The Type Of Living Room That Renovation Impossible Says Can Hurt The Value Of Your Home

Russell Holmes, host of "Renovation Impossible," knows a thing or two about messy remodels (via On his show, he teams up with homeowners to take their outdated, cramped, and lackluster homes to another level, usually on a tight budget. He's seen just about everything, from inherited childhood homes to disastrous previous renovation jobs, but there's one living room trend that he specifically warns homeowners to avoid if they're ever looking to sell their home.

The home remodeling industry is worth $105 billion in the United States alone (via IBIS World). People are constantly looking to update their homes and add new touches to their living spaces, but it's important not to base your remodeling decisions on short-term trends. You may regret that major investment a couple of years later and shell out even more to correct your mistakes. Keep reading to see what one living room trend Holmes thinks homeowners should steer clear of, and help yourself avoid the cost of another remodel in a couple of years.

The sunken living room

On a recent episode of "Renovation Impossible," Holmes works with a couple that was left marooned in the middle of repairs by a previous contractor. Their home is in a state of disrepair, both unfinished and outdated. Holmes comes in to help out the couple on a tight budget and bring new life into the messy space.

This couple lives in an older house, complete with a trend that took over in the '60s and '70s — the sunken living room. Instead of consistent, even flooring like most homes, this space features a small step down into the living room area. According to Holmes, this step isn't just unsightly; it's dangerous. "If you don't pay attention, you're going to fall down and bust an ankle," he says. "Because that wood floor is the same color on the step as it is on the floor below." (via Fans of a retro aesthetic might be tempted to incorporate this bygone element, but it can be both a hazard and an expensive renovation to level if you change your mind.