The Price Of Bedding Has Gone Up Drastically In The Last 5 Years

If you've been furniture shopping lately, you've probably noticed a price increase for everything from sofas to bath towels. Bedding prices, in particular, have gone up by 26% since 2018, House Digest data reveals, but this is nothing new — prices have been rising since 1935. According to the Official Data Foundation, bedding that cost $20 in 1935 is now worth $173. Of course, inflation had a big hand in this, but it's not the only factor that led to this enormous increase. In more recent years, a worldwide pandemic shot furniture and bedding prices sky-high. 

The COVID-19 pandemic made a huge impact on the furniture industry, as many manufacturing companies slowed down production due to staffing issues, RB 12 explains. As people were condemned to their homes for long periods of time, many found the need to purchase new furniture and other home goods. This created a high demand for bedding and linens. Unfortunately, most manufacturers import their materials internationally, so nationwide lockdowns further pushed back their orders. This left a majority of retailers with fewer goods to sell, so they had to jack their prices way up.

Don't worry, great deals are still out there

Despite the drastic increase, there are still plenty of ways to find bedding for a great price. To get the best deal, Nerd Wallet strongly recommends shopping in January, when bedding prices are the lowest. This is referred to by department stores as "white sales" when they discount prices on sheets and linens. Use this time to stock up on sheets and comforters. For the best deals on home goods in general, check out furniture stores the weekend of President's Day, when most retailers have sales going on.

You can also find great deals on bedding at most retailers during their seasonal sales. Stores like Target offer discounted bedding around Memorial Day, DealNews states. In fact, Target's been known to cut their bedding prices in half around that time of year. Of course, you can also score good deals during the Christmas season, but keep an eye out during bank holidays as well, or you might just miss out on a great price.