Why Fans Of Jurassic Park Need To See One Home For Sale In Washington

Want to keep thieves off your property? Maybe a looming t-rex will do the trick. This "Jurassic Park" themed home in Washougal, Washington is a dream come true for fans of the classic film series. Not only does it have creative reptilian features, but there are also stylish elements to really make this residence an enjoyable place to spend time with friends and family, as noted by Zillow. It's intended to be used as an income property for short-term renters who will first be met with a large wooden gate and sign that reads "Jurassic Retreat" in the famous franchise font. 

This 2,166-square-foot property sits on a little over 2 acres of land and costs nearly $1.3 million. There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a jacuzzi available for relaxation (as relaxed as you can get while a velociraptor stares you down). The survival rate in a typical "Jurassic Park" film may be disheartening, but the creative design of this residence is sure to shoot your spirits back up.

Dinosaurs at every turn

No matter where you are on this property, you're sure to be met face-to-face with a dinosaur. According to Zillow, there is a brontosaurus waiting to meet you as soon as you enter through the gates. It's long neck reaches high into the tree branches and it looks as though it's getting ready to munch down on a few green leaves. Further down the lengthy path, you're then met with a carnivorous t-rex that appears to be guarding the home with its teeth snarled out.

We also appreciate the creativity of the hot tub area, and at the same time are frightened at the velociraptors gazing around nearby — who are luckily confined within a gate. The inside of the property has a rustic element to it with warm tones and wood and brick textures. Instead of the typical deer mantle, a t-rex skull hangs from the wall over the living area. The rest of the home follows the "Jurassic Park" theme with hung photos of dinosaur anatomy and maps of the island.

Oodles of amused reactions

This exciting property was posted on Instagram by Zillow Gone Wild only a few days ago and has already gained over 85,000 likes and over 2,000 comments. We loved the creativity behind some of the comments and thought they were worth a share. Some users, such as umokjennifer, shared their expectations of the property, such as wanting the doorbell to be the "Jurassic Park" theme song. Others such as whistlingnervously declared that, "The kitchen is not sufficiently stainless steely enough to deflect raptor attacks, and for this reason, I'm out."

However, there were others who were fully content with the design of the property, such as lorahamlin, who claimed they never wanted to own a home until now. There were also dinosaur puns thrown around in the comment section, such as vanessatiara calling this Washington residence a "Tyrannosaurus FLEX." And although the price of the property is astoundingly high, that didn't stop aliciamariewallace from asking someone to go halfsies on the payment.