30 Maximalist Rooms That Balance The Space Perfectly

While clean, modern, and minimalistic aesthetics have long dominated the interior design scene, it isn't for everyone. It may look nice, but it can be quite impractical and impersonal. If you prefer to show your personality a little more, then maximalism may be the interior design choice for you.

As the name suggests, maximalism refers to a very eclectic, busy, more-is-more aesthetic. Hommés Studio refers to the design as a sort of controlled, intentional chaos. It involves a lot of contrasting, vibrant, and rich colors; bold silhouettes; multiple textiles and patterns; deliberate and careful clutter; and mixing together lots of different designs.

Victorian furniture can be paired with mid-century colors and modern artwork, or any combination of the three. There isn't one right or wrong way to achieve the maximalist look — the goal is that you reflect your personality and character as boldly and as vividly as you can through your home décor. Keep reading for some inspiration on how to achieve maximalism in each room of your home.

1. Boho bedroom

One aesthetic that goes perfectly with maximalism is boho. Combine natural materials like wicker, wood, straw, cotton, and/or linen with lots of plants for the full effect.

2. Plant lover bathroom

Plants are one of the best and easiest ways to add some maximalist vibes to your home. Your bathroom is one of the best rooms in your home to add them, since the humidity and moisture only helps their growth.

3. Cobalt blue dining room

Bright and bold colors are essential to maximalism. Paint your dining room a vibrant cobalt blue, and enhance it with busy textures and contrasting colors.

4. Industrial style

If you have a more industrial style living room, lean into it with lots of raw materials, but contrast it with bold colors and lots of books, plants, and other clutter.

5. Pink base living room

If you're just dipping your toe into maximalism, try to find a base color to center the room around and go from there. Pink is a great color to start with, and goes wonderfully in your living room. Pair with lots of green colors and light wood.

6. Eclectic boho

Boho décor doesn't have to be super naturalistic, especially when aspiring to maximalism. Mix in some eclecticism, bright colors, and bold patterns with throw pillows and blankets, plus some statement furniture pieces.

7. Victorian dining

Vintage aesthetics are very naturally maximalist, especially designs from the Victorian era. Silhouettes are dramatic, colors are rich, and fabrics are lush. Look for bold and contrasting furniture pieces for your dining room.

8. Rustic boho bedroom

Another boho combination option is rustic design. Pair lots of warm and raw wood tones and finishes with softer cotton and linen materials, keeping the color palette relatively neutral.

9. Pink and green living room

If mixing lots of colors is a little too bold for you, try picking two colors to start with. Combine them with varying textures, prints, and materials. Pink and green are a fantastic and nearly foolproof combination.

10. Burgundy bedroom

Bring some warmth and darkness into an otherwise bright bedroom by adding a dark, rich contrasting color. Burgundy is a great color for your bedroom, especially when paired with greens.

11. Antique dining room

Similar to the earlier Victorian dining room, you can go even further maximalist in your dining room by combining furniture from multiple different antique eras.

12. Blue theme living room

Another lovely and naturally maximalist color to theme your living room around is a bright, royal blue. Start with a statement blue couch, pair it with a blue patterned wallpaper, and sprinkle it throughout the room.

13. Feature wall

Fill up blank walls in your home in a maximalist way by turning them into feature walls. Paint it green, fill it up with art, or display trinkets on a table or shelf.

14. Colorful living room

The easiest way to make your living room look as maximalist as possible is by mixing super bold and vibrant colors. Don't just focus on décor, but also your staple furniture pieces.

15. Dining room magazine wall

A fun twist on a gallery wall is a magazine wall by hanging your favorite publications on empty walls with heavy duty clips. This is great for a dining room, where you can't otherwise display your magazines.

16. Pattern mixing living room

You can keep your living room and furniture colors relatively neutral but still nonetheless maximalist by mixing lots of busy, bold patterns.

17. Living room gallery wall

Gallery walls are almost required for a truly maximalist living room. Keep it simple or go big and bold with bright colors.

18. Plant filled living room

Having multiple plants naturally offers the color and textural variety necessary to maximalism. Add them to window ledges, side tables, fireplace mantles, etc.

19. Orange themed bedroom

Another great color combination for a maximalist bedroom is green and orange. Orange is a naturally eye-catching and bold color, perfect for easily creating a maximalist room.

20. Art showcase

The best part of maximalism is that the usual rules don't apply. If you have art you want to display, but no more wall space, simply prop them up on the ground and display them that way.

21. Mid-century style

Mid-century design is also quite naturally maximalist. Start with mid-century furniture pieces and color schemes, and incorporate some contrasting modern pieces.

22. Maximalist workspace

While you don't want your workspace or desk to feel too cluttered, that doesn't mean it can't be maximalist. Stick to one or two colors, and add lots of small decorative pieces.

23. Shelf space

Shelves are another great place to get maximalist in your home décor. Add lots of plants, posters, and small trinkets.

24. Cozy kitchen

Don't forget your kitchen when it comes to maximalism. Make use of your fridge space, adding plants on top, and decorative magnets and photographs on the front.

25. Busy wallpaper

Bold paint colors certainly help create a sense of maximalism, but wallpaper is even better. Go for a bold pattern, like palm trees, and let it do the bulk of the work for you.

26. Retro kitchen

General retro aesthetics are also a great launching point for maximalism, especially in your kitchen. Go for bold retro colors like teal and cherry red, and add lots of kitchen clutter on your shelves and counters.

27. Statement art pieces

Sometimes, all you need to achieve maximalism in your living room is some bold and statement art pieces. Mix and match your frame colors, thicknesses, and shapes for the full effect.

28. Maximalist hallway

No matter how small, every room in your home can be maximalist — even your hallway or entryway. Wallpaper an accent wall, throw in a contrasting rug, and a bright colored bench.

29. Fun living room rug

Rugs are a great way to add some pattern, color, and textural difference in your living room — perfect for a gorgeous maximalist finish.

30. Home library

Make use of built-ins in your home, like bookshelves, to create dedicated functional maximalist areas. For instance, stock a built-in bookshelf full of your favorite books, some trinkets, and plants, and add a sitting area nearby.