4 Functional Ways To Upcycle Your Worn-Out Piano

Besides showing off your musical skills, pianos make a great centerpiece in any home. They exude sophistication and class and are often marveled at since many households do not have one. On average, a good piano lasts ten to 30 years, Robertson Piano states. However, if you notice your piano is looking worse for wear sooner, it might be time to retire the instrument. Instead of tossing or donating your piano, think about upcycling it! Not only is it a fun DIY project, but it's a unique way to keep the gorgeous (and pricey) item in your home.

Pianos aren't an inexpensive purchase; according to Joshua Ross, even at the low end of the spectrum, an upright piano will run you between $3,000 to $6,500, and a high-quality, upright piano can cost up to $25,000. It's too high a price tag to simply get rid of it when it could be used for several non-musical purposes. Here are a few ideas to turn your worn-out piano into a functional piece of furniture.

Turn it into a bookshelf

Looking for a place to hold your books? Take this opportunity to turn your worn piano into a unique and classy bookshelf. Like we said, pianos are a relative rarity, so having an upcycled piano as a bookshelf is sure to impress guests (and serve as a great conversation starter). If you're experiencing significant issues with your piano (such as mold or water damage), you might be tempted to restore it; however, restoring a piano is very expensive, and can cost tens of thousands of dollars, Piano Artisans explains. By transforming your piano into a bookshelf, you'll be spending a lot less.

This project works best with a baby grand piano, which you'll need to turn on its side in order to create the bookshelf. First, you'll need to remove the harp and the lid (this will make it much easier to maneuver the piano as well). For further instructions, take a look at the how-to guide on Instructables. Once the bookshelf is complete, add your books and you're done!

Use it to display your home décor

For this idea, you can use the same method described above, but instead of books, use your retired piano to showcase your home décor. Instead of a baby grand, you could also use an upright piano, which gives the display table a completely different vibe. Upright pianos feel more rustic and homey, compared to the sophistication of its counterpart. An upright piano is much easier to work with as it doesn't require being mounted to the wall. No matter which piano you have, you'll need to gut the piano in order to properly transform it into a display table.

For a detailed list of instructions, check out this how-to video on YouTube. Add your favorite pictures, art pieces, and other home décor. If your piano gets enough sunlight, you might consider using it as a place to display your houseplants (but fake plants work well too). Take this as a chance to really show off your creativity. Remember, the sky's the limit.

Turn it into a bar cart

Here is a makeover that is sure to turn heads at any party — turning your old piano into a bar cart. It's an interesting take on your standard bar cart that you don't typically see. This idea ais more suited for upright pianos due to the fact they have more space to store bottles, glasses, and other bar accessories, according to Life Beacon. To help guide you through the renovation process, both Life Beacon and Instructables teach you how to upcycle your piano into a cool, one-of-a-kind bar cart. When you see the final result, you may even forget it was ever a piano to begin with!

Now, it's time to stock the bar. How you do so depends on the bar cart style you chose. For example, if you followed that of Instructables, odds are you'll probably have more wine, given that style offers more places to properly store it.

Upcycle your piano into a desk

Using your worn-out piano as a desk is probably the most productive option out of the four upcycle ideas, and is especially useful if you work from home. It's arguably much more interesting to look at than your standard desk. Additionally, an aesthetically pleasing office space actually increases productivity, says The Guardian. Much like the bookshelf and bar cart, an upright piano is most ideal for this project because it can comfortably fit a computer and other office supplies you need.

If you're having trouble getting started, take a look at Bored Panda for inspiration and instructions. Use their guide for the basic setup, but feel free to add your creative spin to make it suit your personal style. If you want something more practical, you might opt for a minimalistic look to keep your space more organized. An organized desk can also boost productivity, according to King Business Interiors.