25 Paint Colors That Will Bring A Tropical Vibe To Your Space

Whether you live somewhere sunny or just want to capture a hint of paradise to enjoy during your everyday life, you may be interested in incorporating a tropical vibe into your home design. In order to do just that, there are various factors to keep in mind, according to JM Interiors. First, you'll want to ensure that everything adds to a comfortable and laid-back atmosphere. Beyond that, the space should suit social gatherings and lend itself to enjoyment. You'll also want to use subtle and dreamy lighting while also taking advantage of any view of the outdoors you might have.

If you're not lucky enough to live near a beach, however, then there are still ways you can enhance a tropical ambiance in your home. For example, you could add natural elements and organic materials. That's not to mention patterns that are inspired by nature and can be featured on everything from a couch and curtains to murals and wallpaper. Of course, you won't want to forget plenty of plants that might make you feel like you've been transported to a lush jungle.

Finally, you'll need to pick out the perfect shade of paint. When it comes to a tropical theme, JM Interiors notes you should opt for bright shades like greens and blues as well as oranges, violet, and more. With that in mind, you'll surely be intrigued by the following paint colors that will definitely bring a tropical vibe to your space.

1. Sky blue

If you want to feel like you're sitting under a stunning tropical sky while actually lounging at home, then you might want to choose this lovely shade of blue. Although it's on the lighter side, it's not exactly a bright color and also has a subtly smooth tone which offers you something that's both chic and serene.

2. Light leafy green

Thanks to the sunny weather that tropical locations enjoy, they tend to be filled with an abundance of plant life, which can fill spaces with spectacular shades of green. This color that's both somewhat light but not overwhelming, can perfectly enhance a tropical vibe. It would also work well with a contemporary space or something more classic.

3. Sandy beige

Imagine yourself enjoying the sun's rays and the sound of waves on an idyllic beach and you might envision yourself surrounded by this shade of sandy beige. A paint color that stays in the background while still warming up the space, it can be the ideal base for pretty much any style of tropical design and décor.

4. Dark green

Another color that takes inspiration from tropical plants, this green is as eye-catching as it is dynamic. A potentially bold choice thanks to its darker tone, it might be best to use this shade of paint in a room that gets a lot of natural light or has plenty of light fixtures to brighten up the space.

5. Soft sunny yellow

Not as intense as you might expect from a sunny yellow paint, this is a softer version of the tropical color. Still as cheerful as you would want from any yellow, this is a more sophisticated option than a playful shade. It's also light enough to make a space look bigger if your room isn't terribly spacious.

6. Cloudy white

Even the clouds that drift over tropical areas can seem special. Their fluffy forms and fabulous shades are just as beautiful as the sky beyond. That's why a cloudy white paint color might be a terrific choice for your home. Light and airy, you could pair it with furniture that's just as fair or use bright accents instead.

7. Light floral pink

Along with lush green plants, tropical locations often boast a wide range of flowers. This light shade offers a blush of pink that resembles the color of a petal, which has had its vibrancy softened by the sun. With an undertone that's almost beige, this is also a rosy shade that has a slightly sandy tone to it.

8. Breezy blue

Cool tropical breezes can feel incredible as they brush across your hot skin. You can enjoy that same fresh feeling every time you walk into your home with this cool shade of breezy blue. Suitable for a space that's fun and peppy, it can also work for a sleek and modern aesthetic if that's what you prefer.

9. Deep jungle green

If you ever get the chance to visit a tropical location, you might want to take advantage of the opportunity to enjoy a (safe and perhaps guided) walk through the jungle. A magical place that you won't want to forget, you can keep the memories alive at home with this shade of deep jungle green.

10. Blue-ish purple

Let yourself be invigorated by this shade of purple that's so cool it's almost blue. Or is it a blue shade with a hint of purple? Either way, it's a color that is perhaps surprisingly versatile and would suit a variety of rooms with tropical-inspired styles and would look great with accents in matching or contrasting shades.

