How To Do Maximalist Decor If You're A Beginner

If you're a beginner just dipping your toes into the world of maximalist decor, you might be easily overwhelmed. This style of interior design is all about combining colors, mixing patterns, and making a statement. It also walks the narrow line between stylish and too cluttered. Teetering carefully and creating a stunning space requires thoughtfulness and imagination.

According to Apartment Therapy, maximalism revolves around a "more is more" take when it comes to styling your home. Becoming popular in the 80s, the concept is making a resurgence in the design world. A refreshing break from the standard neutral decor, maximalism bursts with bold hues and vibrant patterns.

The trick to pulling maximalism off well is thoughtful design. It's not about cramming your home with random items. To avoid simply creating a cluttered space, you need to be mindful of decor choices and use a little strategic styling. Here's everything you need to know to get started!

Don't forget to decorate each and every room

If you want to be a true maximalist, don't neglect to style all of the rooms in your home. Sometimes, areas like bathrooms, closets, and the front porch get overlooked. However, you don't want to miss these chances to express your unique taste.

Your bathrooms give you a fun opportunity to apply the "more is more" philosophy. Take a cue from Hunker and go bold with floral or jungle print wallpaper. Think about how you can make functional items pop. A unique faucet or innovative towel bar can make a fun statement. Mix and match vibrant bathroom linens for a colorful look.

Make getting dressed for your day more enjoyable with a perfectly-styled closet. Floating shelves allow your accessories to become part of your decor. Paint the walls an intense shade of your favorite color. Then, hang fun art prints, add an attention-grabbing rug, and install a unique light fixture for a delightful storage space.

Don't forget to greet visitors with your new maximalist style. Add a collection of bright pottery to your front porch and fill them with quirky cacti. Toss patterned outdoor pillows on chairs and hang a vibrant wreath for a welcoming first impression.

Utilize every square foot of decorating space

When aiming for a maximalist look, it's important to use every square foot of decorating space. This means looking high and low for places to add character. Every wall or shelf is an opportunity for enhancing your home's style.

Many people stick to hanging art within the sightlines around the middle of the wall. However, maximalist decor is about breaking the old-school rules of decor and creating an over-the-top vibe. Look to the often-neglected tops of the walls to hang a small art print. Take advantage of the bottoms of walls by leaning a cluster of framed art pieces.

Narrow nooks and crannies might seem impossible to decorate. You can get creative and make them a fun part of your decor. Use removable wallpaper border or decorative peel and stick tiles to brighten up a tight space. Elle Decor suggests painting a custom mural to add an artsy touch above archways and doorways.

When styling shelves, use the entire surface to the fullest. Overlap items to create dimension and interest. Fill them with accent pieces of various heights and colors for a unique look that oozes character.

Pattern mixing for stunning results

Mixing and matching patterns is a staple of maximalism. However, this is where many beginners struggle. The trick here is to be thoughtful and strategic about the colors, patterns, and textures that you add to a space.

Domino points out that sticking to a cohesive palette can unify your patterns. So, even if you are mixing florals, stripes, and geometric graphics, they will flow nicely with similar shades. Once you establish this palette, you can play with adding contrasting pops of accent colors.

Another way to blend patterns is by committing to a theme by mixing and matching elements. Leafy wallpaper, floral upholstery, and wooden accent pieces can come together for an earthy vibe. Or, maybe you want to go wild with a leopard print rug, zebra-striped side chair, and savannah-themed wall art. These related pieces merge to make a dynamic and thoughtful statement.

Injecting plenty of texture into your decor is key to truly maximalist style. Think beyond the typical decor fabrics and look for unexpected options. Corduroy and plush velvet offer softness, while fabrics like satin and silk provide sheen. Adding a mixture of these to your space creates a texture medley that's stunning and unique.

Go big and bold with color

Maximalism is about going big and bold with color choices. Not only does it involve combining colors in dynamic ways, but focuses on adding vibrancy nearly everywhere. Get creative and look for fun, bright pieces to add to each room.

Express your love for color by creating a theme that wows. The Spruce suggests using colors with the same levels of intensity to keep your look aligned. This way, you can vary the shades while still keeping a polished look. You can also go with a monochromatic look and fill your rooms with the same color in multiple shades.

The great thing about maximalist style is that it can fit nearly any taste. Maybe you have a love for soft pastels. Fill your home with pale blues, soft yellows, and pretty pinks. If jewel tones are more your thing, create a color scheme around intense magentas, deep teals, and bold golds.

When adding color to your decor, the options are endless. Shop for a brightly-woven rug for an automatic statement-maker. A boldly patterned couch or bright floral chair instantly elevates a space. Or, mix and match dining chairs in various hues for a quirky look that's all your own.

