Who Are HGTV's Listed Sisters Stars Alana And Lex LeBlanc?

Throughout the years, HGTV has brought us some of the greatest television hosts to help homeowners everywhere turn their homes into works of art – Egypt Sherrod, David Bromatad, and the Gaines Family, to name a few. There are, however, two particular HGTV stars who need more of an introduction — sisters Alana and Lex LeBlanc, hosts of HGTV's, "Listed Sisters." The show follows the two sisters as they assist homeowners with their home makeovers before they list it for sale, explains HGTV. Lex takes the lead on renovations themselves, while Alana walks the homeowners through potential new homes.

Though the show is no longer airing, the twin sisters are still both involved in the real estate and interior design industries, and we figured it was time to get to know a little bit more about the dynamic duo. So, just who are Alana and Lex LeBlanc? Keep reading to find out. 

Breaking into the business

At 22 years old, Lex left her family home in Las Vegas, NV, and moved across the country to New York City, where she fell in love with interior design, according to the Nashville Spring Home Show. She claims her affinity for NYC's history, architecture, and design captivated her attention, and she graduated from the New York School of Interior Design a few years later, says PopSugar. In the meantime, Alana was growing into her profession as a real estate agent in Nashville, TN, where she had moved in 2013. 

The two lived apart for 10 years as they worked on their careers, until 2015 when they were approached for "Listed Sisters." Eager to work together, Alana and Lex teamed up to help homeowners renovate and sell their old homes and find something that better suited their needs, HGTV says. The two gained some success with their show, but unbeknownst to Lex and Alana, it wouldn't last long. 

Following Listed Sisters

"Listed Sisters" first aired in March 2016, and had a quick two-season run. However, it was later canceled as it didn't gain as much traction as some of HGTV's more popular renovation programs (though an official statement was never made), AnswersAfrica states. While the show was short-lived, that didn't stop Lex and Alana from continuing their passions for real estate and home design. Lex created her own home goods store, LAVA Home Design, which was founded to offer customers an array of home decor and furniture for all budgets, PopSugar explains.

Alana gave birth to two children of her own, and became a partner of LAVA Home Design alongside her sister, though she continued her job as a pro real estate agent at RE/MAX Elite, as noted by HGTV. After LAVA Home Design closed its doors for good, the two sisters moved forward with their careers elsewhere.

What are they up to now?

At age 35, the twin mothers are living down the street from one another in Nashville, TN, HGTV states. Lex now offers her services as an art director, production designer, and interior designer, according to Lex LeBlanc. She's done commercial work for brands like Samsung, Reebok, and Madewell. Additionally, she's been the art director behind music videos for recording artists like Jon Batiste. While Lex continued her career in home design and beyond, Alana shifted her attention to another industry.

After leaving her position at RE/MAX Elite, Alana has become a certified health coach for the Integrative Nutrition Alumni, as seen in her Instagram bio. She also runs a blog entitled, Happy and Well Co., where she works with clients to help improve their lifestyles. While still maintaining her pull in the real estate industry. That being said, she hasn't forgotten her real estate roots, as she is employed by Sundae, Inc., a licensed real estate broker.