The Color Spiritual Experts Say Will Bring Bad Luck To Your Kitchen

Could the color of your cabinets change your luck for the day? Some spiritual experts and color psychologists say that's the case. For example, certain hues may make you feel more outgoing or comfortable, while others create feelings of anxiety and unease, negatively influencing your daily decisions (via Verywell Mind).

Considering how much time people spend in their kitchens, it's no surprise that cabinets, walls, tables, and décor play a role in our everyday moods. So, what's the most doomed color you could choose for this space? Gray.

Indeed, the unluckiness of gray kitchens may come as a surprise to many homeowners. After all, this shade has been a massive trend in recent years (via Elle Decor). Moreover, it's often touted as a comfortable, neutral color that blends seamlessly into homes. However, as experts point out, its negative qualities could conflict with your morning coffee. What is so unfortunate about gray in this area of your home, and what can you do to your turn your luck around? Here's what you need to know about using it in your kitchen.

Why gray is the unluckiest kitchen color

According to Color Psychology, gray is truly one of the most ambiguous colors. On the one hand, gray feels cool, still, and formal, yet settled. Not to mention, many people appreciate its practicality and that it matches nearly everything in their home. However, it can also make a space feel impersonal, detached, and discouraging.

Unlike bolder colors, it doesn't foster a sense of presence and connection. And while many homeowners want to inspire open conversation and create positive memories in their kitchen, one that's painted gray can actually make people feel insecure and even unsafe.

In addition to being spiritually discouraging, it is unappetizing in nature. Case in point: When was the last time you ate gray food? Moreover, gray-colored dishware drags down the appearance of your meal, making even the most colorful foods look dull and bland. Studies have shown that the shade of your dishes may even affect how your brain perceives taste, making some foods seem sweeter or spicier (via NPR).

Colors to bring luck to your kitchen

If gray is a poor design choice for kitchens, then what colors are spiritually beneficial? Because kitchens are a place of activity and community, they can easily pull off bold colors like reds, oranges, and greens. 

Color Psychology explains that red has the power to energize and boost confidence, while orange encourages creativity and social connection. Meanwhile, green kitchens inspire optimism, renewal, and balance, imitating the most common color in nature. If you enjoy the calming and neutral aspects of gray, consider painting with a sage green or mild blue instead.

As for dishware, HuffPost recommends choosing plates that contrast yet complement your meal. For example, beige foods should be served on a dark plate, while dark green foods should be served on yellow plates. To be clear, HuffPost never suggests using gray dinnerware and warns that even beige can make some foods look flavorless. For stubborn gray-lovers, you can still incorporate your favorite color through silverware, placemats, and small kitchen décor items. But if you want to invite more luck into the heart of your home, let another color be the star of the show.