Bedroom Colors That Can Bring Luck To Your Home

Whether you're superstitious or not, it never hurts to try and bring good fortune to your life, specifically in your home. Unsurprisingly, it may be possible to bring good luck to your property just by styling it a certain way: ZipMatch says incorporating feng shui is a tactic used by some homeowners in order to bring about prosperity, new opportunities, and even love. This is sometimes done by organizing clutter, introducing fresh flowers, incorporating uplifting décor, maintaining a clean kitchen, and painting the walls with lucky colors.

Yes, lucky colors. You can paint your bedroom walls in certain hues to bring about good luck. Because colors have the ability to create different emotions and are used to promote free movement, they may bring you peace, health, and wealth, per Feng Shui Tricks. We'll show you the best shades to paint your bedroom so that you can start feeling a little lucky and attract good fortune in your life.

Fiery hues

Per Atlas Travel Center, red is the luckiest color in Chinese culture. It's a color that represents not only good luck but also beauty, success, and good fortune. Of course, this is a bold and bright color for a bedroom, so, instead of drowning your space in red, you can bring forth good luck by limiting its use to an accent wall. Feng Shui Beginners says you can also incorporate this color by using pillows, blankets, or smaller décor pieces.

However, there are shades of red that aren't too vibrant and could be a good choice for your walls. Benjamin Moore's Bricktone Red is slightly dull and has a soft, pink undertone to it. Its neutrality makes it a great option if you have a variety of patterns and textures present, as it is capable of blending into the background. Cool neutrals such as Benjamin Moore's White Down will complement this fiery shade.

Water-inspired colors

ComfyLiving says that according to feng shui, dark blue can bring good fortune to your career. It's a color that may help you concentrate better, as well as handle certain difficulties with ease. This hue is representative of trust and educational desire and has the ability to slow down your heart rate and decrease your blood pressure. Therefore, dark blue may be the best pick if you want to make your space feel more peaceful and calm.

Similar to red, you can either paint all your walls with it or introduce this shade through small, decorative accents. Per the Paint Color Project, Sherwin-Williams' Naval Blue may be the best shade to transform your bedroom into a relaxing and lucky sanctuary. It's a very deep and rich hue that has actually won the year's paint color in 2020. In addition, it has gray undertones, so it will look great if you have gray bedding or other décors in cool tints.