How To Create The Perfect Stacked Pumpkin Fall Decoration

Nothing says fall like a good ol' pumpkin! We can all agree that this winter squash has become the unspoken mascot for the autumn season. It seems like everywhere you turn, you see pumpkins. You can't even walk 5 feet in the grocery store without seeing pumpkin-flavored treats. According to Romper, we love them so much because they make us feel nostalgic. Their look and taste give us that cozy feeling we crave so much during the hot summer months. Of course, they're festive, but every pumpkin decoration starts to look the same after a while.

On top of that, some fall décor can get pretty pricey, so why not save yourself some money and make your own? Not only will you be saving money with a DIY decoration, but you'll have your own one-of-a-kind piece you won't find in any store. So get yourself into the fall spirit with an adorable stacked pumpkin decoration. Keep reading to learn just how to make the perfect one.

Gathering and stacking your pumpkins

You'll obviously need some pumpkins to get started on your fall decoration. When it comes to choosing them, there is no right or wrong answer — the choice is yours! First, you decide how many you want and which sizes to use. If you choose real pumpkins, Food52 suggests soaking them in bleach to prevent them from rotting right away. Once you've gathered your squash cultivars, it's time to stack them. Start with the largest one on the bottom, the second largest, and so forth.

To stop your pumpkins from falling over, drill a hole through the tops of each and insert a wooden rod to keep them upright. For a gorgeous centerpiece, use 2-inch ribbons to tie the pumpkins together. Essentially, you'll tie them together as you would do with a present. Ensure the ribbons are long enough on each side to reach the pumpkin at the top. Next, turn over your largest squash, use the ribbons to make an X, and stack them. Finally, tie the ribbon with a bow and hot glue it to the top pumpkin for extra security.

Customization is key

This fall decoration is 100% customizable. You could make your pumpkins happy or give them a spookier expression for Halloween. If you want to keep the ornamentation up past the, consider drawing unique designs on the pumpkins instead. Kitchen County Chronicles recommends using permanent markers since their ink sticks to their skin the best. To give your fall decoration dimension, opt for different colored squash; the more creative, the more unique your décor will be. As we said, there are no right or wrong answers.

One of the best features of this decoration (if you choose fake pumpkins) is you can un-stack the pumpkins for easier storage, then put them up when autumn rolls around next year. You don't have to worry about making room for a large decoration in a small space. If you used real pumpkins, say goodbye to this year's, and get excited to pick new ones in the fall next year.