5 Sites That Will Help You Find The Perfect Rug For Your Home

Finding the right rug can be hard whether you do so online or in-store. It can take hours or days to be fully satisfied with what you find and to buy a rug that will not only tie your decor together but also last a while. Additionally, rugs are usually pretty expensive so you don't want to spend your money on something you won't be completely in love with.

Now the question is, how do you find that perfect rug? There are a few things to think about before you even head over to the website or store. You need to pick the right size according to your space, first of all. If you are looking to add a rug to a small room, ideally you'll want one big rug, according to The New York Times. However, if your space is bigger, you can opt for multiple rugs in smaller sizes. You also need to decide on the color or pattern you want as well as the material. This choice is entirely personal since it depends on your taste and existing home decor.

Once you have the details straightened out, it's time to head over to the best websites to find your dream rug! This can easily be the overwhelming part of the process with so many rugs to choose from, which is why we've narrowed it down to five websites that will help you find a great fit for your bedroom, hallway, kitchen, or living room.


You've probably heard of Wayfair at least once before or have even already shopped here for other furnishing elements. This modern-day favorite is usually a go-to for families, couples, or roommates when furnishing a space since the options are endless and the prices tend to be a little cheaper than what you can find elsewhere. Like many online stores, the website is divided into big categories at the top of the page and rugs have their very own category right there between bedding & bath and décor & pillows. But that's not all — you can then pick any subcategory you want from hallway runners to kitchen rugs to even tile rugs. How could you not find your dream rug with a selection like that?

The online store often has sales that make it easy to find really good deals, but if you are on a budget, there is also a selection of "rugs under $200" that you can choose from. Additionally, as being eco-conscious is more than ever on people's minds and might be a concern of yours as well, Derek Oliver, Wayfair's global head of Corporate Responsibility and Government Affairs, noted in an interview with Business Wire, "At Wayfair, we are committed to advancing the sustainability of our supply chain, including responsible sourcing of our products."

Revival Rugs

On the other side of the spectrum, Revival Rugs is the ideal place for vintage lovers. If you want a rug but don't have a specific color or pattern in mind, going vintage might be just the move for you! Shopping vintage and with an open mind can truly lead you to fall in love with a unique one-of-a-kind rug. The co-founders from the U.S. and Turkey truly wanted to create a space for hand-sourced, affordable, and unique rugs. The team works with local artisans in Istanbul, Casablanca, Delhi, and more, ensuring you won't find anything similar to your purchase. Way to be unique!

Additionally to being locally made and one-of-a-kind, these vintage rugs stand the test of time. Ben Hyman, CEO and co-founder of Revival, tells Forbes, "They're hand-woven or hand-knotted with wool, and sometimes cotton. These techniques were very time-consuming, but reliable. The natural fibers the weavers used possess a similar longevity." Revival Rugs is not just any rug store. The recommendations for this place are through the roof and it seems hard to find anything bad to say. 


Ruggable is all the rage right now. No really, we aren't kidding — these rugs are having their moment and there are a few reasons why. The first and biggest selling point is the fact that the rugs are all washable (they can be washed on a regular setting and fit in a normal washing machine). Ruggable rugs come in two pieces: a lightweight and nice-looking rug and a non-slip rug pad.

According to a review from theSkimm, these rugs check all the boxes in terms of washability, comfort, and quality. They are perfect for people that live alone since they are light and easy to carry but are also great for kids since the rug is guaranteed to stay in place, which means no slipping when the rascals are running around! The rugs are also stain and water-resistant, once again perfect for kids.

The selling points are countless but we have even cooler news. Ruggable features collections with well-known designers and fashion icons, including Iris Apfel, Nina Takesh, and Jonathan Adler. To embrace Apfel's maximalist style, in particular, the collection includes rugs inspired by Persian patterns, vintage 1970s paisley prints, folk Ikat designs, and needlepoint patterns, according to USA Today.

Beni Rugs

This ​​direct-to-consumer brand is so unique, you won't find anything like it! Their rugs are made by Berber artisans in Morocco's Atlas Mountains. Now that's a great conversation starter for when you have guests over. The co-founders, Robert Wright and Tiberio Lobo-Navia, were inspired by natural materials, architecture, artistic expression, and the colors and shapes of Morocco.

Beni Rugs' headquarters in Morocco is not only an office space but also where the rugs are made. The in-house operation allows for the local workers to be paid a lot more and receive government benefits. The strength of Beni Rugs is that everyone works together to create incredibly unique designs. When speaking with Design Milk, co-founder Lobo-Navia said, "The process usually starts with the concept for a new collection. This includes a color palette, sketches, and patterns. We pin designs and ideas to our walls, stare at them for days, and whittle down to our favorites. From conception to actual creation of a collection can take 12 to 15 months."

Finally, one of the best features you can find on the website is "Beni's Customize Collection" where 48 canvases are available in order for you to customize your very own rug with whatever color, size, and tassel preference.


Tired of neutrals? Aelfie is the place for you. Unlike most of the websites we've listed, Aelfie doesn't only sell rugs, although it is the main element. You can also find bedding and bath items as well as pajamas. Their rugs, however, are still very unique and especially fun. Brooklyn-based designer Aelfie Oudghiri is all about fun patterns, funky styles, and bright colors. In a conversation with Elite Daily, she mentions that she first started the business because "there was absolutely nowhere in the world where you could find a fun, contemporary, hand-knotted or hand-constructed carpet."

When shopping for a rug on Aelfie, you can choose the size and color you want and customize your rug however you like. The best part, however, is for all the indecisive people out there — you can order a 1x1 sample of the rug you are thinking of buying for only $25 and when you do make the purchase, the $25 is given back to you. So, if you are looking for a carpet that will also be a statement piece, run to the Aelfie website now!