Don't forget metallic finishes

Metallic finishes are an awesome way to add maximalist glamour to your home. Mixing multiple metal tones creates a luxurious and lavish vibe. When you add touches of shine in unexpected ways it gives your home elegant character.

Silver and gold accents ooze posh charm. You can also look for pieces in the on-trend choices of copper and rose gold. Mix and match different tones in the same finish for an eclectic feel. Or, as Better Homes and Gardens suggests, stick to one metal in multiple finishes for a timeless look.

Metallic finishes aren't just reserved for accent pieces. Look for furniture with gleaming metal legs and textiles with subtle sheen woven in. Wall art like a canvas painting with a little sparkle can make a big statement. Look for pieces like silver-leafed cabinets and antique gold mirrors to instantly enhance your decor.

Gold-accented backsplash tile can add stunning detail to your kitchen. You can also revamp your bathroom with bold copper-patterned wallpaper. Draw the eyes up and transform a basic ceiling with a shimmery pewter paint job. These unexpected metallic infusions add to the drama of your maximalist decor.

Add a touch of nature

Plants and greenery play a big role in the world of maximalism. Used to bring a natural vibe to rooms, they can be displayed at all heights. Various types of plants each bring their own unique vibe to a space.

Varying the heights of your plants adds visual interest and provides them with ideal conditions. A hanging basket can give sun-loving ivy a bright home while adding height to your room. Place a row of quirky succulents on a table for a perfect centerpiece. Shade plants can add green brightness to dim locales like bookshelves. Trendy big-leaf houseplants can add a touch of drama to any space.

Cut flowers are a fun way to add a splash of color to a room. Plus, you can change them with the seasons or simply your mood. Cheerfully-pigmented daisies are playful while deep-hued roses can add a touch of sophistication.

You can also boost your home's air quality with your own little ecosystem. According to the National Library of Medicine, certain houseplants filter harmful contaminants and remove chemical vapors. So fill your home with foliage, and start breathing easier.

Add tons of textiles

Maximalism is about being over the top, and that is especially true with adding textiles. Enhancing your decor with fabric adds dimension and visual interest. It's also another opportunity to bring more colors, textures, and patterns into your space.

Pillows are one of the trademarks of maximalist decor. Fill your seating surfaces with throw pillows of multiple colors and patterns. Mix shapes and sizes to layer pillows and create an eclectic collection. Just stick to using an odd number of pillows for a more natural look, as Family Handyman suggests.

Throw blankets are another awesome way to add pattern to a living room or den. A leopard print fur blanket looks stunning tossed on the corner of a jewel-toned couch. Or, drape a floral blanket on a leather armchair for a touch of softness. You can even stack vibrant folded blankets on a shelf for a rainbow-like pop of color.

Don't forget about the design opportunities that window textiles provide. Bold, velvet curtains can transform an entire space while providing privacy. Geometric curtains add a modern touch, while tapestries can provide a worldly vibe. Experiment with mixing and matching window treatments for a daring maximalist statement.

Use plenty of prints

Printed items can be used to express everything from your individual style to your favorite interests. Plus, they can be added to every space in your home in a variety of ways. The diverse types of prints available allow you to add them to your maximalist decor, no matter what you're into.

Printed wallpaper is becoming more and more popular. According to House Beautiful, the industry is booming thanks to the wide array of flexible options it gives customers. Take advantage of these choices and use wallpaper to cover your bathroom in a tribal print or create a floral accent wall. Peel and stick options allow you to play with prints in every room of your home.

Art prints are another way to infuse character into your home. Less expensive than fine art, they are a low-cost way to create a gallery wall or to fill a picture ledge. Look for quirky styles to blend together and use cohesive frames to give them a finished look. Oversized posters and printed cloth murals can give new life to an empty wall. Remember to vary the sizes of the prints you use in a room to keep it visually interesting.

Grow a collection of art

Creating a maximalist vibe includes adding plenty of art to your home. This can be done in a variety of ways. However, many choose to collect and display fine art as a way to enhance this dynamic decor style.

The gallery wall is one of the signature components of maximalism. It's a great way to fill a large space and adds a ton of visual interest. Using a mixture of art mediums can take its uniqueness to a whole new level. So, when you are browsing art, don't feel like you need to stick to one type. Mix and match paintings, photographs, and even hanging sculptures to create gallery walls that wow.

As a first step to buying art, The New York Times recommends figuring out your taste and what styles you like. The great thing about buying art for a maximalist decorated home is that there are very few rules. So as your tastes change and evolve, you can keep adding pieces to your collection to blend in or contrast with your other works.

