3 Unexpected Colors To Use In Your Fall Home Decor

What comes to your mind when you hear the term "fall colors?" You'll most likely think about fallen leaves in brown, red, orange, and yellow shades. As the weather gets cooler and the colors of nature get more muted, fall pushes us to think of warmth when it comes to home décor. The transition from summer to fall involves various things, from introducing pieces connected to the new season to adding layers that make the home cozier.

If you've made this home décor transition every year, though, you might be thinking of how to do things differently this time. Perhaps you don't want to play it safe with neutrals anymore, or you want to try different-colored pumpkins. Maybe you want to take on some DIY projects like decorating with leaves from your yard or repurposing some forgotten items, as Thistlewood Farms recommends. Whatever direction you're thinking of going, here are three unexpected colors that you can use in your fall home décor this year.

1. Stone blue

Blue may not be a typical fall color, but it is a great choice because of how easy it is to add to any décor theme. It is a classic, versatile hue that you can count on to complement the yellows and browns very well, per Jane At Home. In the midst of all the warm fall colors, the coolness of a shade like stone blue will be an unexpected but pleasant addition.

Stone blue is made up of blue, green, and red but has some grayness to it. Even though it is a cool hue, it has the calming nature that is so typical of it and pairs well with other blues, white, and yellow (via Blinds Direct). Since this is for fall home décor, consider matching this blue shade with yellow. The vibrance of yellow will find a lot of support from blue's calmness, but watch out that you don't go overboard with the brightness, says Blinds Direct.

2. Black and white

Are you a Halloween lover? Black is a great way to add some character to the typical fall colors you decorate with, while white can easily balance the mix out. Try the classic combination of black and white as a backdrop for the other elements you're using, says Southern Crush at Home. Black and white pumpkins, black lanterns, and checkered patterns on various items like tablecloths pair very well with the seasonal shades and textures brought by the leaves and other natural accessories in your décor. This combination is so versatile that you can lean more to the dark side for your Halloween decorations and easily switch to the neutrals after.

Using this dynamic duo also gives you the opportunity for a more classy look in your fall home décor. Gold as an accent color against the backdrop of black and white is a great way to elevate the usual yellow or orange and make your space more elegant. Decorative plates, candles, and picture frames are some examples of how you can incorporate this, per Lakeside View.

3. Teal

Pure neutrals are great for fall, but a touch of color is always nice. Teal is a great way to bring warmth and vibrancy into your space. This blend of green and blue can be used as sparingly as in accessories like art pieces, painted pumpkins, or throws. If you want to go all in, on the other hand, teal looks great as a couch, wall color, or wallpaper. Some usual fall colors you can pair with teal include mustard yellow, mushroom, white, and walnut brown. With these, you can create a moody, understated, or beach look, respectively.

Pretty DIY Home chose this shade to add some color to the traditional fall décor collection they use every year. They did this by creatively mixing teal and orange towels, putting teal glass pumpkins on display, and using teal pillow covers. Intelligent Domestications decided to incorporate this color into the dining table for fall after painting the walls teal. By balancing it with autumn colors like orange and neutrals like cream and white, they successfully updated the traditional fall tablescape.