11. Lemon yellow

Lemons may be notoriously sour but there's no doubt that this shade of lemon yellow paint is sweet. Wonderfully vibrant, it will make it seem like the tropical sun is always shining in your home. If you're worried about it being too bright, then you can use furniture or décor that are in darker or paler shades.

12. Coral pink

Much more than just plants grow in the tropics. For instance, reefs can often be found in tropical waters and the formations tend to boast amazing colors. Just take this shade of coral pink that would look incredible on your walls. Although it's a soft color, it's also luminous and warm, which makes it both lively and comforting.

13. Tropical teal

This charming shade of teal might be exactly what your tropical space needs to turn it into the kind of posh paradise that you never want to leave. An option that can be paired with either lighter or darker shades, it can also be used to create an atmosphere that's rich and exhilarating or cool and calming.

14. Light violet

If you like the idea of taking inspiration from tropical flowers but don't feel like pink paint will suit your home, then you might want to consider a shade of purple. This lighter option looks amazing with natural touches like green plants and wicker pots as well as sleek elements like modern furniture and gold fixtures.

15. Bright blue

Whether you're gazing up at a tropical sky or out at the cool water, you might spot this shade of bright blue. Ideally accented with lighter details and natural materials when used on your walls, this is a paint color that can easily add a splash of style to any living space.

16. Vibrant pink

This vibrant shade of pink is so perfect for a tropical space that you can see how well it works with other colors that also suit the theme like yellow and blue. Of course, while you could use this pink for your home's details, opting to use it for paint will turn the area into a sweet oasis.

17. Rich orange

While it might not be as bright as the orange you find on a flashy toucan, this shade is a rich option that also features a strong tropical vibe. Another paint color that will help your plants stand out and look their best, it also works well with other natural accents like light wood.

18. Lime green

Lemons may be delicious but limes are just as tasty. The same can be said of their colors, which is why you might want to adorn your tropical space with a shade of lime green. A striking color, you could choose to use it on just one accent wall if you're not interested in a fully fruit-colored room.

19. Caribbean water turquoise

While wading through the waters of a dreamy Caribbean location, you might find yourself surrounded by ripples that are this enchanting shade of turquoise. With this color on your walls, you likely won't be able to resist diving right into the tropical theme by adding plenty of leafy decorations, wood details, and bright accents.

20. Burnt clay brown

Create a vibe that's wonderfully relaxing by using this shade of burnt clay on your walls. A color that's reminiscent of the large rock formations that dot some beaches or the pottery you might buy from a local artisan, the brown shade that has a reddish hint can help you achieve a trendy boho-chic tropical space.

21. Banana yellow

This delicious shade of banana yellow is another fruit-inspired color that you might adore and would look fabulous on the walls of a home that embraces a fresh tropical atmosphere. A luscious choice, it could be beautifully bright if you use glossy paint or entincingly smooth if you go with a relatively understated matte finish instead.

22. Deep sea blue

Although you could choose a navy blue shade if you want a color on your walls that is truly dark, this lighter option is something that you might find as you swim down into the depths of a tropical sea. Just like the blue water, the paint will look just as exquisite when hit by light.

23. Yellowy orange

This pleasant paint color brings the room a tasty tropical touch thanks to the strong citrus vibe. Along with the obvious orange tone, it also has a hint of lemony yellow that adds to its vibrancy. While you might not have considered having orange walls, it can be a wildly stylish choice if done right.

24. Grassy green

Although you might spend more time at the beach than in a field when you're in the tropics, there are a fair share of fields where you can spend sunny days. With that in mind, you can use a grassy green paint color in your abode that will make you feel like you're strolling through a tropical meadow.

25. Reddish papaya orange

Cut into a papaya and you might find this shade of reddish orange. Adding as much flavor to your room as the fruit adds to a dessert, it might end up being your favorite part of the tropically styled space. While you can complement it with other bright shades, it also works well with black-and-white details.