Red Or Dark Brown? This Is The Worst Color For Your Bathroom - House Digest Survey

It takes time to choose the perfect paint color for your bathroom walls because you'll want something that is complementary and suitable for the aesthetic you're aiming for. According to Jenna Kate At Home, different shades of gray can achieve a modern and bright appearance, while shades of blue create a relaxing atmosphere. The color you choose should be based on the functionality and mood you want to create for your bathroom.

However, there are several colors that just don't seem to belong in a bathroom, and we wanted to hear from readers. Recently, House Digest conducted a survey asking participants which color they would never paint their bathroom; we gave them six options, from neutrals to high-pigmented hues: yellow, white, red, dark brown, green, and beige. We'll give you a rundown of which colors were perceived as the worst and explain why you may want to stay away from them.

A messy disaster waiting to happen

Out of 606 respondents, 28.55% (173 people) chose dark brown as the paint color they would never use for their bathroom walls, according to our survey. If your bathroom is already small, a dark color may make it feel even tinier. And according to Faces Magazine, dark brown can mask dirt and grime. As a result, you may not notice build-up in dark corners of your bathroom. Hiding dirt may be a benefit if you want to maintain the appearance of a clean bathroom, but it can also make it harder to ensure your bathroom is actually absent of harmful bacteria.

We suggest sticking to a lighter color, such as greige, because it will brighten up your space, and the mixture of gray and beige can have a similar cozy effect as dark brown. According to Julie Blanner, greige will also most likely be able to complement your current bathroom decor because it's capable of blending seamlessly with both cool and warm-toned materials.

Too overstimulating

According to 26.90% (163 people) of respondents, red is the second least preferred paint color for bathroom walls. According to Texas Painting and Gutters, painting your bathroom red can make the space feel overwhelming, which is something you want to avoid in a space that is supposed to be relaxing. Similar to dark brown, red is also not the best color to choose if you're designing a small bathroom because it will only shrink its appearance. It's recommended to only use the color red in terms of accents to complement softer tones.

Instead, we suggest aiming for something a few shades lighter, such as a muted pink. According to Benjamin Moore, a light shade of pink can make a bathroom feel relaxing while also creating a feeling of sophistication. It's a cheerful color that is sure to put you in the right headspace as you get ready for the day.

The following are the other options from most to least amount of votes: yellow with 129 votes (21.29%), white with 71 votes (11.72%), green with 40 votes (6.60%), and beige with 30 votes (4.95%).