hampers, freeing up even more floor space.

25. Butcher block countertops

Add texture and a little bit of warmth to an otherwise all-white laundry room with butcher block countertops.

26. Hide with a curtain

Create a mini laundry room in your mudroom or entryway in a stylish, effortlessly boho way by adding your stacked appliances to a cubby or cut-out. Cover it with a curtain instead of a door for easy access.

27. Country blue modern farmhose

For a modern but equally farmhouse-style laundry room, opt for flat, country blue cabinets with wood accents.

28. Tucked away

If you have a little bit of extra hallway space, tuck your laundry room away next to your kitchen. Lean into the rustic, homestead look with raw wood.

29. Pastel lilac and gold

Break up the monotony of white cabinets while still creating a light and airy feel with a light, pastel lilac color.

30. Sky blue

Similar to pastel lilac, sky blue or light French blue are also wonderful but still breezy and light colors to paint your cabinets.

31. Black and wicker

Black cabinets create a bold look in small spaces, especially when contrasted with white appliances like a washer and dryer. Pair with wicker to lighten it up and make it less intense.

32. Milky white

White appliances can be quite stark and overly sterile. If you want a white laundry room without it feeling like a hospital, opt for a milkier white paint.

33. Subway tile

Create some texture in an all-white laundry room by incorporating subway tiles on the walls. Break up the color monotony with sleek steel appliances.

34. Fun wallpaper

A small space may seem difficult to make interesting and intriguing, but it also makes it easier to channel attention to one focal point. Consider sprucing up your laundry room with a mural or landscape wallpaper, matching the colors to your stacked washer and dryer.

35. Dusty rose

For a feminine but understated approach, paint your cabinets a soft, dusty rose or pink shade, which will pair perfectly with white appliances.

36. Hexagon tile

Add some visual symmetry and cohesiveness by matching your appliance colors to your backsplash. Pair sleek gray steel appliances with shiny, hexagon-shaped tiles.

37. Clover tile

Another fun tile pattern for a backsplash or accent wall is clover. Match the colors in your tile to your cabinets, or pick a fitting accent color.

38. Clever lighting

If your laundry room is in the basement, it can be hard to make it look and feel bright and lit up. Add some subtle lighting by installing light strips under your cabinets.

39. Marble countertops

If you're going to go for a grayscale laundry room, add some interest and texture with marble countertops, which match the color palette but offer some variety in the monotone palette.

40. Light beige

Finally, if you want a simple and timeless laundry room, go for a classic and adaptable beige for your cabinets, paired with oak wood floors and white appliances.