The Swimming Pool Trend HGTV Star Mario Lopez Is Ready To Leave In The Past

Your swimming pool isn't just a body of water to splash around and play in but also a luxurious feature to elevate your backyard's design. According to HGTV, there are several ways to design the pool of your dreams, such as installing a sitting area in the water, introducing a glass wall, sculptures, creative light fixtures, cozy fire pits nearby, or planting luscious greenery. However, there are features previously thought of as popular in the past some believe should be left behind.

Host of "Supersize my Pool" Mario Lopez has revealed which swimming pool trend homeowners should stay away from, as reported by In the past, he has helped transform several swimming pools into designs you'd probably see at a Las Vegas resort. Although he has plenty of advice regarding what you should do when designing a pool, we also believe focusing on what you shouldn't do can help homeowners save both time and money.

A disaster waiting to happen

What was once an exciting pool feature homeowners hurried to install has become a nuisance. "Not too many people want diving boards anymore," Mario Lopez told He also noted that homeowners with children have frequently requested that their diving boards be removed. Why? According to River Pools, pools are supposed to be a relaxing and fun place to hang out, but that can be difficult if parents are constantly worrying about the injuries children are susceptible to when playing on a diving board.

Due to these safety concerns, your homeowners' insurance can also increase if you add a diving board to your swimming pool. However, there are fun alternatives to diving boards that may give parents less of a headache, such as rope swings, slides, basketball hoops, and poolside climbing walls, per Edge Water Pools. There are also water features you can install, such as a waterfall, jet streams, fountains, and bubblers.