Is Using Painter's Tape Really Worth The Hassle?

If you want to give your walls a new color, then you will likely be interested in ways to paint your home like a professional. Or you may want to get some advice on how to paint wood furniture, exterior trim, or a range of other items and areas around your home. For whatever kind of paint-related task you have in mind, It's important to consider how, why, and if you should use painter's tape.

First of all, it's handy to know that there is more than one kind of painter's tape. In fact, there are multiple kinds that are meant for various purposes which you can tell apart thanks to their different colors, according to Blue Summit Supplies. While all painter's tape is meant to protect surfaces while not harming anything with its adhesive, blue painter's tape can be used on walls and general items. If you're working with fragile surfaces, then you can pick up purple painter's tape which is a gentler option. On the other hand, green painter's tape is more hardcore and can be used on rough concrete and brick as well as raw wood. That means it can be used both inside and outside. Yellow painter's tape is also for outside use and is ideal for wood, metal, and vinyl surfaces.

Now that you know what kind of painter's tape you can use, you might be wondering when you should and shouldn't be using it and what exactly you can do with it.

There are pros and cons to painter's tape

Anyone who happens to have a great eye and steady hand may easily be able to paint a wonderfully smooth and perfectly straight line. In that case, there may not be any need to use painter's tape. However, there are a few reasons why using painter's tape can definitely be worth the effort. When used properly and effectively, painter's tape can not only keep the surfaces beneath it safe but it's widely available and simple to obtain, according to Tape Jungle. It will also remain perfectly flat throughout your project and can help you to create incredibly straight and crisp lines. In fact, painter's tape can help you produce such clean and distinctive lines, that you can use it to create a range of attractive patterns and delightful designs.

On the other hand, there are also a few reasons why you may not want to bother with this particular protective step. Along with the fact that buying painter's tape will slightly increase your project's budget, it will also increase the amount of time and effort it will take you to prepare the room or items before you even start painting, according to Pittsburgh Spray Equipment Company. Beyond that, painter's tape doesn't always work out quite as planned and can actually damage the surface beneath it in unfortunate circumstances. That might result in you having to touch up paint that's been messed up or repair other spoiled surfaces.

Use painter's tape to create stylish designs

While painter's tape is a great way to keep paint from ending up in places that you don't want it to be, it can also be used to create eye-catching designs. Whether you're painting a wall, a piece of furniture, or something else entirely, painter's tape can be put to use in a range of creative ways. All you need to do is gather up a few supplies such as scissors, a pen to draw on your potential pattern, whatever shades of paint you intend to use, and, of course, painter's tape, according to Go Paint Sprayer

When it comes to designs, Go Paint Sprayer has some suggestions, pointing out that stripes and lines can be a simple option, however, is still one that can be used to create uniquely stylish results. You could also use blocks of color in whatever sizes, shapes, and arrangements suit your taste. Creating an ombre wall is another choice as in an ombre circle. That's not to mention chevrons, honeycombs, tiles, and 3D boxes. Instead of or along with those variations, you could also try using your painter's tape to create either stencils or stamps. This can provide you with incredible details that would be hard to achieve otherwise. If these ideas make you excited to tackle a home makeover, then you might want to start off by grabbing a few rolls of painter's tape.