Decorate Your Home Like Sabrina Spellman's Bedroom From Sabrina The Teenage Witch

Growing up as children in the 1990s, many people have fond memories of the TGIF lineup and its shows on ABC. One of those special shows is "Sabrina the Teenage Witch." The show followed the life of 16-year-old Sabrina Spellman, played by Melissa Joan Hart, who lived with her aunts, Zelda and Hilda, and her black cat, Salem. Sabrina did her best at being a good friend, achieving at school, and being a proper witch, according to i-D. Most remember "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" for its feminist appeal and shedding light on the LGBTQ+ community.

If you want to curate home décor that looks like Sabrina's witchy bedroom, there are plenty of design choices that you can channel. You could do it with an apothecary station in the living room, as per The Mood Guide. Create your own potions and lotions with handmade antique bottles, and scatter dried flowers on top of the apothecary table for extra design. You also don't need a witchy aesthetic to pull off these motifs. According to Otherworldly Oracle, bohemian-styled homes look great with embroidered décor featuring celestial figures. Homes with a shabby chic aesthetic could do with floral prints and antique-looking plaques that feature kitschy witch sayings. If this sounds like your style, keep reading! Here is how to decorate your house like Sabrina's room.

Purchase a wooden headboard

One notable feature of Sabrina's bedroom is her antique-inspired wooden headboard. Though some people may find wooden headboards old-fashioned, they can be styled modernly. According to Manomin Resawn Timbers, people prefer the rustic elements and warm tones of repurposed wooden headboards. Repurposed wood is good for the environment and features its own unique designs. If you prefer to have one as ornate as Sabrina's, you can also source an antique headboard secondhand. Try looking at online resale markets, like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, or OfferUp. Use keywords like "antique wooden headboard" or "vintage wooden headboard" and see what comes up. 

If you prefer to shop in person, you can also check out estate sales, garage sales, flea markets, or thrift stores. This will be more of a treasure hunt, but chances are you will find one for an excellent price. Once you find your piece, you can use universal headboard brackets to attach your new headboard to your existing bed.

Play with purple

Cool colors like blue and purple were popular during the 1990s, especially with trendy home designs. From shades of cornflower blue to lilac purple, people were in love with these calming tones, including Sabrina, who had purple textured walls in her bedroom. To mimic her bedroom, incorporate the bright shade into your own space and work with colors that are complementary to purple. Purple is a color commonly used in witchy aesthetics as well as during the fall or Halloween season. According to 21Oak, shades of gray work with purple because it cools down the vibrancy of purple. If you have a gray couch in your living room, consider coloring a purple statement wall behind it. Orange also works well with purple since it's such a vibrant color, and they both match well together. Purple bedding with bronze bedside tables would look great together and liven up the space.

Go towards a gothic witch vibe by replacing regular living room window curtains with black satin curtains. If the living room windows have a window bench underneath, change the former cushions to dark plum. Dark plum and bold burgundy colors paired with black look elegant and classic. If you have a more country club aesthetic and prefer something more traditional or preppy, consider pairing purple walls with light blue details, whether curtains or couch pillows.

Decorate with stained glass windows

Sabrina's bedroom windows had stained glass details. Stained glass windows are beautiful and unique, but be careful not to clash them with other patterns. According to Cumberland Stained Glass, you should let the stained glass windows be the focal point of the room, keeping furniture and décor neutral. Unless you have a maximalist aesthetic like Sabrina, you can make the colorful windows feel more modern by pairing them with beiges, creams, whites, and blacks. That can mean painting the window trims white, having cream-colored walls, and beige or soft-toned furniture.

On the other hand, if you want to go in the opposite direction and play up the unique window treatment, pull colors from the glass design. If primary colors like red, yellow, and blue are prominent, decorate with area rugs with the same colors. If the windows have floral patterns, put up floral wallpaper around them. If you don't have the resources to change a window, you can use stained glass decor instead (via Renewal by Andersen). For example, you can put up a stained glass room divider or hang salvaged windows on the wall like framed art.

Get a bed bench

At the foot of her bed, Sabrina had a cushioned pink bench with a ruffle skirt. According to Parachute, bedroom benches are ideal because they add an extra piece of furniture to the room without creating too much visual clutter. Since they don't hold as much visual weight as a large piece of furniture like a dresser, they don't make the room feel over-stuffed.

Before purchasing a bedroom bench, ensure the spot you'd like to put it in is correctly measured for proper fitting. Keep baskets near or under the bench for additional storage, and you can play with textures by adding soft blankets on top. You can check out antique stores to find Victorian-inspired indoor benches to get into the "Sabrina spirit," or focus on curating one with a '90s-approved ruffle skirt. And if you're handy with a craft project, you can do your own DIY by sewing or gluing a pink ruffle onto a vintage bench for more flair. 

