Why You Should Consider Moving Your Bookcase Behind Your Sofa

Living in a smaller home can limit the amount of furniture and décor folks can have, but it allows them to purchase things that are a necessity and get creative with the setup. When it comes to decorating, planning the layout of the home as a whole ahead of time lets you focus on the essentials and figure out what you need, claims Mobile Home Living. You'll be able to find a space to put your books, plants, décor, and other miscellaneous things.

Taking a multi-purpose approach to a room will open up space in other rooms for different activities. For example, if you work from home, you can partition the living room in two to set your sofa on one side and a desk on the other. According to Mobile Home Living, there are various ways to make a small home feel larger, depending on the proper lighting, color scheme, textures, and furniture. Finding multi-functional pieces to fit comfortably around the house is a handy hack for furniture. If you have sofas and chairs that take up most of the living room, and you need to find a place for your bookcase, then you might want to move it behind the sofa. 

Adds visual interest

When we have mounds of books, we buy a bookcase to store them so that they don't take up space on the floor or random surfaces that could make the area look messy and crowded. The downfall of a bookcase is that it can eat up space in a corner or against a wall, especially if the living room is on the smaller side. While there are numerous benefits to living in a smaller home, it can still be challenging to style a bookcase. HomeLane claims smaller homes are easier to keep clean, they're cozier, they allow you to be more organized, and they can save money since you'll only be buying a handful of furniture pieces.

Moving the bookcase behind the sofa opens up the area in the corner to add a desk or console table. A bookcase can make a great statement piece, per Furnishing Tips, and provides more storage for knick-knacks and books. It can also be challenging to decorate the wall behind the sofa. You might not want to hang wall art or shelves, so a bookcase is perfect for filling up the space and adding visual interest. Decorating a bookcase is simple — place things that showcase your interests or create an exciting design with your books. You can stack a few, show off their spines in an aesthetically pleasing rainbow, or flip them to show the pages.

Creates an organized space

When granted multiple storage spaces, it's advantageous to use them effectively because there's always something that needs putting away. It can feel onerous to get rid of things that have been around for years and the living room is the top storage area for everything, according to blogger Show Me Suburban. It's typically where all the DVDs, electronics, backpacks, shoes, books, magazines, and more get left behind. One out-of-place item could lead to multiple things piling up in a small living room.

Functional storage units also prevent clutter, which is where bookcases come into play. Moving a bookcase behind the sofa prevents access from two to three of the bottom shelves, and they can either be left empty or filled with things you don't use daily. If you find yourself storing items you haven't used in years, they should be thrown out or relocated if they're of better use in a different room. On the other hand, if you don't want to leave the shelves empty, then using the area to store holiday decorations or extra blankets or pillows can be perfect for the space. You'll find yourself more relaxed in your living room.