15 Must-Haves To Update Your Master Bathroom

If your master bathroom doesn't feel luxurious and relaxing, then you're definitely missing something. A master bathroom is typically the biggest in a home, and it sometimes features both a freestanding shower and bathtub, according to Big Bathroom Inspiration. Something so large and functional should also be designed properly in order to appropriately elevate all of its features. However, this can't be done if much of your current décor is outdated or lacking in function.

So, we've gathered 15 must-haves we believe will give your master bathroom a much-needed update. From something as simple as changing your soap dispenser to giving your light fixture a makeover or placing an accent chair in the space, there are many items you can use to quickly and easily give your bathroom the fresh look it so desperately needs. If you're ready to love your master bathroom again, take some time to peruse through the following items for inspiration.

1. Wall mounted soap dispenser

This sleek, wall-mounted soap dispenser from Walmart is about $21, and we believe it can help modernize the design of your master bathroom. It's also a useful tool to clear up countertop space. 

2. Floral flush mount

Updating your light fixtures is also a quick and easy way to elevate the design of your bathroom. This Capiz Floral Flushmount from Pottery Barn is about $300, and we believe its textured appearance and abstract shape can create interest in the space.

3. Wall sconce

If you wanna take it a step further, we advise installing wall sconces, such as these LED Light Rods from West Elm for $179 each. The straight lines and simple shape will add additional light to your master bathroom and can easily complement other décor.

4. Accent chair

Accent chairs have become a must-have in master bathroom décor. This space is supposed to be relaxing and peaceful, and we believe the View Fields Cane Back White Accent Chair from Crate and Barrel will give you the updated, spa-like look you desire. The price is currently set at $1,000.

5. Marble tray

Update your countertop by adding a marble tray, such as this one from Target for $20. If you have products scattered across your countertop, using a marble tray is a stylish tactic to organize everything in one location. 

6. Toilet paper holder

Even something as mundane as a toilet paper holder needs an update once in a while, and we believe Demeter from Anthropologie will do the trick. It's $48, and the floral decal will add a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

7. Bath mat

If you've had the same bath mats for years, it may be time to toss them and choose something with a classic design, such as the Heirloom Bath Mats from West Elm. They come in two sizes: 20 x 34 inches ($45) and 24 x 64 inches ($65). 

8. Open shelving

Free up some space with this Linden Handcrafted Marble Double Tier Shelf from Pottery Barn. This marble shelving will give your bathroom a modern feel, as well as display your décor and personal items. It's currently priced at $140.

9. Full length mirror

We strongly believe every master bathroom needs a full-length mirror, and this golden antique mirror from Shades of Light for $338 will not only improve the functionality of your space but easily elevate the overall design.

10. Backlit vanity mirror

We're also fans of backlit mirrors, and if you don't already have one, what're you waiting for? This LED Backlit mirror from Wayfair is especially a great upgrade for those who have minimal natural light in their master bathroom. It is currently priced at $240.

11. Shower curtains

Shower curtains are also an important part of a master bathroom's design. We believe the deep color of this clay Chambray Shower Curtain from Target will add a sense of luxury to the space. It is currently priced at $30.

12. Toothbrush holder

We love the unique figure of this U-shaped toothbrush holder from Simons, priced at $10. Its smooth lines and gritty texture are sure to add a modernized feel to your master bathroom.

13. Sink hardware

Don't forget about your hardware! Even your sink hardware can become outdated, and we believe the sleek and gold Adan Bathroom Faucet from West Elm can give your master bathroom an updated look that can last for years. It's currently priced at $649.

14. Towels

Your bathroom towels should look as luxurious as the rest of your space. The black-striped design of these Zara Home towels is reminiscent of what we'd find at a five-star hotel, and we believe they'll make your bathroom experience a relaxing one. Prices vary and start at $10.

15. Window treatments

Window treatments are a crucial part of the design in any space, especially a master bathroom. They serve as a stylish way to filter light and functionally also create privacy. For example, we believe the Custom Woven Roller Shades from West Elm, for $220, will add a touch of brightness to your space while also blocking out the harsh sunlight.