20 Halloween Door Decorations Will Give Your Front Entry The Perfect Spooky Look

Spooky season has always been so much fun for kids, but over the past couple of decades, Halloween has become a big deal for all ages. Stores are now stocking more Halloween fare than ever before, and decorating houses for the holiday has become almost as popular as Christmas lights. Whether you go all out or just want a small decoration for participation points, there are plenty of options when it comes to creative Halloween door decorations. 

According to Insider, you can choose from a wide range of items, from creepy cobwebs to charming pumpkins. Not only is decorating your front door and surrounding exterior walls a trendy thing to do, but it is fun, too. In today's world filled with stress and jam-packed schedules, it can be rewarding to have a little creative outlet now and then. You can purchase Halloween decorations online, as well as in local stores like Target and Michael's — even dollar stores sometimes have great selections. 

1. Skull door

Sometimes spooky equals simple. You don't need to do a whole lot of work to get a festive Halloween vibe. These skulls are easily mountable and go incredibly well with a black, red, dark orange, dark blue, or deep purple door. Surround them with a little greenery or autumn leaves. 

2. At death's door

Your local Halloween store (as well as Amazon), will have these lightweight mannequins of the grim reaper that hang easily on wooden front doors or even screen doors. It's a startling sight, and perfect to greet unsuspecting trick-or-treaters, not to mention the mailman. 

3. Enter into Stranger Things

The Netflix series, "Stranger Things," has blown up pop culture with its popularity, and the most recent season's introduction of Vecna brought the series to new scary heights. This door hanging is perfect for any fans of the show and will scare the candy out of anyone who isn't familiar with it. 

4. Spider scare

Dollar store Halloween cobwebs are unimpressive compared to a giant hairy spider clinging to your front door. Some of the ones that can be ordered online are over a foot long. Pair yours with a faux spiderweb or let it hang out solo. You won't need to add anything else for a pretty disturbing look. 

5. Creepy wreath

Aisles of Halloween wreaths are available for purchase at various home stores, but many are decorated with glittery pumpkins or black and orange ribbons. Instead, go with a dilapidated look with black twigs, a haunting perched raven, and some gauzy straw. 

6. Spooky smile

With some simple supplies like black poster board or butcher paper, you can make a cut-out face to tape onto your front door. Depending upon your door's color, you can make the face of a ghost, mummy, pumpkin, vampire, witch, or anything else you can dream up. It's low-budget, quick, and a perfect solution for busy families that want to decorate without a lot of effort. 

7. Suspenseful shadows

If you're into straight-up scary decorations instead of charmingly spooky ones, then this is your stop. Translucent shadows can be purchased and easily hung on the interior of a windowed door, or you can photograph your own family looking terribly creepy and blow it up into a paper hanging. 

8. Trick or treat

More cute than spooky, a trick-or-treat-themed wreath is perfect for a house with young kids. Wreaths can be as simple or elaborate as you want with ribbons, miniature faux pumpkins, leaves, and more. The cutest ones are found on sites like Etsy, but if you're crafty enough to make your own, go for it. 

9. A hoot of a door

There's something both regal and spooky about owls, and they make for some great Halloween decor. Best of all, they are neutral enough to be displayed for the entire fall season, not just for the big day. Wooden cutouts, paper hangings, and clings of owls are available to buy — make sure you choose one that's weather-resistant. 

10. Creepy hand

A phantom hand attached to your front door knob will keep unwanted visitors away. It might make it a little difficult to open the door for several weeks, but isn't it worth it to get this macabre look? These hands are usually available at home stores or online.

11. Bloody mummy

Fake blood goes a long way when it comes to Halloween decorations, including on your front door. Hang a severed arm on the top of the door and splash some fake blood for added effect. Hanging an upside-down mummy or some other spooky decoration near the front door makes things extra interesting. 

12. Masked horror

Nothing can scare us after a global pandemic, but at least it makes for some good Halloween decoration inspiration. Simply put a mask on a jack-o-lantern and get ready for it to be terrifying. Pumpkins can be placed between a screen door and the main front door or can be lined up along the front steps or entryway. 

13. Proceed with caution

Another economical way to decorate a front door for Halloween is to bust out some yellow caution tape. Tape it crossways or zig-zagged across the front door for an easy Halloween motif. Surround your door with skeletons, pumpkins, and other stand-up decorations to finish the look. 

14. Planting chills

Did you spend the spring and summer attempting to start a garden, but got too busy? Put those dead plants to use for a fun Halloween archway. Wrought-iron arches can be purchased to hold flower pots, and your failed green thumb can be put on spooky display. 

15. Berry scary

Fake leaf vines, dark faux berries, or tiny wire balls in fall colors can really accentuate a dark-colored door. Expose the branches and wires to make the foliage appear extra spooky, and don't worry about anything hanging perfectly straight. In this case, the more scraggly the better. 

16. Bat garland

If you live in a climate where not a whole lot of rain shows up in October (looking at you, California), then you can use some paper garlands for decoration. They can usually be found in bat shapes, as well as ghosts, pumpkins, and flying witches. If you have the time, you can even make homemade ones. 

17. Silent scream

Some will agree that mimes are scary enough on their own, let alone being featured on a Halloween decoration. Nevertheless, these door hangings are sure to terrify anyone who dares to come onto your front stoop. 

18. Vintage Halloween

The plastic door hangings that feature whimsical bats, ghosts, and witches have been regularly manufactured each year — likely since before you were born. While there are many more sophisticated decorations available today, vintage is always trendy, and these are both cute and affordable. 

19. Boo to you

Support small businesses with some simple wood crafts that look lovely on any house while aligning well with the spooky season. You can find them at local craft fairs, Facebook marketplace, and any website platforming handmade crafts.

20. Close encounter

Nothing says welcome quite like a giant green alien flanking your front door. Put him out for Halloween when you're looking to attract the attention of the entire neighborhood. Look for one that glows in the dark or lights up to really stand out after dark.