5 Creative Ways To Hide Your Wireless Router

There is no doubt that the internet is an integral part of modern-day living. In fact, most appliances at home today are going smart, meaning they need a stable internet connection. As such the wireless router is a necessity that you must find a place for in your home. But let's face it, electronics can often be an eye sore due to unsightly cables, and they rarely fit in with the design idea you have for your room.

Moreover, hiding your router out of sight can be difficult because you risk disrupting the signal, explains Home Network Geek. Additionally, wireless routers need proper air circulation to prevent overheating, so you need to carefully choose a suitable location. The good news is that there are several ways you can incorporate your wireless router in your home without ruining your décor, or better still hide it away safely yet out of sight. Take inspiration from the following tips.

Conceal it behind a cabinet with mesh doors

Finding the right nook to hide your wireless router is easier said than done, you have to factor in different things like the signal strength and ventilation. While placing your router in a cabinet might seem like a good idea, the reality is that this will usually reduce the quality of your internet. The good news however is that there are certain cabinets that will allow you to hide your router while maintaining a good reception. 

Gear patrol mentions that placing your wireless router in a cabinet with mesh or perforated doors is among the few ways you can hide your router in a cabinet without compromising on performance. The perforated doors are often thin enough with plenty of openings to allow enough ventilation to the device. In addition, a good cabinet for hiding your router should have an opening at the back to allow easy access for the power cable. However, if your cabinet has a solid back, consider drilling a small hole that will accommodate the necessary cable work.

Hide the router in a cover on a bookshelf

Creating some room on your bookshelf for your router is good because of a few reasons. First, a bookshelf with plenty of books provides the best environment to conceal your ugly piece of tech, allowing it to blend in without drawing too much attention. If you are finding it hard to conceal the router on the shelf, Life Hacker recommends hiding it in an old book cover before placing it on the shelf. To deal with the heating problem common with most routers, consider using a larger book cover with enough space. 

The other reason why a bookshelf makes a good storage area for your wireless router is because of better signal reception. Most bookshelves are tall, perhaps covering the entire wall. It goes without saying that your router's placement plays a critical role in how the signal is received. Jorunn D. Newth from Eye Networks mentions that one way of increasing the signal strength reception is by placing the router high up away from obstacles. It gets even better for you if the bookshelf is placed in a central location in the living room.

Place it in a basket

If don't have a bookshelf in your living room, another place you can hide your router is in a woven or a wicker basket, mentions the Techprojournal. This is particularly useful if you have a console table in your living room. When thinking of places to hide any electronic device in your house, remember that they dissipate heat. In fact, since the router is always on almost every day, be sure to provide enough ventilation. According to Smart Buyer, the ideal temperature for a router is below 90 degrees Fahrenheit.  

Fortunately, a wicker basket has plenty of holes that allow enough air to circulate in and out. Since most routers need to be plugged into a power source, the holes in the basket will make it easier to do so. While shopping around for a basket for your router, be sure to get one with thin walls for the sake of the signal. Other than storing your wireless router, the wicker basket can also double up as a style detail for your living room. 

Hide it behind a piece of art or in a picture frame

If you just don't like how your router appears in your living room, you could consider placing a piece of framed art right in front of it. Also, if you are having problems with the signal, you can mount it on a wall and conceal it with wall art that matches your décor. You can also get a bit creative and attach a box right behind the picture frame. 

If you have been meaning to introduce a few pieces of art into your décor, this should be your perfect excuse. Remember, art will do your interior décor a lot of good, it will not only add to the color palette but also create a nice focal point especially when mounted on the wall, (via My Move). While on wall art, another handy trick that you can employ is hiding your router inside a large and deep picture frame, mentions Life Hacker. Be sure to place the frame in the center of the room to increase the coverage. As you ponder about the right place to mount the router, remember to pick a spot where you can easily manage the few cables if need be.

Mount it up a wall

If you have run out of ideas or you simply cannot risk getting in the way of your signal, another option worth trying is to mount the router as close to the ceiling as possible in a specially-made box. By mounting this unsightly piece of tech high enough, you will remove it from eye view and it will be less of a bother. If you need to remove it sight, consider hiding it behind a safety box. Remember out of sight, out of mind, and that is exactly what you want to achieve with this particular solution.

Also, Android Central mentions that mounting a router high on a wall is a great way of increasing the performance of your router in terms of speed. Remember even the best routers will struggle if you put enough obstacles in front of it, therefore, mounting your router high enough is the best way to ensure a strong signal for your home. The only challenge with this solution is cable management as they may need to be routed down the walls.