Put multiple rugs on the floor

In Sabrina's bedroom, she had several patterned rugs on her bedroom floor, creating a warm and cozy space. While some people like to get one large rug for their room, it's not uncommon to layer a couple of smaller ones like our favorite witch. There are two ways to go about this. 

According to Rugs and Home, you can get a couple of identical, patterned rugs to create a sense of harmony and unity throughout the room. This is especially great for a large open floorplan room but might feel a little too matchy-matchy in a small space. If you have a smaller bedroom, choose several rugs in complementary colors. This will add a riot of color to your space, so beware. If you have a more minimalist aesthetic, try picking out rugs in different patterns but matching color schemes. Sabrina chose rugs in the same aesthetic (they're antique-inspired) in complementary colors. If you want to channel Spellman closely, try hunting up some vintage floral rugs and scattering them across your room.

Display triptych art

In her bedroom, Sabrina had triptych art posted on a side wall. According to Gray Malin, triptych art features one continuous scene divided into three frames displayed next to each other. Triptych art is used to decorate bare, oversized walls, so look for an area of the home that could do with more pizzazz. Think about sizing. Small triptych art makes a room look smaller, whereas bigger triptych art makes a room look larger. 

Play with height when it comes to these three-frame pieces (via Canvaspop). For best results, put triptych art about five feet above the ground on a wall. The three pieces of art should be two to three inches apart when placed side by side. If you can't find a set you like in a store, you can make your own by going to a print shop and creating your own canvas photos. Fun events like pictures from family vacations or amusement parks could be crafted into framed works of art. For those who are artistic and want a touch of "Sabrina" in their lives, gather three blank portrait canvases and paint a scene featuring a black cat like Salem with magic surrounding him. The adorable painted cat scene will look cute on bedroom or bathroom walls.

Get window seating

Sabrina had a decorative armchair near her window in the bedroom to relax when she needed time off from being a witch. Some homes have preexisting window benches that look like long window sills, and if your bedroom is lucky enough to have one, you can turn it into a Sabrina-inspired nook. WCMA Net recommends adding patterned throw pillows on the window seat to give it a comfortable impression. 

For people with cats, turn the window bench into a pet zone by getting a cat cushion from the local pet store so it has a place to rest. They will love to snuggle up on there and nap in the sunshine. If you have a small room and want to make it multifunctional, window benches could be used as a place to study. Instead of using the window bench to sit, use it instead of a desk to work remotely or complete homework. Make sure there's suitable space to put notebooks, planners, and laptops on the bench. If the room allows, build bookcases on either side of the window bench to create a library of sorts. Books will be within easy reach. 

Get a hat stand

In the corner next to her closet in her bedroom, Sabrina had a basic hat stand used for storing her hats and clothing accessories. This is a great way to transform wardrobe pieces into works of art or decor items. If you have bags or hats that you're especially proud of or have unique designs, you can display them on the rack.

You can also use one in a practical way, much like a coat rack. Think about where you'd like to have them in the home. Put one next to the front door so that family members could have their chilly weather gear nearby. You can also put one in a guest bedroom; this will make it uncomplicated for guests trying to find where to put their clothing and accessories. You can also hang guest robes from it, making them feel extra welcome. 

Go funky with lava lamps

Though it was popular in the 1960s and 1970s, lava lamps returned to home décor in the 1990s. Sabrina had a blue and red lava lamp in her bedroom. According to TechBullion, wax and oil make up the inside of lava lamps to give the floating appearance of liquid blobs. There are lava lamps that turn on and off automatically, as well as ones that are programmed with LED light settings. Thanks to Gen Z's resurgence of all things Noughties, these groovy lamps have come back into style, making it easy to pull off Sabrina's light of choice. 

You can either do what Gen Z does and pair it with inflatable furniture and checkered rugs for a modern take on nostalgic pieces, or go in the opposite direction and subtly integrate it with your existing decor. Not only is this particular light eye-catching, but it can also act as a nightlight during weeknights or party mood lighting during weekends. If the retro look isn't your aesthetic, you can also buy these lights in modern styles, much like this rose gold one from Target.

Accessorize with the moon and the stars

As décor above the headboard on her wall, Sabrina had a bronzed moon and sun face that meshed into one accessory. To mimic her look, create a gallery wall in your living room filled with star and sunburst mirrors or artwork. It'll be the modern-day take on her celestial art piece.

According to Architectural Grille, the essence of celestial motifs combines delicate whimsy with dark color palettes. For those who want to go steady with celestial designs, put wallpaper featuring stars or moons onto one accent wall in the home's entryway. Add decorative pillows featuring zodiac symbols on the living room couch, and check out home stores for metalwork featuring suns, stars, and moons. Decorating the home like Sabrina's bedroom is practical, stylish, and trendy. With a few modern updates to furniture and accessories, a modern home aesthetic with witch-inspired themes is possible.