How To Steal Emmy Raver-Lampman's Eclectic And Maximalist Home Style

Broadway hit "Hamilton" stars Emmy Raver-Lampman and Daveed Diggs recently allowed Architectural Digest inside their eclectically-styled and unique Los Angeles home. It's a space filled with natural light, expansive rooms, personal details, and eccentric touches. The home's décor, mostly chosen by the couple themselves, is an elegant and stylish version of boho chic, complete with colors like bright sunny mustard yellow, dramatic textiles, macrame, and baskets hanging on the walls. For dramatic effect, floor-to-ceiling windows overlook a gorgeous pool deck.

Where the home shines, however, is in the small touches, particularly the way the couple have adapted their spaces and the things within them to truly reflect their personalities. From signature features like a record room to custom-built pieces that uniquely enhance the couple's aesthetics, everything about the home comes across as fresh and dynamic. There are several ways that you too can mimic this elevated, yet laid-back, style in your own home. Here are a few key concepts to keep in mind.


Emmy Raver-Lampman and Daveed Diggs' light-filled home is filled with numerous examples of spaces used in a flexible, personalized way.  While many homes are filled with elements like wine cellars that are generic and not necessarily what all home buyers are looking for, there's no reason not to adapt them into truly functional spaces. The couple tells Architectural Digest that they weren't looking for a built-out wine cellar underneath the stairs. Instead, Raver-Lampman turned the enclosed, glass-fronted space into an area for record storage and listening for Diggs, complete with cubed storage shelves and a record player.

The couple was not thrilled with the generic white cabinets and marble-topped traditional kitchen in the home, but they were able to redesign the space to their needs by removing the uppermost cabinets, painting the rest green, and installing stunning brass and glass shelves. An unused desk in the kitchen became a bar with shelves above for bottles. 

Just because a newly purchased home was adapted for what previous residents had in mind, it doesn't mean you are stuck with things that don't work for you; nor should you avoid a home just because it needs a little tweaking. Per Hip Couch, you can easily adapt a number of unused spaces in your home into something useful. Plan out space configurations to see where your greatest needs lie. With flexibility, you'll be able to adapt your home into exactly the space you desire.

Personalized elements

The couple is not shy about collecting and prominently displaying their personalized items throughout the home, whether it's the large photo of them smooching that greets visitors above the fireplace or Raver-Lampman's framed newspaper clippings penned by her father. The home is filled with personal passions and touches that uniquely reflect the couple, including the actress's macrame décor in the guest bedroom. There's also a careful arrangement of her basket collection, as well as her hand-painted pattern on the office walls.

The details are what make your home show off you as a person. There are several practical and stylish ways to place memorabilia on display, be it in frames, on shelves, or with other storage options. Artifact Uprising offers creative non-frame options for displaying photos that use things like tree branches and clothespins. You can also infuse your home with creations designed distinctly by you in the forms of murals, wall stencil art, and patterns in your spaces. Artwork and homemade craft projects make a home both stylish and personalized.

One-of-a-kind touches

Diggs and Raver-Lampman's home is filled with unique, truly one-of-a-kind pieces, including the long carpet runner that climbs their stairs, which was sewn together from separate rugs they loved. In the living room, an ottoman is covered in a rug brought home by Diggs' mother, not only creating a signature piece but one with sentimental value. The couple ordered one-of-a-kind bedroom chairs from different designers; each boasts a collage of fabrics.

Procuring one-of-a-kind items does not have to be expensive; it could simply involve using old things in new ways to make custom pieces. Have fun creatively adapting something you already have in an untraditional way. If you have a damaged or worn-out favorite rug, consider recycling or upcycling it into another piece such as a cushion or throw pillow cover. This is also great in terms of sustainability. Similarly, Raver-Lampman displays a collection of framed coffee bags above the stairwell, an assemblage that is both visually interesting and environmentally-friendly. According to Restoration Oak, handmade items are perfect to add a one-of-a-kind element.

Guest-friendly interiors

Everything about the couple's home feels endlessly welcoming to guests, including a large table that seats up to 15, the cozy island with seating in the kitchen, and a large, comfy leather sectional couch in the living room. The home not only sports well-appointed and stylish guest rooms, but the entryway features a beautiful antique clock, which Raver-Lampman uses along with vintage time cards as a sort of evolving guestbook for her visitors. The backyard features a space that's perfect for gatherings with a pool, cabana, and a fire pit.

According to Daily Dream Decor, there are a number of strategies to make your home more guest-friendly. If you are someone who likes to entertain, think about how you can adapt your space to make a larger number of guests comfortable, whether that's by adding additional seating, a longer table, or great spaces like attractive powder rooms and guest bedrooms. These elements will make your guest's experience unforgettable. Friends will never want to leave, and if they do, they'll be quick to return. 

Unexpected delights

Some of the most engaging parts of the Diggs and Raver-Lampman home are the quirky and unexpected touches that completely reflect the couple's personalities and interests. The powder room wallpaper, which looks like a simple damask from afar, features the heads of Bay Area sports figures and personalities, bringing unexpected humor to the bathroom-going experience. A drawing of the Obamas on sandwiches (from Celebs on Sandwiches) above the couple's nightstands are singular and delightful pieces that make sure the gorgeous bedroom space is not taken too seriously. According to the Oklahoman, every home should have an unexpected moment to create visual interest. 

Look for ways to add surprising, fun, and quirky touches to your space. Not only will visitors remember these touches after they leave your home, but you will enjoy their presence every day. Unexpected details are some of the most personalized touches you can add, relating your uniqueness, sense of humor, and whimsy. Consider adding a dose of the unexpected through artwork and accent pieces that are the farthest thing from common.