The Most Colorful IKEA Products To Transform Your Space

Minimalistic designs and color schemes of white, gray, and black have dominated the interior design industry. But now, it seems that more homeowners are hoping to add additional color to their space. During this year, design trends have leaned more toward bright colors and fun patterns for furniture, as well as paint colors, according to Tile Club. If you're someone who is hoping to add a touch of the rainbow to your decor, there are certain products to help you with that.

IKEA is known for selling a variety of home decor and furnishings at affordable prices. Many customers enjoy the experience of walking through the expertly designed showrooms, many of which use bright colors. If you can't visit a showroom, there is also a virtual version, per their website. We'll show you which of their products to use when wanting to introduce a pop of color into your home.

Olive green television stand

Olive green can be a great colorful addition to your home decor. It has enough pigment to stand out, but the darkness of the shade makes it a neutral choice as well, so you won't have to worry about it throwing off your current home design. IKEA's Besta is a television stand that comes in many colors, but its olive green option is what draws our attention. This version is about 71-inches wide, 15-inches high, and 16.5-inches deep.

The front is green and the glossy texture helps keep the space bright because of its capability to reflect the light. The top and side panels are a dark blackish-brown color, which can complement other furniture of similar tones. This product has cabinets for storage and can be wall mounted, which helps create the feeling of open space. The design also works well in homes with a contemporary aesthetic. It is priced at $335.

Retro chairs

The Tobias dining chairs from IKEA can be used to add color to a casual dining table. It comes in two colors; a bright red and a soothing blue. The color you choose will depend on your current color scheme as well as the vibe you're hoping to create for the space. The legs of this product are connected and curved back, demonstrating a retro design. The chair is also made out of clear, polycarbonate plastic. The benefit of clear furniture is that it will make your space feel bigger and it's light and easy to move, according to Muniz.

The frame of the chair is made of steel and is chrome plated. This material contrasts both colors nicely and will complement stainless steel appliances. Since these colors are so vibrant, it would be best to place them around a neutral table, such as one made of light-colored wood. The price for this product is $105 per chair.

Rainbow rug

Introducing a colorful area rug in your living room, bedroom, office, or dining room is a simple and effective way to brighten up the space. Hailing from IKEA is an area rug that is sure to create the colorful vibrancy you've been yearning for. Its colors include pink, blue, green, orange, and yellow, which make up a blocky design of rectangles, and it comes in a size that is about 6 feet by 8 feet. It is a fun product to design around, as you can use its various colors to decide which decor and paint colors to incorporate into the space.

This area rug is handmade completely out of wool and its origin of creation is India. Since it is made of wool, IKEA has very specific care recommendations on the product page, such as the need to vacuum and rotate the rug on a regular basis. Currently, the product is priced at about $200.

Pretty in pink vase

If you're a homeowner who can keep flowers alive, bravo. But, just keeping them alive isn't enough. They should also be kept in a stunning vase to accentuate their beauty. The Gradvis vase from IKEA comes in a beautiful pink color, which can be a lovely addition to any room of your home. It has a rippled design for interest and is a little over 8-inches tall. The product is made of stoneware and pigmented glaze, and it is advised to wipe it clean with a damp cloth to maintain it.

If you're wondering what plant would look best with a pink vase, Vases HQ says green succulents. This makes sense as green is a complementary color to pink. Since this vase is a lighter shade of pink, the green leaves of your succulent are sure to pop out. Placing a few of these vases around your home is sure to create a colorful harmony. The price for this product is about $13.

Purple slumber sofa

The Flottebo sleeper sofa from IKEA comes in a very vibrant purple (you could probably spot it from outer space). This sleeper sofa has moveable cushions to adjust for comfort, as well as storage underneath. It's about 79-inches wide, 48-inches deep, and 32-inches high. The cover is completely made of polyester and is easily removable when it's time to clean. This product is great if you want to add color to your guest room, or if you need a multipurpose product for a studio.

The vibrant purple can quickly draw your eye, so be sure to complement it with some neutrals so the space doesn't feel overwhelming. You also don't want to distract from the purple color, so using bedding that is white or light gray may work. Complementary colors of purple are green, yellow, and orange (via Artsy Fartsy Life), so finding muted decor items in these colors will create a harmonious design. The current price of this product is $849.