How To Steal Emma Chamberlain's Bright And Colorful Home Style

When internet sensation Emma Chamberlain decided to design her new home, she took help from Ashley Drost and Marie Trohman, via Architectural Digest. Since she works from home, the star wanted to create a space that was comfortable but personal at the same time. This is why she decided to incorporate pieces from different time periods and eras to turn them into something new and cohesive. To that end, she opted not to give herself any rules and specific aesthetics to follow. Instead, she wanted each piece to make a statement.

Fortunately, since the home itself was built in the 1950s, it gave her plenty of inspiration. Although the house is not perfect, and never will be, it still has lots of personality. To further add to her creativity, she says she creates mood boards on Pinterest and dives deep into every part of the Internet. Trohnman states that Chamberlain was open to any weird or new ideas the designer had — making them think outside the box. However, if there was something not to Chamberlain's liking, she would push back. In the end, the trio built upon each other's ideas creating a space that Chamberlain loves and feels is true to who she is. From all the natural aesthetics and décor on display, here is how to steal Emma Chamberlain's bright and colorful home style.

Display sentimental art pieces

According to YouTube, some of the most popular décor Chamberlain has in her home are art pieces. Many of them were given to the star by her dad, which adds a sentimental factor to them. However, they're all quirky and unique to help showcase her personality. Within her living room, she has what she calls a "wall of inspiration." On this wall is where many of these art pieces reside, including a painting of a bridge with a building that her dad painted specifically for her pad, as well as a portrait of peanut butter sitting on shelves at the store.

One of the best ways to choose art for your home is to keep the pieces sentimental. After all, Austin Art Classes states that art is a personal expression that can represent what one feels is of importance. If you're an artist, don't be afraid to showcase your work. This can come in many forms, such as painting, watercolor, or sketches. On the other hand, as Chamberlain did, you can also display the work of those close to you. If you don't have any pieces like this, you can also purchase artwork that represents who you are and what you believe in. Many items can be found at antique stores or thrift shops.

Standard items with unique aspects

One important aspect to Chamberlain when designing her home was taking ordinary items and transitioning them into something cool and unique that adds to the space. For example, as per YouTube, she has several outdoor poolside tables that resemble corn and pineapple. The mirror in her dressing room has swirl designs around it. Elsewhere in this room is also an orange translucent step ladder that she uses to reach her heels on the top shelf. Hanging in her dining room is a Trueing chandelier made of blue chains with lights at the end of each of them.

There are many ways to incorporate these standard but unique items into your home. If you have a crafty side, you can opt to take on a DIY project by taking something you already own and transitioning it into something else. For example, a mirror can have an unlimited amount of characteristics added, including flowers or lights. On the other hand, as Chamberlain did, you can go extreme and buy uncommon items. Much like art pieces, these items can be found at thrift stores or on the web. Just remember to keep it fun and lighthearted.

Bright vibrant furniture

While Chamberlain doesn't talk much about the furniture color throughout her home, it is clear that many of these pieces, along with a few décor items, are bright and vibrant shades, via YouTube. For instance, in her living room is a bright green lounge chair. The pillows in the nook of this room are also a vibrant green-yellow shade. Within the sitting room of her guest house, she has a bright blue sofa along with a chair in a lavender shade. Even her outdoor chairs that reside by the pool have a green and white checkered pattern.

Unlike art or unique items, vibrant furniture is pretty easy to find. Available in most furniture stores, you can also find these at thrift stores. To add this to your home, ZUO suggests pairing these pieces with a neutral tone. This way, it doesn't get too overwhelming, and you can keep the brightness under control. You can also opt for completely white furniture with bright-colored pillows or throw blankets. Keeping the basics in a neutral state can allow you to switch up the details at any time. Just remember that no matter what you decide, always have a focal point. This will also keep the vibrant shades from being too much.

Keep it light and natural

Perhaps, one of the most notable aspects of Chamberlain's home is how bright and natural the space is thanks to the color choices and large picturesque windows. As per YouTube, she knew before buying the home that she wanted a pale green kitchen. She did exactly that by pairing this shade with the bright and open skylights that span from one side of the room to the other and the large kitchen window. The walls are mostly white in this room with some accents, but the ceiling is wood which furthers the natural aesthetic. In addition, she has a corner nook within her living room with windows and skylights adjacent to each other.

Keeping a home natural and light can be more simple than many realize. Whether you want to do this in one room or the whole house, the main factor is to open up any windows. While you don't have to physically open your window, you should remove any blinds or curtains in front of them to let the natural sunlight shine through. You can also paint the room or home in a light color that will reflect the light. Shoreline Painting & Drywall Inc. states that a pale yellow, light blue, or gray can all accomplish this. Of course, you can stick with white colors as well. Lastly, paint the trimming brown or opt for wood trim to give it a natural feel.

Marble countertops and design

Finally, the beautiful marble countertops and cabinets are a fun detail in Chamberlain's home. According to YouTube, in the master bathroom of the home, the sink is completely covered in a salmon shade of pink. Beside it is the shower with light brown and white marble walls that look similar to a honeycomb. When it came time to design the kitchen, they ripped out the whole room and started with the marble countertop. She then ventured out even more by using it to design the cabinets under the sink.

Marble countertops can be tricky to add to a room. It's best to always set this feature as the focal point and build around it. Depending on what color marble you use, Kylie M. Interiors says you can paint your walls a shade of light green or gray to accompany this design. However, if these aren't of your interest, you can always use a more tone-down shade such as white. Don't be afraid to add touches of other décor to these countertops as well to give them an extra pop.