Create a cultural vibe

Infusing culture in your home gives it personality and character. Using decorative and even functional items from various cultures adds meaning to your decor. These elements can also become educational and interesting conversation starters. You can source pieces from specialty stores, global websites, or even your own international adventures.

Look for unique ways to incorporate culture into your decor. Hang a stunning handpainted tapestry behind your couch for an artistic look. Use a collection of pottery to add interest to a mantle or entryway table. Or, as WellBeing suggests, use everyday artifacts like jewelry and musical instruments to create a unique display.

Adding elements from several cultures can mirror your maximalist style. A collection of wooden sculptures from South America can pair perfectly with a hand-carved African bowl. Asian-influenced bamboo screens can provide a neutral backdrop for colorful Moroccan lanterns. Just make sure you do a little research to make sure you are displaying items in a culturally respectful way.

Get wild with animal decor

As Better Homes and Gardens notes, animal prints are also known as Mother Nature's neutrals. In the maximalist design world, these patterns can be used to create dynamic combinations and stunning styles. Weave these elements into your home to walk on the wild side!

Leopard print is a classic for everything from rugs to throw pillows. Using it in multiple shades and sizes can be an awesome way to combine it. It also pairs well with tiger stripes, zebra print, and giraffe patterns.

Think beyond the savannah when adding animal theme elements to your rooms. Embossed crocodile print is a unique way to add texture to seating poufs. A green peacock feather or blue fish scale print can provide unexpected splashes of color on throw pillows. Try to echo the patterns a few times in your room for an energetic effect.

You can also add a touch of wildlife in other ways. Animal sculptures in colorful hues are whimsical accent pieces for shelves and mantles. An oversized canvas print of a bird menagerie is a cheerful addition to an empty wall. For a stunning impact, create a gallery wall with animal-themed photos atop jungle print wallpaper.

Shop for functional statement furniture

A maximalist aesthetic revolves around statement-making pieces. One of the best ways to pull this off is by investing in risk-taking furniture pieces that command attention. However, it's important that these pieces are still a functional part of your home.

Your statement furniture piece can provide the foundation for your room's design. Look for a vibrantly-colored or boldly-patterned couch to make your living room pop. A funky side chair can add an element of surprise to an entryway. Or, find an over-the-top headboard to bring drama to your bedroom decor.

When you are selecting these pieces, make sure they are functional and comfortable. You also want to check for a warranty and prioritize quality. After all, you want that new stunning piece to make a statement for years to come.

If you want to achieve the look of maximalism at minimal costs, look for budget-friendly solutions. Apartment Therapy recommends using low-cost slipcovers in fun colors and patterns to give your sofa a makeover. A coat of bright spray paint can take your white end table from drab to fab. You can also use chalk paint to revamp wood furniture in any hue you choose.

Mix up your shopping strategy

When diving into maximalism, keep in mind that you'll also need to mix and match your shopping strategies. Browsing the same go-to stores over and over will cause you to miss out on some great finds. Diversify your shopping routine to discover unique items that can create dynamic looks.

Mainstream stores like IKEA and Target are often home shopping stand-bys. Each has staple items and can offer a good value. However, they also sell pieces that are mass-produced, making it tough to avoid a cookie-cutter look. If you buy or already own these pieces, one-of-a-kind items can breathe new life into them.

That's where thrift stores come in. They are often ripe with unique finds and awesome deals. Visit your local thrift store and get to know the staff. They are often privy to new merchandise coming in and can give you a heads-up on unbeatable finds.

Antique shops are another awesome source for uncommon decor items. Here, you might find everything from original wood furniture to vintage rugs. One Kings Lane advises attentively checking the quality of these items. Make sure you also do your homework on the proper care and cleaning of your new-to-you purchase.

Take it personally

Giving your maximalist decor a personal touch makes it more special and sentimental. Add everything from family photos and heirlooms to souvenirs to your decor. This creates a custom aesthetic you can call your own.

Family photos are an awesome way to create a gallery wall. Have them printed in greyscale for a cohesive look. Then, mix and match frames in multiple colors and sizes to make a bold statement.

A travel-themed display is another fun and personal touch. Mount a map or tapestry and surround it with framed photos, postcards, and trip tickets from your adventures. A glass globe or a stack of vintage suitcases adds dimension and further enhances the theme.

Displaying your old family heirlooms pays homage to your past and gives you unique decor items. Ancestry suggests blending vintage and antique items with modern elements for a complimentary vibe. Proudly show off these pieces to guests as you share your history and the stories behind your heirlooms.