20 Bathtubs That Are So Beautiful You Won't Believe They Are Real

If you're decorating a new home or want to give your outdated abode a trendy makeover, then one option is to give your bathroom a creative touch. If that's the case, then there are several elements you can opt to update, including a stunning sink, a unique mirror, or a bubble-worthy bathtub.

When choosing a new bathtub, there are a few important style-related and practical factors to keep in mind. For instance, you'll need to consider what size tub will suit the space, as well as what weight your floor can hold, according to Badeloft Luxury Bathrooms. On top of that, you should figure out what kind of installation will be required and if certain types of bathtubs will work with both your immediate budget and ongoing lifestyle. There are many different styles of bathtubs, such as freestanding, clawfoot, or oval tubs, angled tubs, drop-in tubs, and walk-in tubs, as well as corner and alcove bathtubs, just to name a few. That's not to mention the various options when it comes to the materials a bathtub can be made of like fiberglass, porcelain, acrylic, and ceramic, as well as stone resin, cultured marble, copper, and wood.

If you're thrilled to find out that there are so many possibilities when it comes to the types of tubs that are available, then you'll surely want to check out the following bathtubs that are so beautiful you won't believe they're real.

1. Carved stone bathtub

You may feel like you're soaking out in nature or in a serene spa while relaxing in this stunning stone bathtub. Carved to create a comfortable spot for you to sit in rather deep water if you wish, it's also been given a little ledge for any products that you need to keep near.

2. Bathtub with a unique rim

This white bathtub is wonderfully chic all on its own thanks to its sleek curved shape and slim taps in the center of one of the bowl's longer sides. However, what sets it apart is the rectangular blue rim that's dropped just below the top of the tub's edge.

3. Super modern bathtub

Thanks to its unique but undeniably eye-catching (and even practical) shape, this bathtub would suit pretty much any stylish, modern space. In fact, the bowl of the bathtub is thinner and shallower at one and wider and deeper at the other, making it look almost futuristic.

4. Indoor-outdoor bathtub

The large window that sits in front of this tub will make bathing an enjoyable airy experience, especially since the minimalist rectangular design is set up to look out onto the outside space. Beyond that, the window opens wide to both the private yard and a small exterior pool that's like an extension of the inside bathtub.

5. White and gold clawfoot bathtub

The elegant almost baroque-like design of this tub will likely make whoever uses it feel like royalty. Along with its claw feet, which are regally ornate, it features a pristine white interior. Yet, instead of a perfectly smooth and solid gold surface, this one boasts a subtle patina-like finish.

6. Contemporary marble bathtub

Having a bathtub made of marble is a luxury in itself thanks to the fact that it's such a beautiful (and often pricey) natural material. It's also something that can look passé if used in outdated designs. However, this marble tub boasts a charmingly contemporary look that enhances the gorgeous white marble and gray grain.

7. Warped sculptural bathtub

Some bathtubs are so stylish and so unique that they can seem like a piece of art. This tub, with a warped and bumpy exterior surface, looks like a funky sculpture. Thanks to the grooves, the white color is dappled with shadows, which gives it even more visual interest.

8. Red see-through bathtub

While the shape of this bathtub gives it a modern look, it's the red color and see-through design that makes it unique. Granted, this might not be your dream bathtub if you're bashful, as anyone who walks into the room will definitely be able to see you, thanks to the transparent sides.

9. Curved wooden bathtub

A trendy curved design has been used for this bathtub that features a clean white interior. It also has a wooden exterior that takes full advantage of the lines in the natural material. It has been paired with a simple floor-mounted faucet, which offers a contrast to the organic look of the tub.

10. Bowed purple bathtub

This bathtub could merely rely on the bowed shape alone to bring a splash of flair to any bathroom. However, the fact that a white interior peeks out over a vibrant shiny purple bowl means that this tub could be the eye-catching centerpiece of a supremely stylish room.

11. Green and gold clawfoot bathtub

If you love the idea of having a bathtub that's both classy and classic, then you'll surely adore this timeless clawfoot tub. With a white interior basin that extends over the curved upper edge, the elegant green exterior and lavish gold feet enhance the rich appearance.

12. Angular bathtub with recessed lights

Tucked into the corner of this bathroom, the tub has been perfectly situated to reach into the room while an angled wooden base sets it in place. To take the design further, red lights have been installed beneath the bathtub, which provides a surreal glow.

13. Yellow and white minimalist bathtub

Although this bathtub might seem rather simple at first glance, it's actually the little details that make it so fabulous. From the curved white edge and soft matte yellow basin as well as the lengthy square legs, this tub shows how beautiful and brilliant minimalism can be in a low-key kind of way.

14. Copper bathtub

The copper walls of this bathtub make a big impact by covering the outside of the bowl. It also has raised lines in the metal that show how much care was taken when it comes to the details. Inside, the tub has been fitted with porcelain, while an antique-like tap sits on the side.

15. Thin edged bathtub

Although this bathtub is rather wide, the edges are on the thin side, which gives it a sleek shape and delicate vibe. That look is enhanced by a calming color of rosy beige with a slightly polished sheen. The unusual black faucet simply adds to the exquisite style.

16. Retro-inspired bathtub

There's so much to love about this bathtub, including its retro art deco vibe. It also features a wine-colored base and metal lines that adorn the side. The white top curves down distinctly over the box-shaped bottom.

17. Elevated bathtub with stairs

The head rests on either end and whirlpool functions make this bathtub a dreamy place to kick back and relax at the end of a long day. The marble detail around the rim of the tub as well as the curved wooden stairs that ascend to the elevated tub make it even more special.

18. Contemporary country copper bathtub

This bathtub defies expectations and puts a fabulous twist on classic elements. While it uses a copper basin with swooping edges, it also opts for a blue wood base to create a classic country design. At the same time, each element boasts a shape that leans toward the contemporary especially when paired together.

19. Spacious circular sunken bathtub

Although there are a few shallow steps leading up to this luxurious bathtub, the bowl isn't elevated. Instead, this tub is sunken into the floor. Its spacious circular design offers you plenty of room to stretch out while you soak in the steamy water.

20. Sloping wood panel bathtub

The sloping shape of this tub might make you want to climb right in for a long bath. You might also appreciate the wood panels that have been attached at both ends which provide handy ledges. Of course, the aged vertical wood panels on the sides are what truly make this such a delightful design.